Hi, I've Recently upgraded from a RossTech micro-CAN lead to a RossTech HEX-CAN lead so I could access control modules on my wife's Seat Ibiza 2013 model year,

To test the lead I initially upgraded the VCDS software to the latest 16.8, I think I was on 15.4, although not sure, and scanned my Skoda Superb combi 2011my, having not had any issues with the previous software or the Micro-CAN lead I wasn't expecting any now, but unfortunately something isn't right, after its auto scanned I get a message saying
Unable to find a .ROD file for :
SK_RNS310 A02007 (SK46)

I can't access the radio, and I want to enable the CD eject button as I have a SAT NAV update disc to try, I believe this is access through navigation (37), but I haven't got a highlighted box to click on to enable the button, I know it's there as I've done it before with the previous lead/software,

I did uninstall and reinstall of VCDS and latest drivers for the lead, but it's still the same,

Does this sound like an issue with VCDS itself ? Or my car ? Everything is working on my car, radio, sat nav etc,

Currently I don't want to try the new lead in the wife's car as I don't want things to go faulty if it is the software or lead, so any info would be welcome, thanks