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Thread: Any recommendations for local area (Lansdale) lawyers?

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    Any recommendations for local area (Lansdale) lawyers?

    Who specialize in moving violations? I got pinged today (202 east) but this was a tag team effort where one guy did the clocking the other guy did the pulling. Odd bit is the guy claiming to do the clocking was supposedly in the costco parking lot (using Accutrak, which is a vascar like device aka glorified stop watch) Bigger problem with that is you need painted lines in the road to make all of this work and in that area the closest set of painted lines are ~1000 feet away. Seems super shady.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arpad View Post
    Bigger problem with that is you need painted lines in the road to make all of this work and in that area the closest set of painted lines are ~1000 feet away. Seems super shady.
    They need two fixed points of something like 150 ft or any known distance it doesn't necessarily have to be specific painted line sets as far as I'm aware. That obviously makes it easier for them but also easier for you to locate known tracking spots . There may be lines there you don't realize they are using, like the reflector posts on the side of the road. There is some user error built in since it is a stop watch but going in saying they are doing something shady is not the way to get out of of this. Of the 15-20 speeding tickets I've had the speed they claimed was never wrong.

    You didn't say a speed over, 10-15? in a 35-45 area go in yourself speak to the prosecutor or representative officer and they'll knock it down to something no points in my experience. Over that or if it happens to be a school zone maybe consider a lawyer, don't have a suggestion for one though.

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    I have only used a local lawyer to review mortgage docs and to set up a will, nothing for criminal defense. I take it you tried this charm technique?

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    I think the real question is were you really speeding?

    Were you say ........happen to be logging with know ....... with date and time stamps that could exonerate you as documentation in court?

    Would suck for the officer or prosecutor, if he were made aware at a pretrial conference such documentation would "Trump" painted lines being observed.

    Should be ACD or just flat out request to be dismissed.

    Like did the guy blink or maybe the officer was distracted making a mistake...........

    All you need is reasonable doubt ............

    I drive with my scanner logging all the time just for this reason.

    That's using VCDS the smart way............
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    Speeding ticket, Sage is the expert on those via math, physics and science.
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