@ Uwe, any thoughts to making the vin limits subject to an annual rolling count?

Not sure how difficult it would be to implement without making it possible to 'game', but I would like to see something how google/apple/amazon lets you add/remove various devices from your account subject to various time limits.

While this doesn't really affect me since I have unlimited hex-net, I would like to see something like;

- every rolling 12 months (or whatever timeframe you feel is most appropriate), the oldest vin can (but does not have to) be replaced with a new vin, automatically without having to take up precious support time.

This could be validated automatically on the back end via vcds to vcds-cloud, and you could still track all vin's internally to avoid abuse.

Essentially, I am asking you to allow for VIN's to automatically expire over time in an automated and secure manner.