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    Eos 2008 can gateway coding

    Hi all we have a 2008 Eos that had water ingress into the can gateway and resulted in no comms and non start, we have replaced the gateway with a new unit, but we were unable to get the coding from the old unit, ive coded it as far as i can see but still get an incorrectly coded fault, being in...
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    2011 Passat Retrofit of Cruise control

    Hi all, ive got a Passat 1.6CR TDI in atm for cruise to be retrofitted to, the kit has come from TPS and in it i have to run a wire from PIN 5 on the combi to the ECU, but the pin on the ECU isnt listed, it says its engine related, does anyone have this info? Old scan, but hopefully will help...
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    VW UP airbag issues

    Hi all looking for some help please, the bodyshop next door to my workshop has a 2013 VW up in that had set off the air bags, they replaced with second hand units but the codes coming up are as follows Thursday,20,August,2015,14:36:58:22373 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on...
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    Retrofitting rain sensor

    Ive just fitted the Kufutec loom for rain sensing to my 2008 Passat B6, new screen fitted, mirror and rain sensor and head light switch (with Auto) couple of things, its all coded as per but Auto lights...
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    Passat 2011 B7 issues

    Hi all ive got a customers B7 Passat 2011 coming in on saturday, Hill hold isnt working and the amber P light is on, EPB is working fine though, just no hill hold Here is a full scan of the car, would i be right in thinking the rear hub/ABS assb of the rear right is faulty and casuing all the...
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    Active Cruise Control 2008 B6 Passat

    Hi all, ive got a 2008 passat 1.9 TDI man gearbox Ive about to retrofit the full colour cluster and TPMS High ive seen a few cars in my workshop that have active cruise, and a few online have retrofitted it to there B6 Does anyone know what parts need replacing and part numbers, any extra...