PS: The tweak instructions above will permanently remove DRLs. Another, perhaps more elegant method of doing something similar is to enable a DRL switch on the MENU screen that allows the driver to choose which mode to use (i.e. DRL-on, of DRL-off). If you prefer this alternative, then see the instructions HERE
This worked perfectly. My DRLs are disabled but can activate them any time from the multi function display.
I've made a few other changes from info found elsewhere namely the ability to open and close windows via the key fob. I'm still trying to see if I can get the passenger mirror to dip when going in reverse. I'm not sure if this varies between AT and MT cars because the tweaks I've made didn't work but I'll have to check again. Another tweak I need to work on is the hatch pop via the fob. I'm not sure why VW removed the button inside the car to pop the hatch either.