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Thread: RT Forum - refreshing find!!

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    RT Forum - refreshing find!!

    Just a short note by way of a congratulations. Recently discovered that this site has absolutely zero trackers ( yep - nader, nichts, niente, nimic, rien, intet, nothing). What a refreshing (albeit not unsurprising) finding. Ain't too many forums can boast this level of scrutiny-less watchers - which is a good thing (VWVortex-18, GolfGTI-7, VWWatercooled-4, VWroc-4)

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    Yep, RT Forum doesn't even tickle Adblock or Ghostery. It's like what the real 'internet' used to be, before the commercial bods wanting to screw every last penny they can out of it.

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    Most forums on the internet are run as a means of serving 3rd-party ads, in order to produce revenue for their owners, and 3rd party ads inevitably involve the kind of icky nonsense that Don mentions. We don't use this forum that way. The only thing we "advertise" here is our own stuff.

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    It also breeds greed to sell unlawful products and that greed clouds the minds of what is right in order to stay on said money tit.

    The Whoretex should just implode!

    One day it will............
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