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Thread: The TRUMP POTUS "Tribute" & "Tribulations" of the Politically Incorrect....!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uwe View Post
    Yes, it could. But if his strategy is successful, it will be good for the US economy in the long run. And the risks are higher for China than for us; their economy is far more dependent on trade with the US than our economy is dependent on trade with them.

    Why free traders and all Americans should back Trump on China policy

    Uwe: Your point about the wisdom of playing the long-game is of course always a laudable strategy, but if this particular game is to be played, then it may be prudent to also remember that other truism about needing to break a few eggs in making an omelet.

    If indeed Mr Trump's objective truly is the long-term, rather than his better-known game of instant gratification, and if America and China (and the rest of the world by implication) are going to hunker-down for the long-haul, then winning the ensuing economic battle/war-really may well rely on a test of the very fabric of both country's way-of-life (including their forms of Government).

    Like you, I happen to believe that democracy is the better system, but in such a battle/war-really (which I hope remains an economic one - for the sake of mankind), some fundamental aspects of your form of government might need to be considered. This is perhaps may abundantly clear by reading the comments part of the link in your reply - in which respondents raise the need for Trump to address more immediate problems at home).

    As a foreigner, it would be presumptuous of me to comment on the merits for the timing of this particular battle/war-really given the state of your internal economic/political climate (both the good and the bad bits) - but does the American populous have the stomach to ride-out a prolonged (economic) war? Bearing in mind of course that normally, that same populous gets to voice-their-views (read, vent-their-spleens) every 4 years. And more importantly, bearing in mind that in China's command-and-control environment, their populous does not!

    Again, the themes running through the comments parts of your link might be a poignant reminder that democratically elected governments need overwhelming societal support when starting a long term battle/war-really with another country (be it economic, military, or otherwise)

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