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    VW Touareg O2 SENSOR FAULT ?

    Hi thanks for your reply I am either looking in the wrong place or possibly the data from above does not exist on the eu site I did find a recall to calibrate the sensor to the Nox module however it never mentioned the lack of correct calibration causes error codes
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    VW Touareg O2 SENSOR FAULT ?

    Hi I can't find that info on erwin ,does the us differ from the European site .
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    VW Touareg O2 SENSOR FAULT ?

    Hi thank you for your reply I will try and find it I did look but I didn't find erwin very easy to use
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    VW Touareg O2 SENSOR FAULT ?

    HI ALL I recently Scanned a friends Touareg it came up with the following codes that i think are related to the 2nd O2 sensor however i am unsure how best to diagnose this issue and struggled to find anything useful on elsawin any help appreciated on how to fault find/test this to confirm that...
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    Code out start stop with no errors ?

    Hi all I wondered If anyone could help me delete stop start or have it memorise it is off on my passat b7 and also if anyone has info on how to do it on a 2018 karoq (No scan yet) I have attatched an old scan of my car Thanks Chillout [Back] Sunday,12,February,2017,10:58:05:04925 VCDS --...
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    Steering Adaptation ?

    Hi I recently had 4 new tyres fitted to my passat b7 Estate due to the rears being worn on the inside , my front tyres were worn evenly however I wanted a matching set i then had the car Aligned. now the steering wheel is slightly off to the left and pulling that way also even after the second...
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    Bit of a long shot but I will ask

    My lead has gone missing I am not convinced it hasn't been stolen from my vehicle and wondered if it's use can be traced or logged at all Cheers
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    passat b7 Kessy/unlock issue help required please

    hi everyone tonight I went to enter my drivers door (RHD) however every door unlocked apart from the drivers door and no solenoids could heard on that door either although it would lock ok once opened internally I am unaware of any issue with the rear left door other than my errors due to led's...
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    Rvc calibration

    Hi all I have just retrofitted a reversing camera to my b7 variant however I am have calibration issues as I have now lost my base value s and wondered if anyone knows what they should be
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    Firmware/module question

    I am looking to buy a reversing camera retrofit kit for my passat ,I have found one for a tiguan with controller part no.5n0907441a That the supplier says he can install the correct firmware for my car ,all passat kits use 3c9907441 however they are more expensive I wondered if anyone could...
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    Fault codes after door warning light retrofit

    hi I retrofitted front and rear door warning lights to my Passat with the boldsport led kit however I am now having error codes I wondered if a soft reset would rectify this I have cleared the codes however they just re occur, all door lights work fine but the date is in the future when I view...
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    Are these the correct terminal

    Are these the correct terminals to connect to my 2014 passat door controllers to add door warning lights
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    Rvc retrofit passat 2014 b7 wagon/estate

    I am quite keen to retrofit a genuine highline reversing camera but I feel the need to ask a possible stupid question as my car is rhd will a mount for the camera controller from a lhd car fit ? as I intend to pick up a supply from the fuse box ,would I run the harness from the stereo on the...
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    drivers door codes (2015 RDW Passat)

    I just carried out a routine scan I have some codes logged for the drivers door however I cant find much answers online I think I have had and cleared the first code before any help appreciated cheers chillout Sunday,11,December,2016,21:19:51:04925 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running...
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    DSG question

    I was driving my 2014 2.0 tdi passat estate yesterday in a car park so I was on and off the accelerator frequently I could hear a very slight tap every time I pressed the accelerator, I assume it's normal and I have only just noticed it as the car was silent (no radio) otherwise the car drives...