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Thread: Audi A4 (8E) Automatic Roof wiki (additional info)

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    Audi A4 (8E) Automatic Roof wiki (additional info)

    In diagnosing a automatic roof issue with fault code 01995 relating to switch F295 we found that the problem was play in the motor to latch mechanism in the windshield header. This affected the timing of the switch and would stop top operation at 2 points. Operation would always resume with a second application of the main switch. These (2) positions were on (opening) when the top was vertical and about to fold to the stowed (open) position and then when (closing) just as the top was attempting to latch at the header panel. The correction for this is a new splined shaft that connects the motor to the drive mechanism. There is a repair kit for the drive unit that fixes this. The part # 8H0 898 010

    This might be a good addition to the section of the Wiki "Audi A4 (8E) Automatic Roof"

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    Thanks. I posted this link on that Audi A4 (8E) Automatic Roof > Special Notes page for now.

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