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Thread: Coil Pack & Associated Wiring Upgrades

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    Coil Pack & Associated Wiring Upgrades

    Jacks guide for most 1.8T and some others that can use this coil........
    Additionally this can be a guide to all integrated coil packs for direct fire, or waste type spark etc..

    Step 1. Use coils of known quality and OEM origin.
    Examples: Bosch, Temic, Eldor, STI/Karlyn, Telefunken, Hitachi, Bremi or Beru!

    Anything outside the scope of these venders is not recommended by me.

    Do not do coil pack conversions with hold downs from later vehicles.
    This includes all of this misleading horse apples you read about in the other cesspool forums; or that allow advertisers to steal from you, because it's in fact..... a pay to play atmosphere!

    OP application:

    Use coil 06B-905-115E Hitachi
    ( This part number was never superseded, because it doesn't have a problem as the other design types )

    It is far superior over part # 06A-905-115D etc. or later.

    This coil bolts down, and has a segregated gasket.
    It has a coil winding that is many times in size in comparison, & has a superior heat sink to cool the integrated power-stage!

    Step 2. Sort connections and isolate the grounds/shield from, power, and switch pulse at harness connectors.

    Step 3.
    Replace all grounds with heavier grade wire to a bus bar.....further back to the battery.
    Coil connectors in addition to new spring connectors........ should be GOLD plated!
    Snaps of plastic barrels should be functional, to secure connector during operation.
    The wire is to be copper or recommended stainless steel, & with a Teflon insulation barrier In VC area, that is high heat.
    Rule of thumb is........ to increase the wire to at least the next size up from what was present.

    Step 4. Replace spark plugs with approved Bosch Spark plug, and use Silber type plugs if available.
    Do not use gimmick plugs.
    Pay close attention to octane of fuel, and the addition to spark plug heat ranges, & by using VCDS to determine CF 0x01-08-020 logging the data.

    Step 5. Run new trigger leads back to ecu for each coil, & with larger diameter wire to improve the signal.....further it should be shielded!

    Running the wires as a twisted pair will suffice.........

    Note : I have experimented with making a two wire bus from the ecu by splitting off ZYL's 1-4 and 2-3........ than by pairing them.
    This nets a waste spark principle, and allows for plug cleaning, additionally as an anti foul method for rich race mixtures.
    Further this was found to improve emissions, by lowering CAT amplitude efficiency threshold, & because of a more completed burn on stock cars!

    Step 6. The power line to the BUS of the coils, should be enhanced with larger diameter wire, & a power clarity module/noise filter/capacitor.
    This insures that the coil will have the power it needs, & especially during charging system fluctuations, further this will remove noise to the coil, & that can disrupt proper function.

    Step 7. Be sure to use things like shrink tubing, spiral wrap, wire loom, heat shields, and proper anti chafe.
    Make your work look neat by means of using proper clean work, and pay attention to what you are doing.
    RTV silicone can be used as a rubber bumper, if left to cure overnight between intersections of chafe points.
    Very commonly used in aviation.

    Use the JPPSG system.

    Please STOP FOD "Give before it Hurts"

    Oh and if you are one of the idiot kids that think........... because the coils are a different color, or have to have them RED etc..
    Consider a sticker decal being made, paint them, or have your head examined.

    NostraJackAss has Spoken!

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