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Thread: Looking to find MK7 TDI CRUA AD BLUE level within VCDS

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    Looking to find MK7 TDI CRUA AD BLUE level within VCDS

    I know I've read that you can see the value albeit very general (EG: 25%, 50%, etc) but I'd still like to check on this from time to time. I'll be keeping my car post Dieselgate so I'm sure it will be using the urea much more frequently than the 3.5 gallons I've put in at the 10k mark. I'm currently at 20k and still haven't gotten a reminder light not surprisingly.

    The Part 2 would be awesome if we could get it to show up on the MFD, but I know that it isn't likely possible.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Your ECU should have a Measuring Value named "Reducing agent fill level".

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