I want to know what problems that might occur?

Ive tried mounting it and it works I can connect the computer and everything, and no errorcodes on the fitting.
Will the ABS function not work properly?
The ABS actuator test worked when I tried it with the computer program. The trottle bumped fine.

How ever the new ABS module says the Right Rear sensor 00287, RR G44 is not working somehow.
And I dont know if it worked before since I bought the car like this.

If the resistance is the same on both right and left sensors (1200-1250 Ohm) it should indicate the module is the problem?
But it might be a ground problem maybe?
and last the ABS ring problem?

I dont know how to proceed, the ABS module I allready have. And I dont want to go and buy a lot of things without knowing.