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Thread: Audi A3 8VA (SportBack): Is it possible to activate voice command by VCDS?

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    ... if it helps, I can upload or post here (using [code ] [/code ] ) the adaptation log of 5F, 09, 16, 19 modules or everything needed.

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    lukappaseidue: I don't have a Audi A3 8VA, but I did get voice-control installed on my Golf mkVII by a VW dealer (as a warranty matter). When I compared the autoscan reports before and after the installation, I got the following change to address 5F

    address 5F: Information Electr. (J794)

    Before voice control installed

    After voice control installed

    Not sure if this helps - Appology if not
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    Quote Originally Posted by DV52 View Post
    lukappaseidue: I don't have a Audi A3 8VA, but I did get voice-control installed on my Golf mkVII by a VW dealer (as a warranty matter). When I compared the autoscan reports before and after the installation, I got the following change to address 5F

    address 5F: Information Electr. (J794)

    Before voice control installed

    After voice control installed

    Not sure if this helps - Appology if not
    I don't know if it helps, but surely, thank you very much.
    Could You take a screenshot of VCDS 5F module, latest bit (from original 5 to actual 7)
    Thank you again

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukappaseidue View Post
    I don't know if it helps, but surely, thank you very much.
    Could You take a screenshot of VCDS 5F module, latest bit (from original 5 to actual 7)
    Thank you again
    lukappaseidue: I'm not sure what a screenshot will do, but I'll try to get one for you.
    Meanwhile consider this:
    In your controller, you changed the last hex number of byte 24 from "4" to "6" (i.e. binary 0100 to 0110)
    In my car, the dealer changed the last hex number of byte 24 from "5" to "7" (i.e. binary 0101 to 0111)

    This means that in both cases, bit 1 of byte 24 was changed from binary "0" to binary "1". So I suggest that it is logical to conclude that the enabling bit for voice control in address 5F is indeed bit 1 of byte 24. I suspect that the problem of voice control dropping out lies elswhere

    Edit: Here's the screenshot of the coding for address 5F:
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    I think that you are right!
    It could be on 09 or 19 modules?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukappaseidue View Post
    I think that you are right!
    It could be on 09 or 19 modules?
    Luca: If I can be of any further assistance, please ask.

    If you want to compare anymore info from my car, you will find a copy of my autoscan here:

    and you will find a complete set of Adaptation control maps for my car here:
    Adaptation Control Maps for MkVII 103TSI

    Buona fortuna (my parents were from Italy (Foggia) before coming to Australia many years ago)
    VW Golf MkVII (MY13) - A3 8V hatch (MY17)

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    grazie tante DV52.
    Anche io ho dei parenti (acquisiti) in Australia

    here there are my 5F,9,16,17,19 adaptation

    	SW:8V0-035-864-B   HW:8V0-035-864-B ---  Information Electr.				
    	Component:MU-S-N-ER     040 0420	 Coding:01730301FF00000021110001000A00002F0004440100010006			
    	EV_MUStd4CPASE	2018	EV_MUStd4CPASE_AU37.rod		
    	Tuesday	8	July	2014	22:36:00:14849
    	VCDS Version: Beta 14.7.0  Data version: 20140601				
    	VCID: 3A7D430BBD6598EA61-806F				
    (1)-Audio management input gain-TV Tuner	-128 dB				
    (2)-Audio management input gain-Radio (FM)	-128 dB				
    (3)-Audio management input gain-Radio (AM)	-128 dB				
    (4)-Audio management input gain-Digital radio (DAB)	-128 dB				
    (5)-Audio management input gain-Satellite radio	-128 dB				
    Automatic ring break diagnostic	No automatic start 				
    Awakening ability on optical databus	OFF 				
    Base volume of speech output	50 %				
    Base volume of telephone	50 %				
    Bluetooth	On 				
    Bluetooth: Sniff mode	OFF 				
    CD eject button	Enabled 				
    (1)-Check tone frequency-High note frequency range	4000 Hz				
    (2)-Check tone frequency-Medium note frequency range	1000 Hz				
    (3)-Check tone frequency-Low note frequency range	100 Hz				
    Confirmation of installation change	B6 40  				
    Deactivate production mode	0				
    Developer mode	not activated 				
    (1)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Mode	automatic 				
    (2)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_1_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (3)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_1_Test_Volume	67				
    (4)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_2_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (5)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_2_Test_Volume	45				
    (6)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_3_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (7)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_3_Test_Volume	45				
    (8)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_4_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (9)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_4_Test_Volume	67				
    (10)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_5_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (11)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_5_Test_Volume	85				
    (12)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_6_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (13)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_6_Test_Volume	85				
    (14)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_7_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (15)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_7_Test_Volume	85				
    (16)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_8_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (17)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_8_Test_Volume	85				
    (18)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_9_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (19)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_9_Test_Volume	85				
    (20)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_10_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (21)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_10_Test_Volume	85				
    (22)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_11_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (23)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_11_Test_Volume	85				
    (24)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_12_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (25)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_12_Test_Volume	85				
    (26)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_13_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (27)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_13_Test_Volume	85				
    (28)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_14_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (29)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_14_Test_Volume	85				
    (30)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_15_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (31)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_15_Test_Volume	85				
    (32)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_16_Test_Frequency	19000 Hz				
    (33)-Electrical test of loudspeakers-Parameter_AC-Diagnostics_Channel_16_Test_Volume	85				
    Fan	normal 				
    Fee-based traffic information (TMC)	11				
    (1)-Image position-X coordinate	0				
    (2)-Image position-Y coordinate	0				
    Infotainment Recorder	activated 				
    Microphone sensitivity	6 dB				
    Number 1 (roaming) for roadside assistance	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    Number 1 for Info call	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    Number 1 for roadside assistance	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    Number 1 for roadside assistance	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    Number 2 for Info call	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    Number 2 for roadside assistance	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    Number attempted dialing attempts for roadside assistance	3				
    Production mode	00 00 00  				
    Roadside assistance mode	Corresponding setting in MMI 				
    Selection of release codes for a SWaP function	FF FF FF FF  				
    Sporadic ring break detection	Visual 				
    Summertime-automatic	Europe 				
    (1)-Vehicle function list BAP-climatic_master_0x01	activated 				
    (2)-Vehicle function list BAP-climatic_master_0x01_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (3)-Vehicle function list BAP-climatic_slave_0x02	not activated 				
    (4)-Vehicle function list BAP-climatic_slave_0x02_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (5)-Vehicle function list BAP-auxilary_heating_0x03	not activated 				
    (6)-Vehicle function list BAP-auxilary_heating_0x03_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (7)-Vehicle function list BAP-headup_displ_0x04	not activated 				
    (8)-Vehicle function list BAP-headup_displ_0x04_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (9)-Vehicle function list BAP-ACC_0x05	not activated 				
    (10)-Vehicle function list BAP-ACC_0x05_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (11)-Vehicle function list BAP-air_suspension_0x06	not activated 				
    (12)-Vehicle function list BAP-air_suspension_0x06_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (13)-Vehicle function list BAP-tire_pressure_system_0x07	not activated 				
    (14)-Vehicle function list BAP-tire_pressure_system_0x07_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (15)-Vehicle function list BAP-interieur_light_0x08	activated 				
    (16)-Vehicle function list BAP-interieur_light_0x08_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (17)-Vehicle function list BAP-exterieur_light_0x09	activated 				
    (18)-Vehicle function list BAP-exterieur_light_0x09_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (19)-Vehicle function list BAP-parking_assist_0x0A	activated 				
    (20)-Vehicle function list BAP-parking_assist_0x0A_msg_bus	Terminal 15 				
    (21)-Vehicle function list BAP-VPS_0x0B	not activated 				
    (22)-Vehicle function list BAP-VPS_0x0B_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (23)-Vehicle function list BAP-wiper_comfort_0x0C	activated 				
    (24)-Vehicle function list BAP-wiper_comfort_0x0C_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (25)-Vehicle function list BAP-central_locking_0x0D	activated 				
    (26)-Vehicle function list BAP-central_locking_0x0D_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (27)-Vehicle function list BAP-mirror_0x0E	not activated 				
    (28)-Vehicle function list BAP-mirror_0x0E_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (29)-Vehicle function list BAP-MFA_0x0F	activated 				
    (30)-Vehicle function list BAP-MFA_0x0F_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (31)-Vehicle function list BAP-driver_seat_0x10	not activated 				
    (32)-Vehicle function list BAP-driver_seat_0x10_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (33)-Vehicle function list BAP-clock_0x11	activated 				
    (34)-Vehicle function list BAP-clock_0x11_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (35)-Vehicle function list BAP-service_interval_display_0x12	activated 				
    (36)-Vehicle function list BAP-service_interval_display_0x12_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (37)-Vehicle function list BAP-unit_master_0x13	activated 				
    (38)-Vehicle function list BAP-unit_master_0x13_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (39)-Vehicle function list BAP-UGDO_0x14	not activated 				
    (40)-Vehicle function list BAP-UGDO_0x14_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (41)-Vehicle function list BAP-compass_0x15	not activated 				
    (42)-Vehicle function list BAP-compass_0x15_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (43)-Vehicle function list BAP-clima_slave_2_0x16	not activated 				
    (44)-Vehicle function list BAP-clima_slave_2_0x16_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (45)-Vehicle function list BAP-charisma_0x17	activated 				
    (46)-Vehicle function list BAP-charisma_0x17_msg_bus	Terminal 15 				
    (47)-Vehicle function list BAP-Night_Vision_0x18	not activated 				
    (48)-Vehicle function list BAP-Night_Vision_0x18_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (49)-Vehicle function list BAP-LDW_HCA_0x19	not activated 				
    (50)-Vehicle function list BAP-LDW_HCA_0x19_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (51)-Vehicle function list BAP-SWA_0x1A	not activated 				
    (52)-Vehicle function list BAP-SWA_0x1A_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (53)-Vehicle function list BAP-AWV_0x1B	not activated 				
    (54)-Vehicle function list BAP-AWV_0x1B_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (55)-Vehicle function list BAP-Hybrid_0x1D	not activated 				
    (56)-Vehicle function list BAP-Hybrid_0x1D_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (57)-Vehicle function list BAP-SideView_0x1E	not activated 				
    (58)-Vehicle function list BAP-SideView_0x1E_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (59)-Vehicle function list BAP-Reversible_Seat_Belt_Tightener_0x1F	not activated 				
    (60)-Vehicle function list BAP-Reversible_Seat_Belt_Tightener_0x1F_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (61)-Vehicle function list BAP-Passanger_Seat_0x20	not activated 				
    (62)-Vehicle function list BAP-Passanger_Seat_0x20_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (63)-Vehicle function list BAP-traffic_sign_recognition_0x21	not activated 				
    (64)-Vehicle function list BAP-traffic_sign_recognition_0x21_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (65)-Vehicle function list BAP-weariness_rcognition_0x22	activated 				
    (66)-Vehicle function list BAP-weariness_rcognition_0x22_msg_bus	Databus Infotainment 				
    (67)-Vehicle function list BAP-BCmE_0x23	not activated 				
    (68)-Vehicle function list BAP-BCmE_0x23_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (69)-Vehicle function list BAP-Brake_0x26	not activated 				
    (70)-Vehicle function list BAP-Brake_0x26_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (71)-Vehicle function list BAP-Start_Stop_reasons_0x27	not activated 				
    (72)-Vehicle function list BAP-Start_Stop_reasons_0x27_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (73)-Vehicle function list BAP-Amplifier_0x2D	not activated 				
    (74)-Vehicle function list BAP-Amplifier_0x2D_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (75)-Vehicle function list BAP-Ecall_0x33	not activated 				
    (76)-Vehicle function list BAP-Ecall_msg_bus_0x33	Comfort data bus 				
    (77)-Vehicle function list BAP-MFL_Jocker_0x34	not activated 				
    (78)-Vehicle function list BAP-MFL_Jocker_msg_bus_0x34	Comfort data bus 				
    (1)-Vehicle function list CAN-MFL	Not available 				
    (2)-Vehicle function list CAN-MFL_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (3)-Vehicle function list CAN-Trailer	Not available 				
    (4)-Vehicle function list CAN-Trailer_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (5)-Vehicle function list CAN-Oil_level	Not available 				
    (6)-Vehicle function list CAN-Oil_level_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (7)-Vehicle function list CAN-PDC_audio_lowering	Not available 				
    (8)-Vehicle function list CAN-PDC_audio_lowering_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (9)-Vehicle function list CAN-VIN	Available 				
    (10)-Vehicle function list CAN-VIN_msg_bus	Databus Infotainment 				
    (11)-Vehicle function list CAN-Driving_school	Not available 				
    (12)-Vehicle function list CAN-Driving_school_msg_bus	Comfort data bus 				
    (13)-Vehicle function list CAN-Adaptive_key_school	Available 				
    (14)-Vehicle function list CAN-Adaptive_key_msg_bus	Databus Infotainment 				
    (1)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_ACC	not activated 				
    (2)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_ACC_operation_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (3)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_ACC_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (4)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_ACC_standstill	not activated 				
    (5)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_ACC_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (6)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_ambient_illumination	activated 				
    (7)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_ambient_illumination_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (8)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_ambient_illumination_over_threshold_high	activated 				
    (9)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_ambient_illumination_standstill	not activated 				
    (10)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_ambient_illumination_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (11)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_pdc	activated 				
    (12)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_pdc_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (13)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_pdc_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (14)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_pdc_standstill	not activated 				
    (15)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_pdc_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (16)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_awv	not activated 				
    (17)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_awv_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (18)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_awv_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (19)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_awv_standstill	not activated 				
    (20)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_awv_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (21)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Lane_Departure_Warning	not activated 				
    (22)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Lane_Departure_Warning_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (23)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Lane_Departure_Warning_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (24)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Lane_Departure_Warning_standstill	not activated 				
    (25)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Lane_Departure_Warning_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (26)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_side_assistant	not activated 				
    (27)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_side_assistant_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (28)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_side_assistant_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (29)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_side_assistant_standstill	not activated 				
    (30)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_side_assistant_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (31)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_exterior_illumination	activated 				
    (32)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_exterior_illumination_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (33)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_exterior_illumination_over_threshold_high	activated 				
    (34)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_exterior_illumination_standstill	not activated 				
    (35)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_exterior_illumination_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (36)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_windows	not activated 				
    (37)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_windows_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (38)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_windows_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (39)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_windows_standstill	not activated 				
    (40)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_windows_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (41)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_clima_configuration	activated 				
    (42)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_clima_configuration_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (43)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_clima_configuration_over_threshold_high	activated 				
    (44)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_clima_configuration_standstill	not activated 				
    (45)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_clima_configuration_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (46)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_auxiliary_heating	not activated 				
    (47)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_auxiliary_heating_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (48)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_auxiliary_heating_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (49)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_auxiliary_heating_standstill	not activated 				
    (50)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_auxiliary_heating_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (51)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_board_computer	activated 				
    (52)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_board_computer_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (53)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_board_computer_over_threshold_high	activated 				
    (54)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_board_computer_standstill	not activated 				
    (55)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_board_computer_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (56)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_rdk	not activated 				
    (57)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_rdk_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (58)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_rdk_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (59)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_rdk_standstill	not activated 				
    (60)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_rdk_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (61)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_wiper	activated 				
    (62)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_wiper_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (63)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_wiper_over_threshold_high	activated 				
    (64)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_wiper_standstill	not activated 				
    (65)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_wiper_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (66)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_sia	activated 				
    (67)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_sia_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (68)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_sia_over_threshold_high	activated 				
    (69)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_sia_standstill	not activated 				
    (70)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_sia_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (71)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_seat_configuration	not activated 				
    (72)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_seat_configuration_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (73)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_seat_configuration_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (74)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_seat_configuration_standstill	not activated 				
    (75)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_seat_configuration_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (76)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_central_locking	activated 				
    (77)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_central_locking_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (78)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_central_locking_over_threshold_high	activated 				
    (79)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_central_locking_standstill	not activated 				
    (80)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_central_locking_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (81)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_compass	not activated 				
    (82)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_compass_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (83)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_compass_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (84)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_compass_standstill	not activated 				
    (85)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_compass_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (86)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_charisma	activated 				
    (87)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_charisma_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (88)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_charisma_over_threshold_high	activated 				
    (89)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_charisma_standstill	not activated 				
    (90)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_charisma_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (91)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_oil_level	not activated 				
    (92)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_oil_level_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (93)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_oil_level_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (94)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_oil_level_standstill	not activated 				
    (95)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_oil_level_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (96)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_vin	activated 				
    (97)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_vin_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (98)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_vin_over_threshold_high	activated 				
    (99)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_vin_standstill	not activated 				
    (100)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_vin_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (101)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_clock	activated 				
    (102)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_clock_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (103)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_clock_over_threshold_high	activated 				
    (104)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_clock_standstill	not activated 				
    (105)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_clock_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (106)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_air_damper	not activated 				
    (107)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_air_damper_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (108)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_air_damper_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (109)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_air_damper_standstill	not activated 				
    (110)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_air_damper_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (111)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_headup_display	not activated 				
    (112)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_headup_display_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (113)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_headup_display_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (114)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_headup_display_standstill	not activated 				
    (115)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_headup_display_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (116)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_central_unit_master	activated 				
    (117)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_central_unit_master_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (118)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_central_unit_master_over_threshold_high	activated 				
    (119)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_central_unit_master_standstill	not activated 				
    (120)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_central_unit_master_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (121)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_hybrid	not activated 				
    (122)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_hybrid_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (123)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_hybrid_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (124)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_hybrid_standstill	not activated 				
    (125)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_hybrid_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (126)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_ugdo	not activated 				
    (127)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_ugdo_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (128)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_ugdo_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (129)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_ugdo_standstill	not activated 				
    (130)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_ugdo_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (131)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_night_vision	not activated 				
    (132)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_night_vision_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (133)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_night_vision_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (134)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_night_vision_standstill	not activated 				
    (135)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_night_vision_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (136)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_side_view	not activated 				
    (137)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_side_view_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (138)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_side_view_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (139)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_side_view_standstill	not activated 				
    (140)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_side_view_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (141)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_reversible_belt_pre_load	not activated 				
    (142)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_reversible_belt_pre_load_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (143)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_reversible_belt_pre_load_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (144)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_reversible_belt_pre_load_standstill	not activated 				
    (145)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_reversible_belt_pre_load_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (146)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_MFL_jocker	not activated 				
    (147)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_MFL_jocker_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (148)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_MFL_jocker_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (149)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_MFL_jocker_standstill	not activated 				
    (150)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_MFL_jocker_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (151)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_road_sign_identification	not activated 				
    (152)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_road_sign_identification_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (153)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_road_sign_identification_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (154)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_road_sign_identification_standstill	not activated 				
    (155)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_road_sign_identification_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (156)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_attention_identification	activated 				
    (157)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_attention_identification_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (158)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_attention_identification_over_threshold_high	activated 				
    (159)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_attention_identification_standstill	not activated 				
    (160)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_attention_identification_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (161)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_adaptive_key	activated 				
    (162)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_adaptive_key_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (163)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_adaptive_key_over_threshold_high	activated 				
    (164)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_adaptive_key_standstill	not activated 				
    (165)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_adaptive_key_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (166)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_car_mirror	not activated 				
    (167)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_car_mirror_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (168)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_car_mirror_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (169)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_car_mirror_standstill	not activated 				
    (170)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_car_mirror_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (171)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_driving_school	not activated 				
    (172)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_driving_school_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (173)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_driving_school_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (174)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_driving_school_standstill	not activated 				
    (175)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_driving_school_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (176)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_weariness_recognition	activated 				
    (177)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_weariness_recognition_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (178)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_weariness_recognition_over_threshold_high	activated 				
    (179)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_weariness_recognition_standstill	not activated 				
    (180)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_weariness_recognition_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (181)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_BCmE	not activated 				
    (182)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_BCmE_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (183)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_BCmE_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (184)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_BCmE_standstill	not activated 				
    (185)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_BCmE_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (186)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Ecall	not activated 				
    (187)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Ecall_clamp_15_off_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (188)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Ecall_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (189)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Ecall_standstill	not activated 				
    (190)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Ecall_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (191)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Brake_Function	not activated 				
    (192)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Brake_Function_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (193)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Brake_Function_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (194)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Brake_Function_standstill	not activated 				
    (195)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Brake_Function_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    (196)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Start_Stop_reasons	not activated 				
    (197)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Start_Stop_reasons_clamp_15_off	not activated 				
    (198)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Start_Stop_reasons_over_threshold_high	not activated 				
    (199)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Start_Stop_reasons_standstill	not activated 				
    (200)-Vehicle menu operation-menu_display_Start_Stop_reasons_after_disclaimer	not activated 				
    Wheel circ.	0 mm				
    Wheel pulse	0				
    BAP_Debug_Mode_Release	not_released 				
    (1)-Dimming_Ambient_Illumination_Information_Control_Unit-X1	0				
    (2)-Dimming_Ambient_Illumination_Information_Control_Unit-Y1	0				
    (3)-Dimming_Ambient_Illumination_Information_Control_Unit-X2	50				
    (4)-Dimming_Ambient_Illumination_Information_Control_Unit-Y2	50				
    (5)-Dimming_Ambient_Illumination_Information_Control_Unit-X3	100				
    (6)-Dimming_Ambient_Illumination_Information_Control_Unit-Y3	100				
    (1)-Dimming_Ambient_Illumination_Operating_and_Display_Unit-X1	0				
    (2)-Dimming_Ambient_Illumination_Operating_and_Display_Unit-Y1	0				
    (3)-Dimming_Ambient_Illumination_Operating_and_Display_Unit-X2	50				
    (4)-Dimming_Ambient_Illumination_Operating_and_Display_Unit-Y2	50				
    (5)-Dimming_Ambient_Illumination_Operating_and_Display_Unit-X3	100				
    (6)-Dimming_Ambient_Illumination_Operating_and_Display_Unit-Y3	100				
    (1)-Dimming_Functional_Illumination_for_Operating_Unit-X1	0				
    (2)-Dimming_Functional_Illumination_for_Operating_Unit-Y1	0 %				
    (3)-Dimming_Functional_Illumination_for_Operating_Unit-X2	10				
    (4)-Dimming_Functional_Illumination_for_Operating_Unit-Y2	6 %				
    (5)-Dimming_Functional_Illumination_for_Operating_Unit-X3	100				
    (6)-Dimming_Functional_Illumination_for_Operating_Unit-Y3	16 %				
    (7)-Dimming_Functional_Illumination_for_Operating_Unit-X4	150				
    (8)-Dimming_Functional_Illumination_for_Operating_Unit-Y4	30 %				
    (9)-Dimming_Functional_Illumination_for_Operating_Unit-X5	220				
    (10)-Dimming_Functional_Illumination_for_Operating_Unit-Y5	60 %				
    (11)-Dimming_Functional_Illumination_for_Operating_Unit-X6	253				
    (12)-Dimming_Functional_Illumination_for_Operating_Unit-Y6	100 %				
    (1)-Dimming_Illumination_for_Display_Unit-X1	0				
    (2)-Dimming_Illumination_for_Display_Unit-Y1	1 %				
    (3)-Dimming_Illumination_for_Display_Unit-X2	10				
    (4)-Dimming_Illumination_for_Display_Unit-Y2	2 %				
    (5)-Dimming_Illumination_for_Display_Unit-X3	50				
    (6)-Dimming_Illumination_for_Display_Unit-Y3	4 %				
    (7)-Dimming_Illumination_for_Display_Unit-X4	100				
    (8)-Dimming_Illumination_for_Display_Unit-Y4	10 %				
    (9)-Dimming_Illumination_for_Display_Unit-X5	150				
    (10)-Dimming_Illumination_for_Display_Unit-Y5	30 %				
    (11)-Dimming_Illumination_for_Display_Unit-X6	253				
    (12)-Dimming_Illumination_for_Display_Unit-Y6	100 %				
    p_damping_Display	5 ms				
    p_HMI_Display	10 %
    	SW:5Q0-937-084-Q   HW:5Q0-937-084-Q ---  Cent. Elect.				
    	Component:BCM MQBAB H   H14 0106	 Coding:04000A42C2C1227D03844000001C07A8000C000000000000000000000000			
    	EV_BCMCONTI	10001	EV_BCMBOSCH_AU37.rod		
    	Tuesday	8	July	2014	22:40:28:14849
    	VCDS Version: Beta 14.7.0  Data version: 20140601				
    	VCID: 468527FBF99DEC0A15-8013				
    (1)-A/C heater function via remote control-Anzahl zulaessiger Remotestarts	2				
    (2)-A/C heater function via remote control-RemoteStart Betrieb Dauer	10 min				
    (1)-Access control-Funk bei Klemme 15 ein	not active 				
    (2)-Access control-Notschließfunktion	not active 				
    (3)-Access control-automatisches Verriegeln bei Geschwindigkeit	active 				
    (4)-Access control-automatisches Entriegeln	active 				
    (5)-Access control-Geschwindigkeitsabhaengige Tankdeckelverriegelung	not active 				
    (6)-Access control-ZV Tuerentriegelung	Globale Entriegelung 				
    (7)-Access control-CAN Wecken bei Softtouchbetaetigung	not active 				
    (8)-Access control-Wiederoeffnung Elektrische-Schiebetuer	not active 				
    (9)-Access control-Oeffnung Heckdeckel bei Wiederentriegelung	not active 				
    (10)-Access control-Heckdeckel-Bedienstellen nachCrash temporaer sperren	active 				
    (11)-Access control-Valet Parking	not active 				
    (12)-Access control-Direkter Auswurf des Heckdeckels	active 				
    (13)-Access control-ZV entriegelt auch Heckdeckel	active 				
    (14)-Access control-Nach externer Verriegelung ist Heck noch zeitbegrenzt entriegelt	active 				
    (15)-Access control-Autolock Autounlock wirkt auf Heck	active 				
    (16)-Access control-ZV Heck nur direkt auswerfen	not active 				
    (17)-Access control-Manuelle ZV Variantenprogrammierung	not active 				
    (18)-Access control-Wiederholte Heckansteuerung beim Schliessen FT oder BT	not active 				
    (19)-Access control-Schliessung der Schiebetuer bei geoeffneter Tankklappe	not active 				
    (20)-Access control-Bewusstes Safe mit 2. Betaetigung der FFB	not active 				
    (21)-Access control-ZV-Entriegelung nach Seitencrash	active 				
    (22)-Access control-Elektrische Laderaumabdeckung	not active 				
    (23)-Access control-Menuesteuerung Tuerentriegelung	active 				
    (24)-Access control-Menuesteuerung ZV Autolock-Unlock	adjustable 				
    (25)-Access control-Autounlock NAR	not active 				
    (26)-Access control-Freigabenachlauf Heck nach Einzeloeffnung ueber HDF-Funktaster	not active 				
    (1)-Access control 2-Komfortbedienung global	active 				
    (2)-Access control 2-Comfort opening	not active 				
    (3)-Access control 2-Comfort closing	active 				
    (4)-Access control 2-Komfortoeffnen nur FH Fahrertuer	not active 				
    (5)-Access control 2-Nachsaven_nach_Verdecklauf	not active 				
    (6)-Access control 2-Funk Komfort schliessen	active 				
    (7)-Access control 2-Funk Komfort oeffnen	active 				
    (8)-Access control 2-Schliesszylinder Komfort oeffnen	active 				
    (9)-Access control 2-Schliesszylinder Komfort schliessen	active 				
    (10)-Access control 2-SAD Richtung Komfortoeffnen	tilting 				
    (11)-Access control 2-SAD Komfort schliessen	active 				
    (12)-Access control 2-SAD Komfort oeffnen	active 				
    (13)-Access control 2-Freigabenachlauf FH bei Kl 15 aus	active 				
    (14)-Access control 2-Freigabenachlauf FH bei Tueroeffnen abbrechen	active 				
    (15)-Access control 2-Regenschliessen_ein_aus	not active 				
    (16)-Access control 2-Regenschliessen_art	once 				
    (17)-Access control 2-Spiegelabsenkung bei Rueckwaertsfahrt	active 				
    (18)-Access control 2-Spiegelverstellung Synchron	not active 				
    (19)-Access control 2-Kessy Komfort oeffnen	Yes 				
    (20)-Access control 2-Kessy Komfort schliessen	Yes 				
    (21)-Access control 2-Kessy Komfortbedienung Reichweitenbegrenzung	Yes 				
    (22)-Access control 2-Menuesteuerung Spiegelabsenkung	active 				
    (23)-Access control 2-Funk Spiegelanklappen	not active 				
    (24)-Access control 2-Funk Spiegelanklappung Modus	by look command via remote control key 				
    (25)-Access control 2-Menuesteuerung synchrone Spiegelverstellung	not active 				
    (26)-Access control 2-Menuesteuerung Funk Spiegel anklappen	active 				
    (27)-Access control 2-Menuesteuerung Komfortbedienung einstellbar	adjustable 				
    (28)-Access control 2-Menuesteuerung Regenschliessen	not active 				
    (29)-Access control 2-SAD PreCrash Konturschliessen	active 				
    (30)-Access control 2-FH SAD Kl15Aus Freigabezeit	600 s				
    (31)-Access control 2-Fahrertuerbedienung Fensterheber oeffnen	not active 				
    (32)-Access control 2-Fahrertuerbedienung Fensterheber schliessen	not active 				
    (33)-Access control 2-Remote_Unlock_Lock	not active 				
    (34)-Access control 2-Profilfunktion für Anklappung der Außenspiegel	not active 				
    (1)-Acknowledgement signals-Akustische Rueckmeldung entriegeln	No 				
    (2)-Acknowledgement signals-Akustische Rueckmeldung verriegeln	No 				
    (3)-Acknowledgement signals-Dauer der Akustischen Rueckmeldung vom Einfachhorn	normal 				
    (4)-Acknowledgement signals-Optical feedback during locking	Decelerate 				
    (5)-Acknowledgement signals-Optische Rueckmeldung Komfortschliessen	not active 				
    (6)-Acknowledgement signals-Optische Rueckmeldung 3.Bremsleuchte	not active 				
    (7)-Acknowledgement signals-Menuesteuerung akustische Rueckmeldung	not active 				
    (8)-Acknowledgement signals-Akustische Rueckmeldung global	not active 				
    (9)-Acknowledgement signals-Akustische Rueckmeldung Signalhorn	not active 				
    (1)-After-run for park light-Bedingungen zur Beendigung des Standlichtnachlaufs	abschalten nach der Nachlaufzeit 				
    (2)-After-run for park light-Standlicht-Nachlaufzeit	30 min				
    (1)-Ambient lighting-Defaultwert Ambienteprofil Fussraum	50 %				
    (2)-Ambient lighting-Defaultwert Ambienteprofil Tuer	50 %				
    (3)-Ambient lighting-Defaultwert Ambienteprofil Vorn	50 %				
    (4)-Ambient lighting-Tuerinnengriffbeleuchtung mit I-Tafel	not installed 				
    (5)-Ambient lighting-Tuerinnengriff mit Tuertafel	not installed 				
    (6)-Ambient lighting-Innenlichtinszenierung	not enabled 				
    (7)-Ambient lighting-Ambientelicht mit raste heckdeckel	not enabled 				
    (1)-Anti-theft device-Alarmsignal	frequency modulated 				
    (2)-Anti-theft device-Verzoegerung Panikalarm	keine verzoegerung 				
    (3)-Anti-theft device-DWA Alarmverzoegerung	driver door contact thatcham 				
    (4)-Anti-theft device-DWA Camper Modus	not active 				
    (5)-Anti-theft device-Überwachung Innenentriegelungshebel	not active 				
    (6)-Anti-theft device-Sirenen Alarmzahl	1 Alarm 				
    (7)-Anti-theft device-Akustischer Alarm Signalhorn	not active 				
    (1)-Assistance light functions-Notbremsanzeige NBA	active 				
    (2)-Assistance light functions-Menuesteuerung Fernlichtassistent	not installed 				
    (3)-Assistance light functions-Fernlichtassistent Zeitverzoegerungswert	800 ms				
    (4)-Assistance light functions-Fernlichtassistent Reset	active 				
    (5)-Assistance light functions-Menuesteuerung Fernlichtassistent Werkseinstellung	not installed 				
    (6)-Assistance light functions-Assistenzfahrlicht bei Regen	active 				
    (7)-Assistance light functions-AFL Zeitverzoegerung	500 ms				
    (8)-Assistance light functions-Lichtsensorempfindlichkeit	normal 				
    (1)-Auxiliary functions-Spoiler Komfortsenken des Spoiler ueber Schliesszylinder FT	not active 				
    (2)-Auxiliary functions-Spoiler Einfahrunterdrueckung nach manuellem Ausfahren	not active 				
    (3)-Auxiliary functions-Signalhorn ohne KL15	not active 				
    (4)-Auxiliary functions-Klemmenfehler auf CAN ausgeben	active 				
    (5)-Auxiliary functions-Menuesteuerung Garagentoroeffner	active 				
    (1)-Comfort illumination-Coming Home Verbaustatus	automatic 				
    (2)-Comfort illumination-Menuesteuerung Coming Home Werkseinstellung	active 				
    (3)-Comfort illumination-Menueeinstellung Cominghome	20 s				
    (4)-Comfort illumination-Coming Home Leuchten	Fog light 				
    (5)-Comfort illumination-Coming-home Einschaltereignis	Driver door 				
    (6)-Comfort illumination-Helligkeitsschwelle Infrarot-Messung	2				
    (7)-Comfort illumination-Leaving-Home Verbausstatus	Enabled 				
    (8)-Comfort illumination-Menuesteuerung Leaving-home Freischaltung per BAP	active 				
    (9)-Comfort illumination-Menueeinstellung Leaving-home Zeit per BAP	60 s				
    (10)-Comfort illumination-Helligkeitsschwelle Forward-Messung	16				
    (1)-Convert. top oper.-Komfortbedienung Verdeck global	active 				
    (2)-Convert. top oper.-Komfortbedienung Verdeck oeffnen	active 				
    (3)-Convert. top oper.-Komfortbedienung Verdeck schließen	active 				
    (4)-Convert. top oper.-Verdeck oeffnen via Schliesszylinder	active 				
    (5)-Convert. top oper.-Verdeck schließen via Schließzylinder	active 				
    (6)-Convert. top oper.-Verdeck oeffnen via Funkfernbedienung	active 				
    (7)-Convert. top oper.-Verdeck schließen via Funkfernbedienung	active 				
    (8)-Convert. top oper.-Verdeck oeffnen via Kessy	active 				
    (9)-Convert. top oper.-Verdeck schließen via Kessy	active 				
    (10)-Convert. top oper.-Doppelpuls nur Verdeck	active 				
    (11)-Convert. top oper.-Verdeck mit Schiebedach	not active 				
    (12)-Convert. top oper.-Heckdeckel sperren bei Verdeckbetrieb	not active 				
    (13)-Convert. top oper.-Heckschloss oeffnen durch Verdeck-SG	not active 				
    (1)-Daytime running lights-Scheinwerferferreinigungsansteuerung und Abblendlichtanzeige bei Dauerfahrlicht	active 				
    (2)-Daytime running lights-Tagfahrlicht Aktivierung durch BAP oder Bedienfolge moeglich	not active 				
    (3)-Daytime running lights-Werkseinstellung fuer Tagfahrlicht Freischaltung BAP / Bedienfolge	active 				
    (4)-Daytime running lights-Standlicht aktiviert zusaetzlich Tagfahrlicht	not active 				
    (5)-Daytime running lights-Tagfahrlicht Dauerfahrlicht bei Handbremse abschalten	not active 				
    (6)-Daytime running lights-Tagfahrlicht-Dauerfahrlicht aktiviert zusaetzlich Standlicht	not active 				
    (7)-Daytime running lights-Tagfahrlichtkontrollleuchte	not active 				
    (8)-Daytime running lights-Fahrlicht bei Tag	Daytime running lights 				
    (9)-Daytime running lights-Tagfahrlicht nur in Schalterstellung AUTO	not active 				
    Deactivate production mode	0				
    (1)-Driving light and parking light-Kontrollleuchte fuer Begrenzungslicht	separate 				
    (2)-Driving light and parking light-Schlusslicht mit Bremslichtfunktion	not active 				
    (3)-Driving light and parking light-Standlicht aus bei LDS=ABL und S-Kontakt aus	active 				
    (4)-Driving light and parking light-Parklicht ueber LSS aktiviert	One-sided 				
    (5)-Driving light and parking light-Standlichtreduzierung mit beidseitigem Parklicht	active 				
    (6)-Driving light and parking light-Zahl der aktiven Scheinwerfer auf 2 limitieren	not active 				
    (7)-Driving light and parking light-Warnung Fahrt mit Standlicht	not active 				
    (8)-Driving light and parking light-Zeitwert Einschaltzeit Abbiegelicht	15 min				
    (9)-Driving light and parking light-Lichthupe bei Zuendung aus moeglich	active 				
    (10)-Driving light and parking light-Lichtwarnungsverhalten	klemmenabhaengig 				
    (11)-Driving light and parking light-Menueeinstellung CHO LHO	Menuesteuerung aktivieren 				
    (12)-Driving light and parking light-Allwetterlicht Einschaltgrenze	350 km/h				
    (13)-Driving light and parking light-Allwetterlicht Ausschaltgrenze	350 km/h				
    (14)-Driving light and parking light-Nebelschlusslicht Warngeschwindigkeit	60 km/h				
    (1)-Dyn. turn signal modes-Schluessel_Anlern_Blinken	not active 				
    (2)-Dyn. turn signal modes-UGDO_ Anlern_Blinken	not active 				
    (3)-Dyn. turn signal modes-ZV_Blinken_zu	not active 				
    (4)-Dyn. turn signal modes-ZV_Blinken_auf	not active 				
    (5)-Dyn. turn signal modes-Telematikblinken_STS_Blinken	not active 				
    (6)-Dyn. turn signal modes-DWA_Schaerfungsquittung	not active 				
    (7)-Dyn. turn signal modes-DWA_Alarm_Blinken	not active 				
    (8)-Dyn. turn signal modes-Taxialarmblinken	not active 				
    (9)-Dyn. turn signal modes-Panikblinken	not active 				
    (10)-Dyn. turn signal modes-Multi_kollisions_Blinken	not active 				
    (11)-Dyn. turn signal modes-Notwarn_blinken_NBA_Phase_2	not active 				
    (12)-Dyn. turn signal modes-Richtungs_blinken_rechts	not active 				
    (13)-Dyn. turn signal modes-Richtungs_blinken_links	not active 				
    (14)-Dyn. turn signal modes-ABBA_Blinken	not active 				
    (15)-Dyn. turn signal modes-Crashblinken	not active 				
    (16)-Dyn. turn signal modes-Warnblinken_Zuendung_EIN	not active 				
    (17)-Dyn. turn signal modes-Warnblinken_Zuendung_AUS	not active 				
    Energy management	active 				
    Head area heater	1				
    (1)-Interior lighting-Menuesteuerung Ambientebeleuchtung Effektbeleuchtung	active 				
    (2)-Interior lighting-Innenlicht bei offenem Heckdeckel einschalten	not active 				
    (3)-Interior lighting-KL30G ohne PWM	active 				
    (4)-Interior lighting-KL58 Einschalten mit Rampe	not active 				
    (5)-Interior lighting-KL58 Verriegelungsausschalten	active 				
    (6)-Interior lighting-Lichtsensor wirkt auf Suchbeleuchtung	active 				
    (7)-Interior lighting-Suchbeleuchtung Festwert	50 %				
    (1)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 0	12 - Blinkleuchten 				
    (2)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 0	34				
    (3)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 0	14				
    (4)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 0	2				
    (5)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 0	0				
    (6)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 0	100				
    (7)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 0	Always 				
    (8)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 0	3				
    (9)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 0	0				
    (10)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 0	0				
    (11)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 0	maximize 				
    (12)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 0	0				
    (13)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 0	0				
    (14)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 0	0				
    (15)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 0	maximize 				
    (16)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 0	0				
    (17)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 0	0				
    (18)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 0	0				
    (19)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 0	maximize 				
    (20)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 1	12 - Blinkleuchten 				
    (21)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 1	3E  				
    (22)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 1	15				
    (23)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 1	4				
    (24)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 1	0				
    (25)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 1	100				
    (26)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 1	Always 				
    (27)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 1	5				
    (28)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 1	0				
    (29)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 1	0				
    (30)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 1	maximize 				
    (31)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 1	0				
    (32)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 1	0				
    (33)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 1	0				
    (34)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 1	maximize 				
    (35)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 1	0				
    (36)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 1	0				
    (37)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 1	0				
    (38)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 1	maximize 				
    (39)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 2	4 - LED Tagfahrlichtmodul Signal 				
    (40)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 2	48				
    (41)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 2	4A  				
    (42)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 2	8				
    (43)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 2	9				
    (44)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 2	30				
    (45)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 2	Always 				
    (46)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 2	30				
    (47)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 2	0				
    (48)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 2	30				
    (49)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 2	maximize 				
    (50)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 2	20				
    (51)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 2	0				
    (52)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 2	100				
    (53)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 2	maximize 				
    (54)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 2	6				
    (55)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 2	0				
    (56)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 2	30				
    (57)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 2	minimize 				
    (58)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 3	4 - LED Tagfahrlichtmodul Signal 				
    (59)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 3	4C  				
    (60)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 3	4C  				
    (61)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 3	8				
    (62)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 3	10				
    (63)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 3	30				
    (64)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 3	Always 				
    (65)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 3	30				
    (66)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 3	0				
    (67)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 3	30				
    (68)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 3	maximize 				
    (69)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 3	20				
    (70)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F3	0				
    (71)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 3	100				
    (72)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 3	maximize 				
    (73)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 3	7				
    (74)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 3	0				
    (75)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 3	30				
    (76)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 3	minimize 				
    (77)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 4	1 - LED Tagfahrlichtmodul Versorgung 				
    (78)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 4	48				
    (79)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 4	49				
    (80)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 4	20				
    (81)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 4	8				
    (82)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 4	100				
    (83)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 4	Always 				
    (84)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 4	30				
    (85)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 4	9				
    (86)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 4	100				
    (87)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 4	maximize 				
    (88)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 4	0				
    (89)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 4	0				
    (90)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 4	0				
    (91)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 4	maximize 				
    (92)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 4	0				
    (93)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 4	0				
    (94)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 4	0				
    (95)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 4	maximize 				
    (96)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 5	1 - LED Tagfahrlichtmodul Versorgung 				
    (97)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 5	4C  				
    (98)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 5	4B  				
    (99)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 5	20				
    (100)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 5	8				
    (101)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 5	100				
    (102)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 5	Always 				
    (103)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 5	30				
    (104)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 5	10				
    (105)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 5	100				
    (106)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 5	maximize 				
    (107)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 5	0				
    (108)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F5	0				
    (109)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 5	0				
    (110)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 5	maximize 				
    (111)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 5	0				
    (112)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 5	0				
    (113)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 5	0				
    (114)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 5	maximize 				
    (115)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 6	3 - Xenon Abblendlicht 				
    (116)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 6	49				
    (117)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 6	1A  				
    (118)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 6	11				
    (119)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 6	15				
    (120)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 6	127				
    (121)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 6	Always 				
    (122)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 6	0				
    (123)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 6	0				
    (124)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 6	0				
    (125)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 6	maximize 				
    (126)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 6	0				
    (127)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 6	0				
    (128)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 6	0				
    (129)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 6	maximize 				
    (130)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 6	0				
    (131)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 6	0				
    (132)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 6	0				
    (133)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 6	maximize 				
    (134)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 7	3 - Xenon Abblendlicht 				
    (135)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 7	4D  				
    (136)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 7	1B  				
    (137)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 7	12				
    (138)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 7	15				
    (139)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 7	127				
    (140)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 7	Always 				
    (141)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 7	0				
    (142)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 7	0				
    (143)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 7	0				
    (144)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 7	maximize 				
    (145)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 7	0				
    (146)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 7	0				
    (147)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 7	0				
    (148)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 7	maximize 				
    (149)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 7	0				
    (150)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 7	0				
    (151)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 7	0				
    (152)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 7	maximize 				
    (153)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 8	not active 				
    (154)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 8	0				
    (155)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 8	0				
    (156)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 8	23				
    (157)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 8	0				
    (158)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 8	88				
    (159)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 8	only_if_closed 				
    (160)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 8	216				
    (161)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 8	216				
    (162)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 8	88				
    (163)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 8	minimize 				
    (164)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 8	216				
    (165)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 8	216				
    (166)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 8	88				
    (167)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 8	minimize 				
    (168)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 8	216				
    (169)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 8	7				
    (170)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 8	104				
    (171)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 8	minimize 				
    (172)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 9	not active 				
    (173)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 9	D8  				
    (174)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 9	D8  				
    (175)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 9	235				
    (176)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 9	216				
    (177)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 9	100				
    (178)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 9	Always 				
    (179)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 9	0				
    (180)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 9	44				
    (181)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 9	7				
    (182)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 9	maximize 				
    (183)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 9	8				
    (184)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 9	255				
    (185)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 9	0				
    (186)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 9	maximize 				
    (187)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 9	216				
    (188)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 9	216				
    (189)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 9	44				
    (190)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 9	minimize 				
    (192)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 10	E2  				
    (193)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 10	AC  				
    (194)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 10	47				
    (195)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 10	92				
    (196)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 10	1				
    (197)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 10	Always 				
    (198)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 10	148				
    (199)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 10	216				
    (200)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 10	80				
    (201)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 10	maximize 				
    (202)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 10	216				
    (203)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 10	99				
    (204)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 10	36				
    (205)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 10	maximize 				
    (206)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 10	1				
    (207)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 10	0				
    (208)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 10	0				
    (209)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 10	maximize 				
    (211)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 11	FF  				
    (212)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 11	1F  				
    (213)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 11	201				
    (214)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 11	0				
    (215)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 11	1				
    (216)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 11	Always 				
    (217)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 11	0				
    (218)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 11	1				
    (219)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 11	76				
    (220)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 11	maximize 				
    (221)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 11	252				
    (222)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 11	244				
    (223)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 11	99				
    (224)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 11	minimize 				
    (225)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 11	78				
    (226)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 11	254				
    (227)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 11	13				
    (228)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 11	minimize 				
    (230)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 12	0				
    (231)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 12	62				
    (232)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 12	15				
    (233)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 12	0				
    (234)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 12	0				
    (235)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 12	Always 				
    (236)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 12	252				
    (237)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 12	255				
    (238)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 12	90				
    (239)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 12	minimize 				
    (240)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 12	76				
    (241)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 12	0				
    (242)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 12	10				
    (243)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 12	minimize 				
    (244)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 12	0				
    (245)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 12	160				
    (246)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 12	1				
    (247)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 12	maximize 				
    (249)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 13	E3  				
    (250)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 13	E3  				
    (251)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 13	214				
    (252)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 13	254				
    (253)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 13	127				
    (254)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 13	only_if_closed 				
    (255)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion  C 13	143				
    (256)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 13	232				
    (257)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 13	15				
    (258)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 13	maximize 				
    (259)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 13	0				
    (260)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 13	159				
    (261)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 13	0				
    (262)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 13	maximize 				
    (263)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 13	1				
    (264)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 13	0				
    (265)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 13	0				
    (266)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 13	maximize 				
    (268)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 14	CE  				
    (269)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 14	18				
    (270)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 14	108				
    (271)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 14	128				
    (272)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 14	104				
    (273)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 14	only_if_closed 				
    (274)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 14	15				
    (275)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 14	0				
    (276)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 14	0				
    (277)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 14	maximize 				
    (278)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 14	170				
    (279)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 14	169				
    (280)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 14	46				
    (281)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 14	minimize 				
    (282)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 14	229				
    (283)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 14	98				
    (284)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 14	12				
    (285)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 14	maximize 				
    (286)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 15	not active 				
    (287)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 15	5				
    (288)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 15	4E  				
    (289)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 15	50				
    (290)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 15	98				
    (291)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 15	59				
    (292)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 15	only_if_closed 				
    (293)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 15	0				
    (294)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 15	0				
    (295)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 15	0				
    (296)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 15	maximize 				
    (297)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 15	9				
    (298)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 15	0				
    (299)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 15	31				
    (300)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 15	maximize 				
    (301)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 15	0				
    (302)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 15	11				
    (303)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 15	88				
    (304)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 15	maximize 				
    (305)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 16	not active 				
    (306)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 16	54				
    (307)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 16	51				
    (308)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 16	84				
    (309)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 16	0				
    (310)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 16	0				
    (311)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 16	Always 				
    (312)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 16	0				
    (313)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 16	0				
    (314)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 16	1				
    (315)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 16	maximize 				
    (316)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 16	0				
    (317)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 16	4				
    (318)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 16	111				
    (319)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 16	minimize 				
    (320)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 16	98				
    (321)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 16	78				
    (322)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 16	90				
    (323)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 16	minimize 				
    (324)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 17	not active 				
    (325)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 17	4E  				
    (326)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 17	0				
    (327)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 17	84				
    (328)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion  B 17	78				
    (329)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 17	20				
    (330)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 17	Always 				
    (331)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 17	48				
    (332)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 17	216				
    (333)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 17	88				
    (334)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 17	minimize 				
    (335)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 17	124				
    (336)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 17	201				
    (337)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 17	13				
    (338)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 17	minimize 				
    (339)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 17	162				
    (340)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 17	78				
    (341)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 17	81				
    (342)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 17	maximize 				
    (344)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 18	24				
    (345)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 18	0				
    (346)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 18	0				
    (347)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 18	112				
    (348)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 18	127				
    (349)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 18	only_if_closed 				
    (350)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 18	255				
    (351)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 18	31				
    (352)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 18	73				
    (353)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 18	minimize 				
    (354)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 18	0				
    (355)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 18	1				
    (356)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 18	0				
    (357)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 18	maximize 				
    (358)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 18	254				
    (359)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 18	32				
    (360)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 18	72				
    (361)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 18	minimize 				
    (363)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 19	E3  				
    (364)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 19	FE  				
    (365)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 19	141				
    (366)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 19	207				
    (367)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 19	0				
    (368)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 19	Always 				
    (369)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 19	81				
    (370)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 19	98				
    (371)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 19	78				
    (372)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 19	maximize 				
    (373)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 19	13				
    (374)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 19	0				
    (375)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 19	0				
    (376)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 19	maximize 				
    (377)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 19	0				
    (378)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 19	78				
    (379)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 19	80				
    (380)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 19	maximize 				
    (382)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 20	A0  				
    (383)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 20	62				
    (384)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 20	78				
    (385)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 20	25				
    (386)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 20	0				
    (387)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 20	Always 				
    (388)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 20	1				
    (389)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 20	236				
    (390)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 20	8				
    (391)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 20	maximize 				
    (392)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 20	1				
    (393)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 20	98				
    (394)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 20	78				
    (395)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 20	maximize 				
    (396)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 20	36				
    (397)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 20	0				
    (398)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 20	80				
    (399)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 20	maximize 				
    (400)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 21	8 - allgemeine Glühlampe 12W 				
    (401)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 21	22				
    (402)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 21	2A  				
    (403)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 21	0				
    (404)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 21	80				
    (405)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 21	45				
    (406)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 21	Always 				
    (407)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 21	112				
    (408)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 21	81				
    (409)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 21	78				
    (410)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 21	maximize 				
    (411)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 21	51				
    (412)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 21	167				
    (413)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 21	39				
    (414)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 21	minimize 				
    (415)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 21	12				
    (416)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 21	98				
    (417)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 21	0				
    (418)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 21	maximize 				
    (420)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 22	13				
    (421)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 22	0				
    (422)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 22	0				
    (423)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 22	0				
    (424)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 22	0				
    (425)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 22	Always 				
    (426)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 22	52				
    (427)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 22	89				
    (428)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 22	124				
    (429)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 22	maximize 				
    (430)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 22	51				
    (431)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 22	200				
    (432)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 22	12				
    (433)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 22	maximize 				
    (434)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 22	28				
    (435)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 22	0				
    (436)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 22	12				
    (437)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 22	maximize 				
    (439)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 23	A7  				
    (440)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 23	0				
    (441)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 23	98				
    (442)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 23	78				
    (443)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 23	83				
    (444)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 23	Always 				
    (445)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 23	85				
    (446)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 23	78				
    (447)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 23	60				
    (448)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 23	minimize 				
    (449)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 23	239				
    (450)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 23	98				
    (451)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 23	78				
    (452)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 23	maximize 				
    (453)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 23	93				
    (454)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 23	0				
    (455)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 23	78				
    (456)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 23	maximize 				
    (458)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 24	0				
    (459)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 24	4E  				
    (460)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 24	204				
    (461)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 24	232				
    (462)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 24	88				
    (463)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 24	only_if_closed 				
    (464)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 24	167				
    (465)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 24	52				
    (466)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 24	73				
    (467)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 24	minimize 				
    (468)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 24	141				
    (469)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 24	234				
    (470)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 24	104				
    (471)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 24	minimize 				
    (472)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 24	78				
    (473)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 24	14				
    (474)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 24	36				
    (475)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 24	maximize 				
    (476)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 25	1 - LED Tagfahrlichtmodul Versorgung 				
    (477)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 25	0				
    (478)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 25	70				
    (479)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 25	255				
    (480)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 25	255				
    (481)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 25	31				
    (482)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 25	Always 				
    (483)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 25	201				
    (484)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 25	201				
    (485)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 25	1				
    (486)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 25	maximize 				
    (487)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 25	0				
    (488)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 25	128				
    (489)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 25	88				
    (490)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 25	minimize 				
    (491)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 25	220				
    (492)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 25	200				
    (493)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 25	99				
    (494)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 25	minimize 				
    (496)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 26	FE  				
    (497)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 26	31				
    (498)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 26	0				
    (499)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 26	170				
    (500)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 26	98				
    (501)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 26	Always 				
    (502)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 26	78				
    (503)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 26	143				
    (504)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 26	0				
    (505)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 26	maximize 				
    (506)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 26	252				
    (507)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 26	1				
    (508)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 26	20				
    (509)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 26	minimize 				
    (510)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 26	78				
    (511)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 26	80				
    (512)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 26	42				
    (513)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 26	minimize 				
    (515)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 27	62				
    (516)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 27	9				
    (517)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 27	232				
    (518)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 27	0				
    (519)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 27	31				
    (520)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 27	only_if_closed 				
    (521)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 27	0				
    (522)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 27	1				
    (523)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 27	88				
    (524)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 27	minimize 				
    (525)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 27	212				
    (526)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 27	4				
    (527)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 27	72				
    (528)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 27	minimize 				
    (529)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 27	97				
    (530)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 27	0				
    (531)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 27	0				
    (532)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 27	maximize 				
    (534)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 28	DE  				
    (535)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 28	0				
    (536)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 28	84				
    (537)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 28	216				
    (538)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 28	88				
    (539)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 28	only_if_closed 				
    (540)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 28	96				
    (541)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 28	242				
    (542)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 28	1				
    (543)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 28	maximize 				
    (544)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 28	108				
    (545)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 28	216				
    (546)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 28	5				
    (547)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 28	maximize 				
    (548)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 28	187				
    (549)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 28	19				
    (550)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 28	88				
    (551)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 28	minimize 				
    (553)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 29	0				
    (554)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 29	0				
    (555)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 29	17				
    (556)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 29	0				
    (557)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 29	0				
    (558)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 29	Always 				
    (559)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 29	0				
    (560)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 29	150				
    (561)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 29	98				
    (562)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 29	minimize 				
    (563)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 29	86				
    (564)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 29	8				
    (565)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 29	22				
    (566)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 29	maximize 				
    (567)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 29	255				
    (568)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 29	16				
    (569)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 29	0				
    (570)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 29	maximize 				
    (571)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 30	16 - 2* 3W 				
    (572)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 30	50				
    (573)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 30	FE  				
    (574)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 30	144				
    (575)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 30	176				
    (576)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 30	72				
    (577)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 30	only_if_closed 				
    (578)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 30	204				
    (579)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 30	176				
    (580)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 30	104				
    (581)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 30	maximize 				
    (582)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 30	12				
    (583)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 30	255				
    (584)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 30	0				
    (585)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 30	maximize 				
    (586)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 30	232				
    (587)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 30	245				
    (588)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 30	0				
    (589)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 30	maximize 				
    (591)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 31	0B  				
    (592)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 31	5				
    (593)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 31	160				
    (594)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 31	136				
    (595)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 31	88				
    (596)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 31	only_if_closed 				
    (597)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 31	0				
    (598)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 31	244				
    (599)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 31	81				
    (600)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 31	maximize 				
    (601)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 31	19				
    (602)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 31	5				
    (603)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 31	0				
    (604)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 31	maximize 				
    (605)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 31	35				
    (606)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 31	144				
    (607)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 31	66				
    (608)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 31	minimize 				
    (609)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 32	not active 				
    (610)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 32	AC  				
    (611)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 32	3				
    (612)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 32	0				
    (613)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 32	0				
    (614)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 32	0				
    (615)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 32	Always 				
    (616)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 32	0				
    (617)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 32	52				
    (618)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 32	89				
    (619)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 32	maximize 				
    (620)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 32	124				
    (621)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 32	51				
    (622)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 32	72				
    (623)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 32	minimize 				
    (624)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 32	144				
    (625)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 32	160				
    (626)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 32	40				
    (627)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 32	minimize 				
    (628)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 33	41 - LED Kleinleistung 				
    (629)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 33	0				
    (630)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 33	E0  				
    (631)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 33	0				
    (632)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 33	194				
    (633)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 33	19				
    (634)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 33	Always 				
    (635)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 33	5				
    (636)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 33	0				
    (637)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 33	19				
    (638)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 33	maximize 				
    (639)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 33	64				
    (640)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 33	239				
    (641)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 33	66				
    (642)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 33	minimize 				
    (643)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 33	19				
    (644)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 33	5				
    (645)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 33	0				
    (646)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 33	maximize 				
    (647)-Light configuration-Lasttyp 34	19 - 3* 5W 				
    (648)-Light configuration-BAP Bitposition 34	CD  				
    (649)-Light configuration-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 34	90				
    (650)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion A 34	19				
    (651)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion B 34	184				
    (652)-Light configuration-Dimmwert AB 34	118				
    (653)-Light configuration-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 34	Always 				
    (654)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion C 34	170				
    (655)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion D 34	194				
    (656)-Light configuration-Dimmwert CD 34	19				
    (657)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction CD 34	maximize 				
    (658)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion E 34	5				
    (659)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion F 34	0				
    (660)-Light configuration-Dimmwert EF 34	102				
    (661)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction EF 34	maximize 				
    (662)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion G 34	0				
    (663)-Light configuration-Lichtfunktion H 34	248				
    (664)-Light configuration-Dimmwert GH 34	16				
    (665)-Light configuration-Dimming Direction GH 34	minimize 				
    lower stop	26.197776 °				
    lower turn position	18.197784 °				
    Position during interval mode	21.197781 °				
    Read parameter address	00 00 00  				
    (1)-Rear Window Wiper-Komfortwischen Heck	active 				
    (2)-Rear Window Wiper-Menuesteuerung Komfortwischen HW	not active 				
    (3)-Rear Window Wiper-Automatisches Heckwischen	not active 				
    (4)-Rear Window Wiper-Traenenwischen Heck	not active 				
    (5)-Rear Window Wiper-Heckwischer Weiterlauf	not active 				
    (6)-Rear Window Wiper-Kein automatisches Abparken	not active 				
    (7)-Rear Window Wiper-Komofortwischen Heck Intervallpausenzeit Stufe Intervall	5 s				
    (8)-Rear Window Wiper-Komofortwischen Heck Intervallpausenzeit Stufe Automatik	5 s				
    (9)-Rear Window Wiper-Komofortwischen Heck Intervallpausenzeit Stufe 1	3 s				
    (10)-Rear Window Wiper-Komofortwischen Heck Intervallpausenzeit Stufe 2	1 s				
    Roller test bench mode	 functional	not active 			
    (1)-Seat heater level current consumption allocation-Sitzheizung Stufe 1 untere Schaltschwelle	19.00 °C				
    (2)-Seat heater level current consumption allocation-Sitzheizung Stufe 1 obere Schaltschwelle	20.00 °C				
    (3)-Seat heater level current consumption allocation-Sitzheizung Stufe 2 untere Schaltschwelle	27.50 °C				
    (4)-Seat heater level current consumption allocation-Sitzheizung Stufe 2 obere Schaltschwelle	28.00 °C				
    (5)-Seat heater level current consumption allocation-Sitzheizung Stufe 3 untere Schaltschwelle	35.00 °C				
    (6)-Seat heater level current consumption allocation-Sitzheizung Stufe 3 obere Schaltschwelle	36.00 °C				
    (7)-Seat heater level current consumption allocation-Sitzheizung Stufe 4 untere Schaltschwelle	40.50 °C				
    (8)-Seat heater level current consumption allocation-Sitzheizung Stufe 4 obere Schaltschwelle	41.00 °C				
    (9)-Seat heater level current consumption allocation-Sitzheizung Stufe 5 untere Schaltschwelle	49.00 °C				
    (10)-Seat heater level current consumption allocation-Sitzheizung Stufe 5 obere Schaltschwelle	50.00 °C				
    (11)-Seat heater level current consumption allocation-Sitzheizung Stufe 6 untere Schaltschwelle	62.50 °C				
    (12)-Seat heater level current consumption allocation-Sitzheizung Stufe 6 obere Schaltschwelle	63.00 °C				
    (13)-Seat heater level current consumption allocation-Sitzheizung Filterkonstante fuer Waermefluss	1 s				
    (14)-Seat heater level current consumption allocation-Sitzheizung Regeltemperaturkorrektur bei Waermefluss	0.00 °C				
    Service position	133.197670 °				
    (1)-static AFS light-bei Rueckwaertsfahrt	OFF 				
    (2)-static AFS light-Vorschrift	OFF 				
    (3)-static AFS light-Lower speed threshold	0.0 km/h				
    (4)-static AFS light-Upper speed threshold	32.0 km/h				
    (5)-static AFS light-Steering wheel angle	 offset	-0.25 °			
    (6)-static AFS light-Unterer Lenkradwinkel	30 °				
    (7)-static AFS light-Oberer Lenkradwinkel	90 °				
    (8)-static AFS light-Abdimmgeschwindigkeit	50.0 %/s				
    (9)-static AFS light-Maximaltemperatur	100.0 °C				
    (10)-static AFS light-obere Grenztemperatur	95.0 °C				
    (11)-static AFS light-untere Grenztemperatur	80.0 °C				
    Transport mode	active 				
    (1)-Turn signal control-Warnblinken bei Verdeckentriegelung	not active 				
    (2)-Turn signal control-Komfortblinken Blinkzyklen	3				
    (3)-Turn signal control-Sonderfunktionen	not enabled 				
    (4)-Turn signal control-Signalprioritaet fuer Blinker	SMLS 				
    (5)-Turn signal control-Blinkkontrolleuchte fuer Anhaenger	separate 				
    (6)-Turn signal control-Warnblinktastersuchbeleuchtung Aktivierung	Always active 				
    (7)-Turn signal control-Komfortblinken	active 				
    (8)-Turn signal control-Warnblinktastersuchbeleuchtung Grundwert	1.0 %				
    (9)-Turn signal control-Warnblinktastersuchbeleuchtung Faktor	0.248 %				
    upper stop	166.197637 °				
    upper turn position	21.197781 °				
    (1)-Window heater-Temperaturabhaengige Einschaltzeit HSH	active 				
    (2)-Window heater-Temperaturabhaengige Einschaltzeit FSH	Default 				
    (3)-Window heater-Heckscheibenheizung Zeitwert	600 s				
    (4)-Window heater-Running time of heated front window	600 s				
    (5)-Window heater-Abschalttemperatur für Heckscheibenheizung	35.0 °C				
    (6)-Window heater-Abschalttemperatur für Frontscheibenheizung	35.0 °C				
    (1)-Windshield wiper-Anzahl Betaetigungen Frontwaschanlage pro SRA Aktivierung	8				
    (2)-Windshield wiper-SRA Verzoegerungszeit	1000 ms				
    (3)-Windshield wiper-SRA Waschzeit	1000 ms				
    (4)-Windshield wiper-SRA Einweichpausenzeit	1000 ms				
    (5)-Windshield wiper-SRA Nachwaschzeit	1000 ms				
    (6)-Windshield wiper-SRA Pausenzeit	1000 ms				
    (7)-Windshield wiper-SRA bei Waschwassermangel	active 				
    (8)-Windshield wiper-Frontwischer Referenzlauf	not active 				
    (9)-Windshield wiper-Variable Regensensoraktivierung	not active 				
    (10)-Windshield wiper-Wischer stop bei KL15 aus	not active 				
    (11)-Windshield wiper-Wischer abparken bei Oeffnen der Motorhaube	not active 				
    (12)-Windshield wiper-Regensensor aktivieren	deactive 				
    (13)-Windshield wiper-Menuesteuerung Frontwischer	not active 				
    (14)-Windshield wiper-Frontwischer Notlaufprogramm	active 				
    (15)-Windshield wiper-Tippwischen mit erhoehter Wischfrequenz	active 				
    (16)-Windshield wiper-Geschwindigkeitsabhaengige Wischstufenrueckschaltung	active 				
    (17)-Windshield wiper-Traenenwischen Front Status	active 				
    (18)-Windshield wiper-Adaptives Nachwischen bei SRA	active 				
    (19)-Windshield wiper-Wischer Stopp bei Oeffnen der Motorhaube	active 				
    (1)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-x0	0 ms				
    (2)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-X1	200 ms				
    (3)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-X2	400 ms				
    (4)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-X3	600 ms				
    (5)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-X4	800 ms				
    (6)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-X5	1000 ms				
    (7)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-X6	1200 ms				
    (8)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-x7	1400 ms				
    (9)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-x8	1600 ms				
    (10)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-x9	1800 ms				
    (11)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-x10	2000 ms				
    (12)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-y0	100.0 %				
    (13)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-Y1	100.0 %				
    (14)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-Y2	95.0 %				
    (15)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-Y3	80.0 %				
    (16)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-Y4	40.0 %				
    (17)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-Y5	20.0 %				
    (18)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-Y6	10.0 %				
    (19)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-y7	5.0 %				
    (20)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-y8	3.0 %				
    (21)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-y9	1.0 %				
    (22)-Innenbeleuchtung Abdimmen-y10	0.0 %				
    (1)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-x0	0				
    (2)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-X1	50				
    (3)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-X2	100				
    (4)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-X3	200				
    (5)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-X4	253				
    (6)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-X5	0				
    (7)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-X6	0				
    (8)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-x7	0				
    (9)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-x8	0				
    (10)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-x9	0				
    (11)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-x10	0				
    (12)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-y0	0 lx				
    (13)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-Y1	50 lx				
    (14)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-Y2	100 lx				
    (15)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-Y3	200 lx				
    (16)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-Y4	500 lx				
    (17)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-Y5	0 lx				
    (18)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-Y6	0 lx				
    (19)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-y7	0 lx				
    (20)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-y8	0 lx				
    (21)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-y9	0 lx				
    (22)-Innenbeleuchtung Fotosensor-y10	0 lx				
    (1)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-x0	0 ms				
    (2)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-X1	200 ms				
    (3)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-X2	400 ms				
    (4)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-X3	600 ms				
    (5)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-X4	800 ms				
    (6)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-X5	1000 ms				
    (7)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-X6	1200 ms				
    (8)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-x7	1400 ms				
    (9)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-x8	1600 ms				
    (10)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-x9	1800 ms				
    (11)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-x10	2000 ms				
    (12)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-y0	0.0 %				
    (13)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-Y1	1.0 %				
    (14)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-Y2	3.0 %				
    (15)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-Y3	5.0 %				
    (16)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-Y4	11.0 %				
    (17)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-Y5	22.0 %				
    (18)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-Y6	40.0 %				
    (19)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-y7	80.0 %				
    (20)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-y8	95.0 %				
    (21)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-y9	100.0 %				
    (22)-Innenbeleuchtung Hochdimmen-y10	100.0 %				
    (1)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd log Bus-x0	0.0 %				
    (2)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd log Bus-X1	6.0 %				
    (3)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd log Bus-X2	16.0 %				
    (4)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd log Bus-X3	30.0 %				
    (5)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd log Bus-X4	60.0 %				
    (6)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd log Bus-X5	100.0 %				
    (7)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd log Bus-y0	10				
    (8)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd log Bus-Y1	10				
    (9)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd log Bus-Y2	100				
    (10)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd log Bus-Y3	150				
    (11)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd log Bus-Y4	220				
    (12)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd log Bus-Y5	253				
    (1)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd max-x0	0 lx				
    (2)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd max-X1	8 lx				
    (3)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd max-X2	200 lx				
    (4)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd max-X3	300 lx				
    (5)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd max-X4	500 lx				
    (6)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd max-y0	16.0 %				
    (7)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd max-Y1	16.0 %				
    (8)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd max-Y2	100.0 %				
    (9)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd max-Y3	100.0 %				
    (10)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd max-Y4	100.0 %				
    (1)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd min-x0	0 lx				
    (2)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd min-X1	8 lx				
    (3)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd min-X2	220 lx				
    (4)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd min-X3	300 lx				
    (5)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd min-X4	500 lx				
    (6)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd min-y0	6.0 %				
    (7)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd min-Y1	6.0 %				
    (8)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd min-Y2	100.0 %				
    (9)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd min-Y3	100.0 %				
    (10)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd min-Y4	100.0 %				
    (1)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd PWM-x0	0				
    (2)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd PWM-X1	10				
    (3)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd PWM-X2	100				
    (4)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd PWM-X3	150				
    (5)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd PWM-X4	220				
    (6)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd PWM-X5	253				
    (7)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd PWM-y0	6.0 %				
    (8)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd PWM-Y1	6.0 %				
    (9)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd PWM-Y2	16.0 %				
    (10)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd PWM-Y3	30.0 %				
    (11)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd PWM-Y4	60.0 %				
    (12)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xd PWM-Y5	100.0 %				
    (1)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xs max-x0	0 lx				
    (2)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xs max-X1	8 lx				
    (3)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xs max-X2	50 lx				
    (4)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xs max-X3	500 lx				
    (5)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xs max-y0	100.0 %				
    (6)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xs max-Y1	100.0 %				
    (7)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xs max-Y2	100.0 %				
    (8)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xs max-Y3	100.0 %				
    (1)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xs PWM-x0	0.0 %				
    (2)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xs PWM-X1	50.0 %				
    (3)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xs PWM-X2	100.0 %				
    (4)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xs PWM-y0	0.0 %				
    (5)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xs PWM-Y1	50.0 %				
    (6)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xs PWM-Y2	100.0 %				
    (1)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt max-x0	0 lx				
    (2)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt max-X1	8 lx				
    (3)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt max-X2	50 lx				
    (4)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt max-X3	500 lx				
    (5)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt max-y0	100.0 %				
    (6)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt max-Y1	100.0 %				
    (7)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt max-Y2	100.0 %				
    (8)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt max-Y3	100.0 %				
    (1)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt min-x0	0 lx				
    (2)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt min-X1	8 lx				
    (3)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt min-X2	50 lx				
    (4)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt min-X3	500 lx				
    (5)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt min-y0	6.0 %				
    (6)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt min-Y1	6.0 %				
    (7)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt min-Y2	100.0 %				
    (8)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt min-Y3	100.0 %				
    (1)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt PWM-x0	0.0 %				
    (2)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt PWM-X1	50.0 %				
    (3)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt PWM-X2	100.0 %				
    (4)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt PWM-y0	0.0 %				
    (5)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt PWM-Y1	50.0 %				
    (6)-Innenbeleuchtung KL 58xt PWM-Y2	100.0 %				
    (1)-Innenbeleuchtung Tasterdimmung-Tasterdimmung x0	0 ms				
    (2)-Innenbeleuchtung Tasterdimmung-Tasterdimmung x1	2000 ms				
    (3)-Innenbeleuchtung Tasterdimmung-Tasterdimmung x2	3000 ms				
    (4)-Innenbeleuchtung Tasterdimmung-Tasterdimmung x3	4000 ms				
    (5)-Innenbeleuchtung Tasterdimmung-Tasterdimmung x4	5100 ms				
    (6)-Innenbeleuchtung Tasterdimmung-Tasterdimmung y0	1.0 %				
    (7)-Innenbeleuchtung Tasterdimmung-Tasterdimmung y1	5.0 				
    (8)-Innenbeleuchtung Tasterdimmung-Tasterdimmung y2	15.0 				
    (9)-Innenbeleuchtung Tasterdimmung-Tasterdimmung y3	40.0 				
    (10)-Innenbeleuchtung Tasterdimmung-Tasterdimmung y4	100.0 				
    (1)-InnenbeleuchtungKL 58xs min-x0	0 lx				
    (2)-InnenbeleuchtungKL 58xs min-X1	8 lx				
    (3)-InnenbeleuchtungKL 58xs min-X2	50 lx				
    (4)-InnenbeleuchtungKL 58xs min-X3	500 lx				
    (5)-InnenbeleuchtungKL 58xs min-y0	6.0 %				
    (6)-InnenbeleuchtungKL 58xs min-Y1	6.0 %				
    (7)-InnenbeleuchtungKL 58xs min-Y2	100.0 %				
    (8)-InnenbeleuchtungKL 58xs min-Y3	100.0 %				
    (1)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Lasttyp 0	12 - Blinkleuchten 				
    (2)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Lampendefektbit Position 0	34				
    (3)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 0	14				
    (4)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Lichtfunktion A 0	Blinken links Hellphase 				
    (5)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Lichtfunktion B 0	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Dimmwert AB 0	100				
    (7)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 0	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Lichtfunktion C 0	Blinken links Dunkelphase 				
    (9)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Lichtfunktion D 0	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Dimmwert CD 0	0				
    (11)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Dimming Direction CD 0	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Lichtfunktion E 0	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Lichtfunktion F 0	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Dimmwert EF 0	0				
    (15)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Dimming Direction EF 0	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Lichtfunktion G 0	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Lichtfunktion H 0	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Dimmwert GH 0	0				
    (19)-Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36-Dimming Direction GH 0	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Lasttyp 10	2 - Shutter	 Diagnosesensierung für 'LED low' 			
    (2)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Lampendefektbitposition 10	37				
    (3)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 10	1E  				
    (4)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Lichtfunktion A 10	Left high beam 				
    (5)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Lichtfunktion B 10	Lichthupe generell 				
    (6)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Dimmwert AB 10	100				
    (7)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 10	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Lichtfunktion C 10	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Lichtfunktion D 10	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Dimmwert CD 10	0				
    (11)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Dimming Direction CD 10	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Lichtfunktion E 10	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Lichtfunktion F 10	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Dimmwert EF 10	0				
    (15)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Dimming Direction EF 10	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Lichtfunktion G 10	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Lichtfunktion H 10	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Dimmwert GH 10	0				
    (19)-Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23-Dimming Direction GH 10	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Lasttyp 11	2 - Shutter	 Diagnosesensierung für 'LED low' 			
    (2)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Lampendefektbitposition 11	41				
    (3)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 11	1F  				
    (4)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Lichtfunktion A 11	Right high beam 				
    (5)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Lichtfunktion B 11	Lichthupe generell 				
    (6)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Dimmwert AB 11	100				
    (7)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 11	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Lichtfunktion C 11	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Lichtfunktion D 11	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Dimmwert CD 11	0				
    (11)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Dimming Direction CD 11	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Lichtfunktion E 11	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Lichtfunktion F 11	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Dimmwert EF 11	0				
    (15)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Dimming Direction EF 11	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Lichtfunktion G 11	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Lichtfunktion H 11	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Dimmwert GH 11	0				
    (19)-Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22-Dimming Direction GH 11	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Lasttyp 12	23 - allgemeine Scheinwerfer 				
    (2)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Lampendefektbitposition 12	38				
    (3)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 12	22				
    (4)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Lichtfunktion A 12	Nebellicht links 				
    (5)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Lichtfunktion B 12	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Dimmwert AB 12	100				
    (7)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 12	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Lichtfunktion C 12	Coming Home oder Leaving Home aktiv 				
    (9)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Lichtfunktion D 12	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Dimmwert CD 12	100				
    (11)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Dimming Direction CD 12	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Lichtfunktion E 12	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Lichtfunktion F 12	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Dimmwert EF 12	0				
    (15)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Dimming Direction EF 12	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Lichtfunktion G 12	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Lichtfunktion H 12	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Dimmwert GH 12	0				
    (19)-Leuchte12NL LB45-Dimming Direction GH 12	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Lasttyp 13	23 - allgemeine Scheinwerfer 				
    (2)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Lampendefektbitposition 13	42				
    (3)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 13	23				
    (4)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Lichtfunktion A 13	Nebellicht rechts 				
    (5)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Lichtfunktion B 13	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Dimmwert AB 13	100				
    (7)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 13	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Lichtfunktion C 13	Coming Home oder Leaving Home aktiv 				
    (9)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Lichtfunktion D 13	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Dimmwert CD 13	100				
    (11)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Dimming Direction CD 13	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Lichtfunktion E 13	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Lichtfunktion F 13	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Dimmwert EF 13	0				
    (15)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Dimming Direction EF 13	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Lichtfunktion G 13	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Lichtfunktion H 13	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Dimmwert GH 13	0				
    (19)-Leuchte13NL RB5-Dimming Direction GH 13	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Lasttyp 15	not active 				
    (2)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Lampendefektbitposition 15	0				
    (3)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 15	0				
    (4)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Lichtfunktion A 15	not active 				
    (5)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Lichtfunktion B 15	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Dimmwert AB 15	0				
    (7)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 15	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Lichtfunktion C 15	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Lichtfunktion D 15	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Dimmwert CD 15	0				
    (11)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Dimming Direction CD 15	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Lichtfunktion E 15	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Lichtfunktion F 15	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Dimmwert EF 15	0				
    (15)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Dimming Direction EF 15	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Lichtfunktion G 15	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Lichtfunktion H 15	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Dimmwert GH 15	0				
    (19)-Leuchte15AL RB44-Dimming Direction GH 15	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Lasttyp 16	38 - LED Blinkleuchten 				
    (2)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Lampendefektbitposition 16	8				
    (3)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 16	41				
    (4)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Lichtfunktion A 16	Blinken links Hellphase 				
    (5)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Lichtfunktion B 16	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Dimmwert AB 16	100				
    (7)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 16	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Lichtfunktion C 16	Blinken links Dunkelphase 				
    (9)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Lichtfunktion D 16	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Dimmwert CD 16	0				
    (11)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Dimming Direction CD 16	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Lichtfunktion E 16	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Lichtfunktion F 16	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Dimmwert EF 16	0				
    (15)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Dimming Direction EF 16	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Lichtfunktion G 16	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Lichtfunktion H 16	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Dimmwert GH 16	0				
    (19)-Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Dimming Direction GH 16	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Lasttyp 17	38 - LED Blinkleuchten 				
    (2)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Lampendefektbitposition 17	18				
    (3)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 17	42				
    (4)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Lichtfunktion A 17	Blinken rechts Hellphase 				
    (5)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Lichtfunktion B 17	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Dimmwert AB 17	100				
    (7)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 17	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Lichtfunktion C 17	Blinken rechts Dunkelphase 				
    (9)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Lichtfunktion D 17	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Dimmwert CD 17	0				
    (11)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Dimming Direction CD 17	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Lichtfunktion E 17	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Lichtfunktion F 17	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Dimmwert EF 17	0				
    (15)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Dimming Direction EF 17	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Lichtfunktion G 17	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Lichtfunktion H 17	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Dimmwert GH 17	0				
    (19)-Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Dimming Direction GH 17	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Lasttyp 18	38 - LED Blinkleuchten 				
    (2)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Lampendefektbitposition 18	8				
    (3)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 18	16				
    (4)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Lichtfunktion A 18	Blinken links Hellphase 				
    (5)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Lichtfunktion B 18	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Dimmwert AB 18	100				
    (7)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 18	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Lichtfunktion C 18	Blinken links Dunkelphase 				
    (9)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Lichtfunktion D 18	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Dimmwert CD 18	0				
    (11)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Dimming Direction CD 18	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Lichtfunktion E 18	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Lichtfunktion F 18	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Dimmwert EF 18	0				
    (15)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Dimming Direction EF 18	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Lichtfunktion G 18	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Lichtfunktion H 18	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Dimmwert GH 18	0				
    (19)-Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Dimming Direction GH 18	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Lasttyp 19	38 - LED Blinkleuchten 				
    (2)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Lampendefektbitposition 19	18				
    (3)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 19	18				
    (4)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Lichtfunktion A 19	Blinken rechts Hellphase 				
    (5)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Lichtfunktion B 19	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Dimmwert AB 19	100				
    (7)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 19	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Lichtfunktion C 19	Blinken rechts Dunkelphase 				
    (9)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Lichtfunktion D 19	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Dimmwert CD 19	0				
    (11)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Dimming Direction CD 19	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Lichtfunktion E 19	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Lichtfunktion F 19	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Dimmwert EF 19	0				
    (15)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Dimming Direction EF 19	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Lichtfunktion G 19	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Lichtfunktion H 19	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Dimmwert GH 19	0				
    (19)-Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Dimming Direction GH 19	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Lasttyp 1	12 - Blinkleuchten 				
    (2)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Lampendefektbitposition 1	3E  				
    (3)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 1	15				
    (4)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Lichtfunktion A 1	Blinken rechts Hellphase 				
    (5)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Lichtfunktion B 1	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Dimmwert AB 1	100				
    (7)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 1	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Lichtfunktion C 1	Blinken rechts Dunkelphase 				
    (9)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Lichtfunktion D 1	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Dimmwert CD 1	0				
    (11)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Dimming Direction CD 1	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Lichtfunktion E 1	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Lichtfunktion F 1	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Dimmwert EF 1	0				
    (15)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Dimming Direction EF 1	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Lichtfunktion G 1	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Lichtfunktion H 1	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Dimmwert GH 1	0				
    (19)-Leuchte1BLK VRB20-Dimming Direction GH 1	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Lasttyp 20	39 - LED Bremsleuchten 				
    (2)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Lampendefektbitposition 20	9				
    (3)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 20	2B  				
    (4)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Lichtfunktion A 20	Brake light 				
    (5)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Lichtfunktion B 20	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Dimmwert AB 20	100				
    (7)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 20	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Lichtfunktion C 20	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Lichtfunktion D 20	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Dimmwert CD 20	0				
    (11)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Dimming Direction CD 20	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Lichtfunktion E 20	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Lichtfunktion F 20	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Dimmwert EF 20	0				
    (15)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Dimming Direction EF 20	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Lichtfunktion G 20	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Lichtfunktion H 20	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Dimmwert GH 20	0				
    (19)-Leuchte20BR LA71-Dimming Direction GH 20	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Lasttyp 21	39 - LED Bremsleuchten 				
    (2)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Lampendefektbitposition 21	19				
    (3)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 21	2D  				
    (4)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Lichtfunktion A 21	Brake light 				
    (5)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Lichtfunktion B 21	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Dimmwert AB 21	100				
    (7)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 21	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Lichtfunktion C 21	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Lichtfunktion D 21	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Dimmwert CD 21	0				
    (11)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Dimming Direction CD 21	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Lichtfunktion E 21	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Lichtfunktion F 21	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Dimmwert EF 21	0				
    (15)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Dimming Direction EF 21	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Lichtfunktion G 21	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Lichtfunktion H 21	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Dimmwert GH 21	0				
    (19)-Leuchte21BR RC8-Dimming Direction GH 21	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Lasttyp 22	42 - LED dritte Bremsleuchte 				
    (2)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Lampendefektbitposition 22	29				
    (3)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 22	2C  				
    (4)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Lichtfunktion A 22	Brake light 				
    (5)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Lichtfunktion B 22	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Dimmwert AB 22	100				
    (7)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 22	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Lichtfunktion C 22	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Lichtfunktion D 22	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Dimmwert CD 22	0				
    (11)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Dimming Direction CD 22	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Lichtfunktion E 22	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Lichtfunktion F 22	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Dimmwert EF 22	0				
    (15)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Dimming Direction EF 22	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Lichtfunktion G 22	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Lichtfunktion H 22	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Dimmwert GH 22	0				
    (19)-Leuchte22BR MA57-Dimming Direction GH 22	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Lasttyp 23	37 - allgemeine LED bis 12W 				
    (2)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Lampendefektbitposition 23	0A  				
    (3)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 23	29				
    (4)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Lichtfunktion A 23	Standlicht allgemein (Schlusslicht	 Positionslicht	 Begrenzungslicht) 		
    (5)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Lichtfunktion B 23	Coming Home oder Leaving Home aktiv 				
    (6)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Dimmwert AB 23	100				
    (7)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 23	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Lichtfunktion C 23	Parklicht links (beidseitiges Parklicht aktiviert li & re) 				
    (9)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Lichtfunktion D 23	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Dimmwert CD 23	100				
    (11)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Dimming Direction CD 23	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Lichtfunktion E 23	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Lichtfunktion F 23	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Dimmwert EF 23	0				
    (15)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Dimming Direction EF 23	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Lichtfunktion G 23	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Lichtfunktion H 23	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Dimmwert GH 23	0				
    (19)-Leuchte23SL HLC10-Dimming Direction GH 23	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Lasttyp 24	37 - allgemeine LED bis 12W 				
    (2)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Lampendefektbitposition 24	1A  				
    (3)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 24	2A  				
    (4)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Lichtfunktion A 24	Standlicht allgemein (Schlusslicht	 Positionslicht	 Begrenzungslicht) 		
    (5)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Lichtfunktion B 24	Coming Home oder Leaving Home aktiv 				
    (6)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Dimmwert AB 24	100				
    (7)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 24	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Lichtfunktion C 24	Parking light right 				
    (9)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Lichtfunktion D 24	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Dimmwert CD 24	100				
    (11)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Dimming Direction CD 24	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Lichtfunktion E 24	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Lichtfunktion F 24	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Dimmwert EF 24	0				
    (15)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Dimming Direction EF 24	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Lichtfunktion G 24	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Lichtfunktion H 24	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Dimmwert GH 24	0				
    (19)-Leuchte24SL HRA65-Dimming Direction GH 24	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Lasttyp 25	43 - allgemeine LED 				
    (2)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Lampendefektbitposition 25	28				
    (3)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 25	30				
    (4)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Lichtfunktion A 25	Standlicht allgemein (Schlusslicht	 Positionslicht	 Begrenzungslicht) 		
    (5)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Lichtfunktion B 25	Coming Home oder Leaving Home aktiv 				
    (6)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Dimmwert AB 25	100				
    (7)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 25	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Lichtfunktion C 25	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Lichtfunktion D 25	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Dimmwert CD 25	0				
    (11)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Dimming Direction CD 25	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Lichtfunktion E 25	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Lichtfunktion F 25	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Dimmwert EF 25	0				
    (15)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Dimming Direction EF 25	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Lichtfunktion G 25	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Lichtfunktion H 25	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Dimmwert GH 25	0				
    (19)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Dimming Direction GH 25	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Lasttyp 26	9 - allgemeine Glühlampe 27W	 auch H15 			
    (2)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Lampendefektbitposition 26	0C  				
    (3)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 26	2E  				
    (4)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Lichtfunktion A 26	Nebelschlusslicht wenn kein Anhaenger gesteckt 				
    (5)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Lichtfunktion B 26	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Dimmwert AB 26	100				
    (7)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 26	only_if_closed 				
    (8)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Lichtfunktion C 26	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Lichtfunktion D 26	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Dimmwert CD 26	0				
    (11)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Dimming Direction CD 26	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Lichtfunktion E 26	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Lichtfunktion F 26	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Dimmwert EF 26	0				
    (15)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Dimming Direction EF 26	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Lichtfunktion G 26	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Lichtfunktion H 26	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Dimmwert GH 26	0				
    (19)-Leuchte26NSL LA72-Dimming Direction GH 26	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Lasttyp 27	9 - allgemeine Glühlampe 27W	 auch H15 			
    (2)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Lampendefektbitposition 27	1C  				
    (3)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 27	2F  				
    (4)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Lichtfunktion A 27	Nebelschlusslicht wenn kein Anhaenger gesteckt 				
    (5)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Lichtfunktion B 27	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Dimmwert AB 27	100				
    (7)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 27	only_if_closed 				
    (8)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Lichtfunktion C 27	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Lichtfunktion D 27	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Dimmwert CD 27	0				
    (11)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Dimming Direction CD 27	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Lichtfunktion E 27	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Lichtfunktion F 27	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Dimmwert EF 27	0				
    (15)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Dimming Direction EF 27	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Lichtfunktion G 27	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Lichtfunktion H 27	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Dimmwert GH 27	0				
    (19)-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Dimming Direction GH 27	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lasttyp 28	8 - allgemeine Glühlampe 12W 				
    (2)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lampendefektbitposition 28	0B  				
    (3)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 28	31				
    (4)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lichtfunktion A 28	Rueckfahrlicht 				
    (5)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lichtfunktion B 28	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Dimmwert AB 28	100				
    (7)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 28	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lichtfunktion C 28	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lichtfunktion D 28	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Dimmwert CD 28	0				
    (11)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Dimming Direction CD 28	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lichtfunktion E 28	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lichtfunktion F 28	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Dimmwert EF 28	0				
    (15)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Dimming Direction EF 28	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lichtfunktion G 28	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lichtfunktion H 28	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Dimmwert GH 28	0				
    (19)-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Dimming Direction GH 28	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Lasttyp 29	8 - allgemeine Glühlampe 12W 				
    (2)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Lampendefektbitposition 29	1B  				
    (3)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 29	32				
    (4)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Lichtfunktion A 29	Rueckfahrlicht 				
    (5)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Lichtfunktion B 29	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Dimmwert AB 29	100				
    (7)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 29	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Lichtfunktion C 29	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Lichtfunktion D 29	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Dimmwert CD 29	0				
    (11)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Dimming Direction CD 29	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Lichtfunktion E 29	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Lichtfunktion F 29	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Dimmwert EF 29	0				
    (15)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Dimming Direction EF 29	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Lichtfunktion G 29	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Lichtfunktion H 29	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Dimmwert GH 29	0				
    (19)-Leuchte29RFL RA64-Dimming Direction GH 29	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Lasttyp 2	4 - LED Tagfahrlichtmodul Signal 				
    (2)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Lampendefektbitposition 2	48				
    (3)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 2	4A  				
    (4)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Lichtfunktion A 2	Standlicht allgemein (Schlusslicht	 Positionslicht	 Begrenzungslicht) 		
    (5)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Lichtfunktion B 2	Parklicht links (beidseitiges Parklicht aktiviert li & re) 				
    (6)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Dimmwert AB 2	30				
    (7)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 2	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Lichtfunktion C 2	Coming Home oder Leaving Home aktiv 				
    (9)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Lichtfunktion D 2	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Dimmwert CD 2	30				
    (11)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Dimming Direction CD 2	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Lichtfunktion E 2	Daytime running lights 				
    (13)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Lichtfunktion F 2	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Dimmwert EF 2	100				
    (15)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Dimming Direction EF 2	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Lichtfunktion G 2	Blinken links aktiv (beide Phasen) 				
    (17)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Lichtfunktion H 2	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Dimmwert GH 2	30				
    (19)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Dimming Direction GH 2	minimize 				
    (1)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lasttyp 30	46 - LED Kleinleistung 				
    (2)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lampendefektbitposition 30	0				
    (3)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 30	2				
    (4)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion A 30	Footwell light 				
    (5)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion B 30	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Dimmwert AB 30	100				
    (7)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 30	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion C 30	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion D 30	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Dimmwert CD 30	0				
    (11)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Dimming Direction CD 30	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion E 30	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion F 30	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Dimmwert EF 30	0				
    (15)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Dimming Direction EF 30	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion G 30	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion H 30	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Dimmwert GH 30	0				
    (19)-Leuchte30FR LC72-Dimming Direction GH 30	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Lasttyp 31	not active 				
    (2)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Lampendefektbitposition 31	0				
    (3)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 31	3				
    (4)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Lichtfunktion A 31	Ambientelicht 1 				
    (5)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Lichtfunktion B 31	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Dimmwert AB 31	100				
    (7)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 31	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Lichtfunktion C 31	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Lichtfunktion D 31	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Dimmwert CD 31	0				
    (11)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Dimming Direction CD 31	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Lichtfunktion E 31	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Lichtfunktion F 31	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Dimmwert EF 31	0				
    (15)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Dimming Direction EF 31	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Lichtfunktion G 31	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Lichtfunktion H 31	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Dimmwert GH 31	0				
    (19)-Leuchte31AMBL 1C61-Dimming Direction GH 31	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Lasttyp 32	not active 				
    (2)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Lampendefektbitposition 32	0				
    (3)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 32	4				
    (4)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Lichtfunktion A 32	Ambientelicht 2 				
    (5)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Lichtfunktion B 32	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Dimmwert AB 32	100				
    (7)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 32	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Lichtfunktion C 32	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Lichtfunktion D 32	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Dimmwert CD 32	0				
    (11)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Dimming Direction CD 32	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Lichtfunktion E 32	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Lichtfunktion F 32	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Dimmwert EF 32	0				
    (15)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Dimming Direction EF 32	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Lichtfunktion G 32	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Lichtfunktion H 32	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Dimmwert GH 32	0				
    (19)-Leuchte32AMBL 2C35-Dimming Direction GH 32	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Lasttyp 33	not active 				
    (2)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Lampendefektbitposition 33	0				
    (3)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 33	5				
    (4)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Lichtfunktion A 33	Ambientelicht 3 				
    (5)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Lichtfunktion B 33	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Dimmwert AB 33	100				
    (7)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 33	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Lichtfunktion C 33	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Lichtfunktion D 33	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Dimmwert CD 33	0				
    (11)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Dimming Direction CD 33	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Lichtfunktion E 33	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Lichtfunktion F 33	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Dimmwert EF 33	0				
    (15)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Dimming Direction EF 33	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Lichtfunktion G 33	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Lichtfunktion H 33	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Dimmwert GH 33	0				
    (19)-Leuchte33AMBL 3C36-Dimming Direction GH 33	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Lasttyp 34	not active 				
    (2)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Lampendefektbitposition 34	0				
    (3)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 34	6				
    (4)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Lichtfunktion A 34	Ambientelicht 4 				
    (5)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Lichtfunktion B 34	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Dimmwert AB 34	100				
    (7)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 34	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Lichtfunktion C 34	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Lichtfunktion D 34	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Dimmwert CD 34	0				
    (11)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Dimming Direction CD 34	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Lichtfunktion E 34	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Lichtfunktion F 34	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Dimmwert EF 34	0				
    (15)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Dimming Direction EF 34	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Lichtfunktion G 34	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Lichtfunktion H 34	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Dimmwert GH 34	0				
    (19)-Leuchte34AMBL 4C37-Dimming Direction GH 34	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Lasttyp 3	4 - LED Tagfahrlichtmodul Signal 				
    (2)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Lampendefektbitposition 3	4C  				
    (3)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 3	4C  				
    (4)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Lichtfunktion A 3	Standlicht allgemein (Schlusslicht	 Positionslicht	 Begrenzungslicht) 		
    (5)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Lichtfunktion B 3	Parking light right 				
    (6)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Dimmwert AB 3	30				
    (7)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 3	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Lichtfunktion C 3	Coming Home oder Leaving Home aktiv 				
    (9)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Lichtfunktion D 3	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Dimmwert CD 3	30				
    (11)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Dimming Direction CD 3	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Lichtfunktion E 3	Daytime running lights 				
    (13)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Lichtfunktion F 3	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Dimmwert EF 3	100				
    (15)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Dimming Direction EF 3	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Lichtfunktion G 3	Blinken rechts aktiv (beide Phasen) 				
    (17)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Lichtfunktion H 3	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Dimmwert GH 3	30				
    (19)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Dimming Direction GH 3	minimize 				
    (1)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Lasttyp 4	1 - LED Tagfahrlichtmodul Versorgung 				
    (2)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Lampendefektbitposition 4	48				
    (3)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 4	49				
    (4)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Lichtfunktion A 4	Daytime running lights 				
    (5)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Lichtfunktion B 4	Standlicht allgemein (Schlusslicht	 Positionslicht	 Begrenzungslicht) 		
    (6)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Dimmwert AB 4	100				
    (7)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 4	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Lichtfunktion C 4	Coming Home oder Leaving Home aktiv 				
    (9)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Lichtfunktion D 4	Parklicht links (beidseitiges Parklicht aktiviert li & re) 				
    (10)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Dimmwert CD 4	100				
    (11)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Dimming Direction CD 4	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Lichtfunktion E 4	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Lichtfunktion F 4	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Dimmwert EF 4	0				
    (15)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Dimming Direction EF 4	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Lichtfunktion G 4	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Lichtfunktion H 4	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Dimmwert GH 4	0				
    (19)-Leuchte4TFL LB4-Dimming Direction GH 4	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Lasttyp 5	1 - LED Tagfahrlichtmodul Versorgung 				
    (2)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Lampendefektbitposition 5	4C  				
    (3)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 5	4B  				
    (4)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Lichtfunktion A 5	Daytime running lights 				
    (5)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Lichtfunktion B 5	Standlicht allgemein (Schlusslicht	 Positionslicht	 Begrenzungslicht) 		
    (6)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Dimmwert AB 5	100				
    (7)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 5	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Lichtfunktion C 5	Coming Home oder Leaving Home aktiv 				
    (9)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Lichtfunktion D 5	Parking light right 				
    (10)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Dimmwert CD 5	100				
    (11)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Dimming Direction CD 5	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Lichtfunktion E 5	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Lichtfunktion F 5	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Dimmwert EF 5	0				
    (15)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Dimming Direction EF 5	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Lichtfunktion G 5	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Lichtfunktion H 5	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Dimmwert GH 5	0				
    (19)-Leuchte5 TFL RB32-Dimming Direction GH 5	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Lasttyp 6	3 - Xenon Abblendlicht 				
    (2)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Lampendefektbitposition 6	49				
    (3)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 6	1A  				
    (4)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Lichtfunktion A 6	Abblendlicht links 				
    (5)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Lichtfunktion B 6	Lichthupe generell 				
    (6)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Dimmwert AB 6	127				
    (7)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 6	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Lichtfunktion C 6	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Lichtfunktion D 6	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Dimmwert CD 6	0				
    (11)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Dimming Direction CD 6	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Lichtfunktion E 6	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Lichtfunktion F 6	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Dimmwert EF 6	0				
    (15)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Dimming Direction EF 6	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Lichtfunktion G 6	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Lichtfunktion H 6	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Dimmwert GH 6	0				
    (19)-Leuchte6ABL LC5-Dimming Direction GH 6	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Lasttyp 7	3 - Xenon Abblendlicht 				
    (2)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Lampendefektbitposition 7	4D  				
    (3)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 7	1B  				
    (4)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Lichtfunktion A 7	Abblendlicht rechts 				
    (5)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Lichtfunktion B 7	Lichthupe generell 				
    (6)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Dimmwert AB 7	127				
    (7)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 7	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Lichtfunktion C 7	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Lichtfunktion D 7	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Dimmwert CD 7	0				
    (11)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Dimming Direction CD 7	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Lichtfunktion E 7	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Lichtfunktion F 7	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Dimmwert EF 7	0				
    (15)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Dimming Direction EF 7	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Lichtfunktion G 7	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Lichtfunktion H 7	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Dimmwert GH 7	0				
    (19)-Leuchte7ABL RB1-Dimming Direction GH 7	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Lasttyp 8	46 - LED Kleinleistung 				
    (2)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Lampendefektbitposition 8	0				
    (3)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 8	3				
    (4)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Lichtfunktion A 8	Ambientelicht 1 				
    (5)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Lichtfunktion B 8	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Dimmwert AB 8	100				
    (7)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 8	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Lichtfunktion C 8	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Lichtfunktion D 8	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Dimmwert CD 8	0				
    (11)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Dimming Direction CD 8	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Lichtfunktion E 8	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Lichtfunktion F 8	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Dimmwert EF 8	0				
    (15)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Dimming Direction EF 8	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Lichtfunktion G 8	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Lichtfunktion H 8	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Dimmwert GH 8	0				
    (19)-Leuchte8FL LB39-Dimming Direction GH 8	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Lasttyp 9	46 - LED Kleinleistung 				
    (2)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Lampendefektbitposition 9	0				
    (3)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 9	4				
    (4)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Lichtfunktion A 9	Ambientelicht 2 				
    (5)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Lichtfunktion B 9	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Dimmwert AB 9	100				
    (7)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 9	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Lichtfunktion C 9	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Lichtfunktion D 9	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Dimmwert CD 9	0				
    (11)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Dimming Direction CD 9	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Lichtfunktion E 9	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Lichtfunktion F 9	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Dimmwert EF 9	0				
    (15)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Dimming Direction EF 9	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Lichtfunktion G 9	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Lichtfunktion H 9	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Dimmwert GH 9	0				
    (19)-Leuchte9FL RB2-Dimming Direction GH 9	maximize 				
    (1)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Lasttyp 14	not active 				
    (2)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Lampendefektbitposition 14	0				
    (3)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 14	0				
    (4)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Lichtfunktion A 14	not active 				
    (5)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Lichtfunktion B 14	not active 				
    (6)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Dimmwert AB 14	0				
    (7)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 14	Always 				
    (8)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Lichtfunktion C 14	not active 				
    (9)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Lichtfunktion D 14	not active 				
    (10)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Dimmwert CD 14	0				
    (11)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Dimming Direction CD 14	maximize 				
    (12)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Lichtfunktion E 14	not active 				
    (13)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Lichtfunktion F 14	not active 				
    (14)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Dimmwert EF 14	0				
    (15)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Dimming Direction EF 14	maximize 				
    (16)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Lichtfunktion G 14	not active 				
    (17)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Lichtfunktion H 14	not active 				
    (18)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Dimmwert GH 14	0				
    (19)-Leuchten14AL LB6-Dimming Direction GH 14	maximize 				
    (1)-LuB Lichtrouter Kennlinie 1-x0	0.0 %				
    (2)-LuB Lichtrouter Kennlinie 1-X1	5.0 %				
    (3)-LuB Lichtrouter Kennlinie 1-X2	50.0 %				
    (4)-LuB Lichtrouter Kennlinie 1-X3	75.0 %				
    (5)-LuB Lichtrouter Kennlinie 1-X4	110.0 %				
    (6)-LuB Lichtrouter Kennlinie 1-X5	126.5 %				
    (7)-LuB Lichtrouter Kennlinie 1-y0	0.0 %				
    (8)-LuB Lichtrouter Kennlinie 1-Y1	6.0 %				
    (9)-LuB Lichtrouter Kennlinie 1-Y2	16.0 %				
    (10)-LuB Lichtrouter Kennlinie 1-Y3	30.0 %				
    (11)-LuB Lichtrouter Kennlinie 1-Y4	60.0 %				
    (12)-LuB Lichtrouter Kennlinie 1-Y5	100.0 %
    	SW:8V0-953-521-C   HW:5Q0-953-549-A ---  Steering wheel				
    	Component:Lenks. Modul  007 0070	 Coding:AE08			
    	Tuesday	8	July	2014	23:01:40:14849
    	VCDS Version: Beta 14.7.0  Data version: 20140601				
    	VCID: 3A7D430BBD6598EA61-806F				
    p_s_NWDF_spg	OFF 				
    p_t_blinker_entprellen	40 ms				
    p_t_blinker_err_el_kurzschluss	200 ms				
    p_t_blinker_err_el_unterbrechung	1000 ms				
    p_t_blinker_err_fernlicht_haengt_aus	5000 ms				
    p_t_blinker_err_fernlicht_haengt_ein	300 s				
    p_t_blinker_err_gra_haengt_aus	5000 ms				
    p_t_blinker_err_gra_haengt_ein	300 s				
    p_t_blinker_err_lichthupe_haengt_aus	5000 ms				
    p_t_blinker_err_lichthupe_haengt_ein	300 s				
    p_t_blinker_err_unplausibel	200 ms				
    p_t_blinker_gra_entprellen	40 ms				
    p_t_blinker_sperrzeit	100 ms				
    p_t_entprellzeit_ueberspannung	90000 ms				
    p_t_entprellzeit_unterspannung	90000 ms				
    p_t_fas_entprellen	40 ms				
    p_t_gra_ea_error	200 ms				
    p_t_grahebel_entprellen	40 ms				
    p_t_grahebel_err_el_kurzschluss	200 ms				
    p_t_grahebel_err_el_unterbrechung	1000 ms				
    p_t_grahebel_err_gra_haengt_aus	5000 ms				
    p_t_grahebel_err_gra_haengt_ein	300 s				
    p_t_grahebel_err_unplausibel	200 ms				
    p_t_hupe_entprellen	40 ms				
    p_t_hupe_err_hinweis	2000 ms				
    p_t_hupe_err_hupe_haengt_aus	5000 ms				
    p_t_hupe_err_hupe_haengt_ein	60 s				
    p_t_hupe_indien_entprellen	500 ms				
    p_t_spannung_obere_schwelle	16.5 V				
    p_t_spannung_untere_schwelle	8.5 V				
    p_t_wischer_entprellen	40 ms				
    p_t_wischer_err_el_kurzschluss	200 ms				
    p_t_wischer_err_el_unterbrechung	1000 ms				
    p_t_wischer_err_intervallpoti_haengt_aus	5000 ms				
    p_t_wischer_err_intervallpoti_haengt_ein	300 s				
    p_t_wischer_err_mfa_haengt_aus	5000 ms				
    p_t_wischer_err_mfa_haengt_ein	300 s				
    p_t_wischer_err_waschen_haengt_aus	5000 ms				
    p_t_wischer_err_waschen_haengt_ein	300 s				
    p_t_wischer_err_wischen_haengt_aus	5000 ms				
    p_t_wischer_err_wischen_haengt_ein	300 s				
    p_t_wischer_intervall_entprellen	40 ms				
    p_t_wischer_winterstellung	60 s
    	SW:8V0-920-870-B   HW:8V0-920-870-B ---  Instruments				
    	Component:KOMBI         H24 0570	 Coding:07A40A002A80000804006800000000			
    	EV_DashBoardVDDMQBAB	8026	EV_DashBoardVDDMQBAB_AU37.rod		
    	Tuesday	8	July	2014	23:02:34:14849
    	VCDS Version: Beta 14.7.0  Data version: 20140601				
    	VCID: 3A7D430BBD6598EA61-806F				
    Activating and deactivating all development messages	not active 				
    Cylinder shut-off	No display 				
    Day	8 d				
    Day counter	434 d				
    Deactivate seat belt warning	No 				
    Digital speedometer	Display 				
    Display correction of consumption and operating range	 gas	100 %			
    Display correction of consumptions and operating range	100 %				
    Display depiction	Not available 				
    Distance	20515 km				
    Driving profiled for range remaining	4.7 l/100km				
    ESI: Distance driven from inspection	20517 km				
    ESI: Maximum value km-driving distance/inspection	30000 km				
    ESI: Maximum value of time between inspections	730 d				
    ESI: Minimum value km-driving distance/inspection	15000 km				
    ESI: Minimum value of time between inspections	730 d				
    ESI: Oil quality	good oil quality 				
    ESI: Resetting ESI	no warning 				
    ESI: Soot entry	11300 km				
    ESI: Time from inspection	435 d				
    FIX: Distance covered since last mileage-dependent inspection	20500 km				
    FIX: Maximum time until next time-dependent inspection	730 d				
    FIX: Reset value for next mileage-dependent inspection	30000 km				
    FIX: Reset value for next mileage-dependent inspections	1095 d				
    FIX: Time since last time-dependent inspection	435 d				
    Fix:Max. distance until next mileage-related inspection	30000 km				
    Hour	23 H				
    Ignition active message	 actuator	Driver door 			
    Language version	Italian 				
    Minute	1 min				
    Month	7 mon				
    (1)-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 1	-12.8 l				
    (2)-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 2	12.7 l				
    (3)-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 3	12.7 l				
    (4)-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 4	12.7 l				
    (5)-Offset for tank calibration values-Complete tank calibration	-12.8 l				
    Roller test bench mode	 functional	not activated 			
    Service notification in days	30 d				
    (1)-Service-key settings-p_write_delay_time	40 s				
    (2)-Service-key settings-p_write_delay_speed	20 km/h				
    (3)-Service-key settings-p_write_distance	20 km				
    (4)-Service-key settings-p_forcewrite_qual_time	10 s				
    (5)-Service-key settings-p_main_switch_keyless	On 				
    (6)-Service-key settings-p_main_switch_Basic	On 				
    (7)-Service-key settings-p_deactivate_SK_Function	On 				
    SIA: maximum value of distance to service	15000 km				
    SIA: Maximum value of timet o service	365 d				
    SIE: thermal load	14600 km				
    Source for synchronization of time	GPS 				
    (1)-Speed warning-	active 				
    (2)-Speed warning-Unit	Kilometers per hour 				
    (3)-Speed warning-Speed	140				
    (1)-Units adjusted-Temperature	Degrees Celsius 				
    (2)-Units adjusted-Distance	Kilometers 				
    (3)-Units adjusted-Speed	Kilometers per hour 				
    (4)-Units adjusted-Pressure	bar 				
    (5)-Units adjusted-Volume	Liter 				
    (6)-Units adjusted-Time	24h 				
    (7)-Units adjusted-Date	dd_mm_yy 				
    (8)-Units adjusted-Consumption gasoline / diesel - LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)	Kilometers per liter 				
    (9)-Units adjusted-Operating range consumption	 CNG (compressed natural gas)	kg per 100 km 			
    (10)-Units adjusted-Average consumption	 electric drive	kWh per 100 km 			
    Vehicle Positioning System Interface Control Module	not installed 				
    Year	2014 yr				
    (1)-Total operating range gas-State	active 				
    (2)-Total operating range gas-selection_consumption_factor	consumption_factor_CAN 				
    (3)-Total operating range gas-consumption_profile	consumption_profile_calculation 				
    (4)-Total operating range gas-consumption_factor	0				
    BAP_Debug_Mode_Release	not_released 				
    (1)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 1	OFF 				
    (2)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 2	OFF 				
    (3)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 3	OFF 				
    (4)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 4	OFF 				
    (5)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 5	OFF 				
    (6)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 6	OFF 				
    (7)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 7	OFF 				
    (8)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 8	OFF 				
    (9)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 9	OFF 				
    (10)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 10	OFF 				
    (11)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 11	OFF 				
    (12)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 12	OFF 				
    (13)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 13	OFF 				
    (14)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 14	OFF 				
    (15)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 15	OFF 				
    (16)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 16	OFF 				
    (17)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 17	OFF 				
    (18)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 18	OFF 				
    (19)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 19	OFF 				
    (20)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 20	OFF 				
    (21)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 21	OFF 				
    (22)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 22	OFF 				
    (23)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 23	OFF 				
    (24)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 24	OFF 				
    (25)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 25	OFF 				
    (26)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 26	OFF 				
    (27)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 27	OFF 				
    (28)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 28	OFF 				
    (29)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 29	OFF 				
    (30)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 30	OFF 				
    (31)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 31	OFF 				
    (32)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 32	OFF 				
    (33)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 33	OFF 				
    (34)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 34	OFF 				
    (35)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 35	OFF 				
    (36)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 36	OFF 				
    (37)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 37	OFF 				
    (38)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 38	OFF 				
    (39)-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 39	OFF 				
    defuel_threshold	45 l				
    (1)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_annulus_ACC-X1	0				
    (2)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_annulus_ACC-Y1	2				
    (3)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_annulus_ACC-X2	0A  				
    (4)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_annulus_ACC-Y2	2				
    (5)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_annulus_ACC-X3	64				
    (6)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_annulus_ACC-Y3	10				
    (7)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_annulus_ACC-X4	96				
    (8)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_annulus_ACC-Y4	1E  				
    (9)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_annulus_ACC-X5	DC  				
    (10)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_annulus_ACC-Y5	3C  				
    (11)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_annulus_ACC-X6	FD  				
    (12)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_annulus_ACC-Y6	64				
    (1)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-X1	0				
    (2)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-Y1	2				
    (3)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-X2	0A  				
    (4)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-Y2	2				
    (5)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-X3	64				
    (6)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-Y3	10				
    (7)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-X4	96				
    (8)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-Y4	1E  				
    (9)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-X5	DC  				
    (10)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-Y5	3C  				
    (11)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-X6	FD  				
    (12)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-Y6	64				
    (1)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_speed_setting_ACC-X1	0				
    (2)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_speed_setting_ACC-Y1	2				
    (3)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_speed_setting_ACC-X2	0A  				
    (4)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_speed_setting_ACC-Y2	2				
    (5)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_speed_setting_ACC-X3	64				
    (6)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_speed_setting_ACC-Y3	10				
    (7)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_speed_setting_ACC-X4	96				
    (8)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_speed_setting_ACC-Y4	1E  				
    (9)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_speed_setting_ACC-X5	DC  				
    (10)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_speed_setting_ACC-Y5	3C  				
    (11)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_speed_setting_ACC-X6	FD  				
    (12)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_speed_setting_ACC-Y6	64				
    (1)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X1	0				
    (2)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y1	0				
    (3)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X2	6E  				
    (4)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y2	0				
    (5)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X3	82				
    (6)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y3	5				
    (7)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X4	96				
    (8)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y4	14				
    (9)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X5	AA  				
    (10)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y5	50				
    (11)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X6	FD  				
    (12)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y6	64				
    (1)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X1	0				
    (2)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y1	3				
    (3)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X2	0A  				
    (4)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y2	3				
    (5)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X3	64				
    (6)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y3	28				
    (7)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X4	96				
    (8)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y4	41				
    (9)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X5	DC  				
    (10)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y5	5F  				
    (11)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X6	FD  				
    (12)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y6	64				
    (1)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X1	0				
    (2)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y1	8				
    (3)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X2	0A  				
    (4)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y2	8				
    (5)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X3	64				
    (6)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y3	64				
    (7)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X4	96				
    (8)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y4	64				
    (9)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X5	DC  				
    (10)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y5	64				
    (11)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X6	FD  				
    (12)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y6	64				
    (1)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X1	0				
    (2)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y1	0F  				
    (3)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X2	0A  				
    (4)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y2	0F  				
    (5)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X3	64				
    (6)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y3	2D  				
    (7)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X4	96				
    (8)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y4	3E  				
    (9)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X5	DC  				
    (10)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y5	57				
    (11)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X6	FD  				
    (12)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y6	64				
    (1)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X1	00 00  				
    (2)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y1	00 00  				
    (3)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X2	00 32  				
    (4)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y2	00 32  				
    (5)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X3	00 64  				
    (6)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y3	00 64  				
    (7)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X4	00 C8  				
    (8)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y4	00 C8  				
    (9)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X5	01 F4  				
    (10)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y5	00 FD  				
    (1)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X1	0				
    (2)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y1	3				
    (3)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X2	0A  				
    (4)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y2	3				
    (5)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X3	64				
    (6)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y3	19				
    (7)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X4	96				
    (8)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y4	28				
    (9)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X5	DC  				
    (10)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y5	46				
    (11)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X6	FD  				
    (12)-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y6	64				
    Gas_functionality	not active 				
    init_fuel_algorithm	No 				
    (1)-outside_temperature-p_time_constant_pt1	40 s				
    (2)-outside_temperature-p_time_constant_slow_damping	2.0 				
    (3)-outside_temperature-P_speed_threshold	20 km/h				
    (4)-outside_temperature-p_tendency_threshold	1.0 °C				
    (5)-outside_temperature-p_kmt_at_delta	25 °C				
    (6)-outside_temperature-p_blocking_time_after_v_bigger_0	15 s				
    (7)-outside_temperature-p_storage_time_engine_off	180 min				
    (8)-outside_temperature-p_mileage_after_v_bigger_0	5.0 km				
    (9)-outside_temperature-p_ice_warning_exit_temperature	6 °C				
    (10)-outside_temperature-p_ice_warning_entry_temperature	4 °C				
    (11)-outside_temperature-p_tendency_damping	15 s				
    Picture_Upload_Download	not active 				
    Service_Key_Clear_All_Counter	Yes 				
    (1)-time_parameter_display-tDDWUP	0.50 				
    (2)-time_parameter_display-tDD15_on	0.50 				
    (3)-time_parameter_display-tDD15_off	0.25 				
    (4)-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_Dreiter_ms	2.0 				
    (5)-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_dummyMenuTimeout_ms	5 s				
    (6)-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_UhrTimeout_ms	10 s				
    (7)-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_MenuTimeout_ms	255 s				
    (8)-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_TWSAnz_ms	3 s				
    (9)-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_NextWarning_ms	6 s				
    (10)-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_NextServiceAnz_ms	5 s				
    (11)-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_P1Pause_ms	0 s				
    (12)-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_P2Pause_ms	0 s				
    (13)-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_Quit_ms	10 s				
    (14)-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_FondGurt	30 s				
    (15)-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_USZ	0.20 s				
    (16)-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_FTuerAUF	300 ms				
    (17)-time_parameter_display-rollierblockgroesse	3
    	SW:5Q0-907-530-J   HW:5Q0-907-530-F ---  CAN Gateway				
    	Component:GW MQB High   125 1126	 Coding:030100F40B0876005B000248080B00000001000000000000000000000000			
    	EV_GatewLear	8010	EV_GatewLear_AU37.rod		
    	Tuesday	8	July	2014	23:05:00:14849
    	VCDS Version: Beta 14.7.0  Data version: 20140601				
    	VCID: 3879590383698AFA97-806D				
    Activating and deactivating all development messages	not active 				
    (1)-Auxiliary heater activation restriction request-Switch_on_ban_activation	Mode not active 				
    (2)-Auxiliary heater activation restriction request-Set_point_target_time	-- 				
    (1)-Battery adaptation-Rated battery capacity	68 Ah				
    (2)-Battery adaptation-Battery technology	Vlies 				
    (3)-Battery adaptation-Battery manufacturer	VAO 				
    (4)-Battery adaptation-Battery Serial Number	230419J4CG 				
    Battery terminal recognition	connected 				
    Component protection showroom mode	not active 				
    Counter for inconsistent states	0				
    Deactivate production mode	0				
    Deactivation of start-stop function	Mode not active 				
    Distance left for deactivation of static current measuring mode	2				
    Distance left for deactivation of transport mode	50				
    (1)-Efficiency program display-Live tip air resistance: close window/sunroof	activated 				
    (2)-Efficiency program display-Live tip engine brake: uncouple not until below 1300 RPM	activated 				
    (3)-Efficiency program display-Live tip do not operate gas pedal during engine start	activated 				
    (4)-Efficiency program display-Live tip adhere to switch display (only manual switch)	activated 				
    (5)-Efficiency program display-Live tip use start-stop-system	activated 				
    (6)-Efficiency program display-Live tip switch on start-stop-system	activated 				
    (7)-Efficiency program display-Live tip air conditioning: close window/sunroof	activated 				
    (8)-Efficiency program display-Live tip use gearshift position D	not activated 				
    (9)-Efficiency program display-Live tip Do not press accelerator pedal at standstill	activated 				
    (10)-Efficiency program display-Live tip sunroof open: turn air conditioning off (A/C button)	not activated 				
    (11)-Efficiency program display-Live tip avoid engine warm-up at standstill	activated 				
    (12)-Efficiency program display-Dash Board	activated 				
    (13)-Efficiency program display-Comfort use A/C	activated 				
    (14)-Efficiency program display-Comfort use parking heater	activated 				
    (15)-Efficiency program display-Comfort use rear window heater	activated 				
    (16)-Efficiency program display-Comfort use front seat heater	activated 				
    (17)-Efficiency program display-Comfort use front seat ventilation	activated 				
    (18)-Efficiency program display-Comfort use rear heater	activated 				
    (19)-Efficiency program display-Comfort use fog light	activated 				
    (20)-Efficiency program display-Comfort use rear fog lamp	activated 				
    (21)-Efficiency program display-Comfort use parking heater consumption emission	activated 				
    (22)-Efficiency program display-Comfort use windshield heater	activated 				
    (23)-Efficiency program display-Comfort use steering wheel heater	activated 				
    (24)-Efficiency program display-Comfort use mirror heater	activated 				
    (25)-Efficiency program display-Comfort use rear seat heater	not activated 				
    (26)-Efficiency program display-Comfort use rear seat ventilation	not activated 				
    Energy management deactivation stage	Mode not active 				
    Energy management heat output control status	Mode not active 				
    Generator specified voltage value variable	10.6 V				
    (1)-Hysteresis voltage-Voltage_lowering	12.1 V				
    (2)-Hysteresis voltage-Voltage_elevation	12.1 V				
    Increase idle speed request	Mode not active 				
    (1)-Installation list	 specified installations-Gateway	coded 			
    (2)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x01	Not coded 			
    (3)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x02	Not coded 			
    (4)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x03	Not coded 			
    (5)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x04	Not coded 			
    (6)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x05	Not coded 			
    (7)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x06	Not coded 			
    (8)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x07	Not coded 			
    (9)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x08	Not coded 			
    (10)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x09	Not coded 			
    (11)-Installation list	 specified installations-Parking Assistance	coded 			
    (12)-Installation list	 specified installations-Tire Pressure Monitoring 1	Not coded 			
    (13)-Installation list	 specified installations-Steering Column Electronics	coded 			
    (14)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x0D	Not coded 			
    (15)-Installation list	 specified installations-Central Electrics	coded 			
    (16)-Installation list	 specified installations-All-wheel electronics	Not coded 			
    (17)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x11	Not coded 			
    (18)-Installation list	 specified installations-Steering Assistance	coded 			
    (19)-Installation list	 specified installations-Brakes 1	coded 			
    (20)-Installation list	 specified installations-Dash Board	coded 			
    (21)-Installation list	 specified installations-Airbag	coded 			
    (22)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x16	Not coded 			
    (23)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x17	Not coded 			
    (24)-Installation list	 specified installations-Radio	Not coded 			
    (25)-Installation list	 specified installations-Air Conditioning Compressor	Not coded 			
    (26)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x1A	Not coded 			
    (27)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x1B	Not coded 			
    (28)-Installation list	 specified installations-Actuator For Structure-borne Sound	Not coded 			
    (29)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x1D	Not coded 			
    (30)-Installation list	 specified installations-Lock Electronics	Not coded 			
    (31)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x1F	Not coded 			
    (32)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x20	Not coded 			
    (33)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x21	Not coded 			
    (34)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x22	Not coded 			
    (35)-Installation list	 specified installations-Deck Lid Control Unit	Not coded 			
    (36)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x24	Not coded 			
    (37)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x25	Not coded 			
    (38)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x26	Not coded 			
    (39)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x27	Not coded 			
    (40)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x28	Not coded 			
    (41)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x29	Not coded 			
    (42)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x2A	Not coded 			
    (43)-Installation list	 specified installations-Special Function 2	Not coded 			
    (44)-Installation list	 specified installations-Special Function	Not coded 			
    (45)-Installation list	 specified installations-Electronic Roof Control	Not coded 			
    (46)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x2E	Not coded 			
    (47)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x2F	Not coded 			
    (48)-Installation list	 specified installations-High Beam Assistance	Not coded 			
    (49)-Installation list	 specified installations-Steering Column Locking	Not coded 			
    (50)-Installation list	 specified installations-Access Startsystem Interface	Not coded 			
    (51)-Installation list	 specified installations-Sliding Door Rear Left	Not coded 			
    (52)-Installation list	 specified installations-Sliding Door Rear Right	Not coded 			
    (53)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x35	Not coded 			
    (54)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x36	Not coded 			
    (55)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x37	Not coded 			
    (56)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x38	Not coded 			
    (57)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x39	Not coded 			
    (58)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x3A	Not coded 			
    (59)-Installation list	 specified installations-Brake booster	Not coded 			
    (60)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x3C	Not coded 			
    (61)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x3D	Not coded 			
    (62)-Installation list	 specified installations-Door Electronics Rear Driver Side	Not coded 			
    (63)-Installation list	 specified installations-Door Electronics Rear Passenger Side	Not coded 			
    (64)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x40	Not coded 			
    (65)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x41	Not coded 			
    (66)-Installation list	 specified installations-Thermal management	Not coded 			
    (67)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x43	Not coded 			
    (68)-Installation list	 specified installations-Battery Charger Control Module	Not coded 			
    (69)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x45	Not coded 			
    (70)-Installation list	 specified installations-Air Conditioning	coded 			
    (71)-Installation list	 specified installations-Trailer Function	Not coded 			
    (72)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x48	Not coded 			
    (73)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x49	Not coded 			
    (74)-Installation list	 specified installations-Door Electronics Driver Side	coded 			
    (75)-Installation list	 specified installations-Door Electronics Passenger Side	coded 			
    (76)-Installation list	 specified installations-Seat Adjustment Driver Side	Not coded 			
    (77)-Installation list	 specified installations-Seat Adjustment Passenger Side	Not coded 			
    (78)-Installation list	 specified installations-Lane change assistance	Not coded 			
    (79)-Installation list	 specified installations-Front Sensors Driver Assistance System	Not coded 			
    (80)-Installation list	 specified installations-Vehicle Position Detection	Not coded 			
    (81)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x51	Not coded 			
    (82)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x52	Not coded 			
    (83)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x53	Not coded 			
    (84)-Installation list	 specified installations-Headlight Regulation	coded 			
    (85)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x55	Not coded 			
    (86)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x56	Not coded 			
    (87)-Installation list	 specified installations-Adaptive Cruise Control	Not coded 			
    (88)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x58	Not coded 			
    (89)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x59	Not coded 			
    (90)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x5A	Not coded 			
    (91)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x5B	Not coded 			
    (92)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x5C	Not coded 			
    (93)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x5D	Not coded 			
    (94)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x5E	Not coded 			
    (95)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x5F	Not coded 			
    (96)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x60	Not coded 			
    (97)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x61	Not coded 			
    (98)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x62	Not coded 			
    (99)-Installation list	 specified installations-Microphone Control Unit	Not coded 			
    (100)-Installation list	 specified installations-Actuator For Exterior Noise	Not coded 			
    (101)-Installation list	 specified installations-High Voltage Battery Charge Management	Not coded 			
    (102)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x66	Not coded 			
    (103)-Installation list	 specified installations-Telematics Communication Unit	Not coded 			
    (104)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x68	Not coded 			
    (105)-Installation list	 specified installations-Camera System Rear View	Not coded 			
    (106)-Installation list	 specified installations-Auxiliary Parking Heater	Not coded 			
    (107)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x6B	Not coded 			
    (108)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x6C	Not coded 			
    (109)-Installation list	 specified installations-TV Tuner	Not coded 			
    (110)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x6E	Not coded 			
    (111)-Installation list	 specified installations-Sound System	Not coded 			
    (112)-Installation list	 specified installations-Media Player Position 1	Not coded 			
    (113)-Installation list	 specified installations-Trip recorder	Not coded 			
    (114)-Installation list	 specified installations-Wheel Dampening Electronics	Not coded 			
    (115)-Installation list	 specified installations-Information Control Unit 1	coded 			
    (116)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x74	Not coded 			
    (117)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x75	Not coded 			
    (118)-Installation list	 specified installations-Engine Control Module 1	coded 			
    (119)-Installation list	 specified installations-Transmission Control Module	Not coded 			
    (120)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x78	Not coded 			
    (121)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x79	Not coded 			
    (122)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x7A	Not coded 			
    (123)-Installation list	 specified installations-Battery Energy Control Module	Not coded 			
    (124)-Installation list	 specified installations-Drive Motor Control Module	Not coded 			
    (125)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x7D	Not coded 			
    (126)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x7E	Not coded 			
    (127)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x7F	Not coded 			
    (128)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x80	Not coded 			
    (129)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x81	Not coded 			
    (130)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x82	Not coded 			
    (131)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x83	Not coded 			
    (132)-Installation list	 specified installations-Control Unit Lane Change Assistant 2	Not coded 			
    (133)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x85	Not coded 			
    (134)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x86	Not coded 			
    (135)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x87	Not coded 			
    (136)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x88	Not coded 			
    (137)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x89	Not coded 			
    (138)-Installation list	 specified installations-Lane Change Assistant 2	Not coded 			
    (139)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x8B	Not coded 			
    (140)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x8C	Not coded 			
    (141)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x8D	Not coded 			
    (142)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x8E	Not coded 			
    (143)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x8F	Not coded 			
    (144)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x90	Not coded 			
    (145)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x91	Not coded 			
    (146)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x92	Not coded 			
    (147)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x93	Not coded 			
    (148)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x94	Not coded 			
    (149)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x95	Not coded 			
    (150)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x96	Not coded 			
    (151)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x97	Not coded 			
    (152)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x98	Not coded 			
    (153)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x99	Not coded 			
    (154)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x9A	Not coded 			
    (155)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x9B	Not coded 			
    (156)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x9C	Not coded 			
    (157)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x9D	Not coded 			
    (158)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x9E	Not coded 			
    (159)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0x9F	Not coded 			
    (160)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xA0	Not coded 			
    (161)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xA1	Not coded 			
    (162)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xA2	Not coded 			
    (163)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xA3	Not coded 			
    (164)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xA4	Not coded 			
    (165)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xA5	Not coded 			
    (166)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xA6	Not coded 			
    (167)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xA7	Not coded 			
    (168)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xA8	Not coded 			
    (169)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xA9	Not coded 			
    (170)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xAA	Not coded 			
    (171)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xAB	Not coded 			
    (172)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xAC	Not coded 			
    (173)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xAD	Not coded 			
    (174)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xAE	Not coded 			
    (175)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xAF	Not coded 			
    (176)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xB0	Not coded 			
    (177)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xB1	Not coded 			
    (178)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xB2	Not coded 			
    (179)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xB3	Not coded 			
    (180)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xB4	Not coded 			
    (181)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xB5	Not coded 			
    (182)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xB6	Not coded 			
    (183)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xB7	Not coded 			
    (184)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xB8	Not coded 			
    (185)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xB9	Not coded 			
    (186)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xBA	Not coded 			
    (187)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xBB	Not coded 			
    (188)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xBC	Not coded 			
    (189)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xBD	Not coded 			
    (190)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xBE	Not coded 			
    (191)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xBF	Not coded 			
    (192)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xC0	Not coded 			
    (193)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xC1	Not coded 			
    (194)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xC2	Not coded 			
    (195)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xC3	Not coded 			
    (196)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xC4	Not coded 			
    (197)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xC5	Not coded 			
    (198)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xC6	Not coded 			
    (199)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xC7	Not coded 			
    (200)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xC8	Not coded 			
    (201)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xC9	Not coded 			
    (202)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xCA	Not coded 			
    (203)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xCB	Not coded 			
    (204)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xCC	Not coded 			
    (205)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xCD	Not coded 			
    (206)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xCE	Not coded 			
    (207)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xCF	Not coded 			
    (208)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xD0	Not coded 			
    (209)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xD1	Not coded 			
    (210)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xD2	Not coded 			
    (211)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xD3	Not coded 			
    (212)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xD4	Not coded 			
    (213)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xD5	Not coded 			
    (214)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xD6	Not coded 			
    (215)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xD7	Not coded 			
    (216)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xD8	Not coded 			
    (217)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xD9	Not coded 			
    (218)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xDA	Not coded 			
    (219)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xDB	Not coded 			
    (220)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xDC	Not coded 			
    (221)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xDD	Not coded 			
    (222)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xDE	Not coded 			
    (223)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xDF	Not coded 			
    (224)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xE0	Not coded 			
    (225)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xE1	Not coded 			
    (226)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xE2	Not coded 			
    (227)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xE3	Not coded 			
    (228)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xE4	Not coded 			
    (229)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xE5	Not coded 			
    (230)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xE6	Not coded 			
    (231)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xE7	Not coded 			
    (232)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xE8	Not coded 			
    (233)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xE9	Not coded 			
    (234)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xEA	Not coded 			
    (235)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xEB	Not coded 			
    (236)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xEC	Not coded 			
    (237)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xED	Not coded 			
    (238)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xEE	Not coded 			
    (239)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xEF	Not coded 			
    (240)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xF0	Not coded 			
    (241)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xF1	Not coded 			
    (242)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xF2	Not coded 			
    (243)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xF3	Not coded 			
    (244)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xF4	Not coded 			
    (245)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xF5	Not coded 			
    (246)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xF6	Not coded 			
    (247)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xF7	Not coded 			
    (248)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xF8	Not coded 			
    (249)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xF9	Not coded 			
    (250)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xFA	Not coded 			
    (251)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xFB	Not coded 			
    (252)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xFC	Not coded 			
    (253)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xFD	Not coded 			
    (254)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xFE	Not coded 			
    (255)-Installation list	 specified installations-Node_0xFF	Not coded 			
    MKE Check box	activated 				
    (1)-Production mode-p_mode_deactivate_mfl_keys	Deactivating 				
    (2)-Production mode-p_mode_deactivate_recuperation	Deactivating 				
    Production process data 1	FA AA  				
    (1)-Roller test bench mode	 functional-Activation stages	not activated 			
    (2)-Roller test bench mode	 functional-Malfunction states	no error 			
    Static current measuring mode	not activated 				
    Transport mode	not active 				
    (1)-Driving_Profile_Selection_Parameter-Driving_Profile_Selection_Toogle_Time_Adaptation	500 ms				
    (2)-Driving_Profile_Selection_Parameter-Driving_Profile_Selection_Touch_Contact_Time_Adaption	6000 ms				
    (3)-Driving_Profile_Selection_Parameter-Driving_Profile_Selection_Indication_Control_Adaption	6000 ms				
    (4)-Driving_Profile_Selection_Parameter-Driving_Profile_Selection_Kombi_Offset_Adaption	0 ms				
    (5)-Driving_Profile_Selection_Parameter-Driving_Profile_Selection_Sync_Time_Adaptation	400 ms				
    (6)-Driving_Profile_Selection_Parameter-Driving_Profile_Selection_Request_Repetition_Time_Adaptation	180000 ms				
    (7)-Driving_Profile_Selection_Parameter-Driving_Profile_Selection_Fiddle_Proofing_Time_Adaptation	10000 ms				
    (8)-Driving_Profile_Selection_Parameter-Driving_Profile_Selection_Fiddle_Proofing_Limit_Adaptation	120				
    (9)-Driving_Profile_Selection_Parameter-Driving_Profile_Selection_Fiddle_Proofing_Lock_Adaptation	60000 ms				
    (10)-Driving_Profile_Selection_Parameter-Driving_Profile_Selection_Counter_Master_Reset	active 				
    (1)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway	Enabled 				
    (2)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x01	Enabled 				
    (3)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x02	Enabled 				
    (4)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x03	Enabled 				
    (5)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x04	Enabled 				
    (6)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x05	Enabled 				
    (7)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x06	Enabled 				
    (8)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x07	Enabled 				
    (9)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x08	Enabled 				
    (10)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x09	Enabled 				
    (11)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Parking Assistance	Enabled 				
    (12)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Tire Pressure Monitoring 1	Enabled 				
    (13)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Steering Column Electronics	Enabled 				
    (14)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x0D	Enabled 				
    (15)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Central Electrics	Enabled 				
    (16)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-All-wheel electronics	Enabled 				
    (17)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x00	Enabled 				
    (18)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x11	Enabled 				
    (19)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Steering Assistance	Enabled 				
    (20)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Brakes 1	not enabled 				
    (21)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Dash Board	Enabled 				
    (22)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Airbag	not enabled 				
    (23)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x16	Enabled 				
    (24)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x17	Enabled 				
    (25)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Radio	Enabled 				
    (26)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Air Conditioning Compressor	Enabled 				
    (27)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x1A	Enabled 				
    (28)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x1B	Enabled 				
    (29)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Actuator For Structure-borne Sound	Enabled 				
    (30)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x1D	Enabled 				
    (31)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Lock Electronics	Enabled 				
    (32)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x1F	Enabled 				
    (33)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x20	Enabled 				
    (34)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x21	Enabled 				
    (35)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x22	Enabled 				
    (36)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Deck Lid Control Unit	Enabled 				
    (37)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x24	Enabled 				
    (38)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x25	Enabled 				
    (39)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x26	Enabled 				
    (40)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x27	Enabled 				
    (41)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x28	Enabled 				
    (42)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x29	Enabled 				
    (43)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x2A	Enabled 				
    (44)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Special Function 2	Enabled 				
    (45)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Special Function	Enabled 				
    (46)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Electronic Roof Control	Enabled 				
    (47)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x2E	Enabled 				
    (48)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x2F	Enabled 				
    (49)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-High Beam Assistance	Enabled 				
    (50)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Steering Column Locking	Enabled 				
    (51)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Access Startsystem Interface	Enabled 				
    (52)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Sliding Door Rear Left	Enabled 				
    (53)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Sliding Door Rear Right	Enabled 				
    (54)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x35	Enabled 				
    (55)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x36	Enabled 				
    (56)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x37	Enabled 				
    (57)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x38	Enabled 				
    (58)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x39	Enabled 				
    (59)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x3A	Enabled 				
    (60)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Brake booster	Enabled 				
    (61)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x3C	Enabled 				
    (62)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x3D	Enabled 				
    (63)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Door Electronics Rear Driver Side	Enabled 				
    (64)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Door Electronics Rear Passenger Side	Enabled 				
    (65)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x40	Enabled 				
    (66)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x41	Enabled 				
    (67)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Thermal management	Enabled 				
    (68)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x43	Enabled 				
    (69)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Battery Charger Control Module	Enabled 				
    (70)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x45	Enabled 				
    (71)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Air Conditioning	Enabled 				
    (72)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Trailer Function	Enabled 				
    (73)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x48	Enabled 				
    (74)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x49	Enabled 				
    (75)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Door Electronics Driver Side	Enabled 				
    (76)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Door Electronics Passenger Side	Enabled 				
    (77)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Seat Adjustment Driver Side	Enabled 				
    (78)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Seat Adjustment Passenger Side	Enabled 				
    (79)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Lane change assistance	Enabled 				
    (80)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Front Sensors Driver Assistance System	Enabled 				
    (81)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Vehicle Position Detection	Enabled 				
    (82)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x51	Enabled 				
    (83)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x52	Enabled 				
    (84)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x53	Enabled 				
    (85)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Headlight Regulation	Enabled 				
    (86)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x55	Enabled 				
    (87)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x56	Enabled 				
    (88)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Adaptive Cruise Control	Enabled 				
    (89)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x58	Enabled 				
    (90)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x59	Enabled 				
    (91)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x5A	Enabled 				
    (92)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x5B	Enabled 				
    (93)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x5C	Enabled 				
    (94)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x5D	Enabled 				
    (95)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x5E	Enabled 				
    (96)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x5F	Enabled 				
    (97)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x60	Enabled 				
    (98)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x61	Enabled 				
    (99)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x62	Enabled 				
    (100)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Microphone Control Unit	Enabled 				
    (101)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Actuator For Exterior Noise	Enabled 				
    (102)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-High Voltage Battery Charge Management	Enabled 				
    (103)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x66	Enabled 				
    (104)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Telematics Communication Unit	Enabled 				
    (105)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x68	Enabled 				
    (106)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Camera System Rear View	Enabled 				
    (107)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Auxiliary Parking Heater	Enabled 				
    (108)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x6B	Enabled 				
    (109)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x6C	Enabled 				
    (110)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-TV Tuner	Enabled 				
    (111)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x6E	Enabled 				
    (112)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Sound System	Enabled 				
    (113)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Media Player Position 1	Enabled 				
    (114)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Trip recorder	Enabled 				
    (115)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Wheel Dampening Electronics	Enabled 				
    (116)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Information Control Unit 1	Enabled 				
    (117)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x74	Enabled 				
    (118)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x75	Enabled 				
    (119)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Engine Control Module 1	Enabled 				
    (120)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Transmission Control Module	Enabled 				
    (121)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x78	Enabled 				
    (122)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x79	Enabled 				
    (123)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x7A	Enabled 				
    (124)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Battery Energy Control Module	Enabled 				
    (125)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Drive Motor Control Module	Enabled 				
    (126)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x7D	Enabled 				
    (127)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x7E	Enabled 				
    (128)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x7F	Enabled 				
    (129)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x80	Enabled 				
    (130)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x81	Enabled 				
    (131)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x82	Enabled 				
    (132)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x83	Enabled 				
    (133)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Control module for sunroof	Enabled 				
    (134)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x85	Enabled 				
    (135)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x86	Enabled 				
    (136)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x87	Enabled 				
    (137)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x88	Enabled 				
    (138)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x89	Enabled 				
    (139)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Lane Change Assistant 2	Enabled 				
    (140)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x8B	Enabled 				
    (141)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x8C	Enabled 				
    (142)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x8D	Enabled 				
    (143)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x8E	Enabled 				
    (144)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x8F	Enabled 				
    (145)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x90	Enabled 				
    (146)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x91	Enabled 				
    (147)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x92	Enabled 				
    (148)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x93	Enabled 				
    (149)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x94	Enabled 				
    (150)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x95	Enabled 				
    (151)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x96	Enabled 				
    (152)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x97	Enabled 				
    (153)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x98	Enabled 				
    (154)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x99	Enabled 				
    (155)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x9A	Enabled 				
    (156)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x9B	Enabled 				
    (157)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x9C	Enabled 				
    (158)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x9D	Enabled 				
    (159)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x9E	Enabled 				
    (160)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0x9F	Enabled 				
    (161)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xA0	Enabled 				
    (162)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xA1	Enabled 				
    (163)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xA2	Enabled 				
    (164)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xA3	Enabled 				
    (165)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xA4	Enabled 				
    (166)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xA5	Enabled 				
    (167)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xA6	Enabled 				
    (168)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xA7	Enabled 				
    (169)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xA8	Enabled 				
    (170)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xA9	Enabled 				
    (171)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xAA	Enabled 				
    (172)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xAB	Enabled 				
    (173)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xAC	Enabled 				
    (174)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xAD	Enabled 				
    (175)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xAE	Enabled 				
    (176)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xAF	Enabled 				
    (177)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xB0	Enabled 				
    (178)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xB1	Enabled 				
    (179)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xB2	Enabled 				
    (180)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xB3	Enabled 				
    (181)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xB4	Enabled 				
    (182)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xB5	Enabled 				
    (183)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xB6	Enabled 				
    (184)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xB7	Enabled 				
    (185)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xB8	Enabled 				
    (186)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xB9	Enabled 				
    (187)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xBA	Enabled 				
    (188)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xBB	Enabled 				
    (189)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xBC	Enabled 				
    (190)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xBD	Enabled 				
    (191)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xBE	Enabled 				
    (192)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xBF	Enabled 				
    (193)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xC0	Enabled 				
    (194)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xC1	Enabled 				
    (195)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xC2	Enabled 				
    (196)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xC3	Enabled 				
    (197)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xC4	Enabled 				
    (198)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xC5	Enabled 				
    (199)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xC6	Enabled 				
    (200)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xC7	Enabled 				
    (201)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xC8	Enabled 				
    (202)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xC9	Enabled 				
    (203)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xCA	Enabled 				
    (204)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xCB	Enabled 				
    (205)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xCC	Enabled 				
    (206)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xCD	Enabled 				
    (207)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xCE	Enabled 				
    (208)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xCF	Enabled 				
    (209)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xD0	Enabled 				
    (210)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xD1	Enabled 				
    (211)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xD2	Enabled 				
    (212)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xD3	Enabled 				
    (213)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xD4	Enabled 				
    (214)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xD5	Enabled 				
    (215)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xD6	Enabled 				
    (216)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xD7	Enabled 				
    (217)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xD8	Enabled 				
    (218)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xD9	Enabled 				
    (219)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xDA	Enabled 				
    (220)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xDB	Enabled 				
    (221)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xDC	Enabled 				
    (222)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xDD	Enabled 				
    (223)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xDE	Enabled 				
    (224)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xDF	Enabled 				
    (225)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xE0	Enabled 				
    (226)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xE1	Enabled 				
    (227)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xE2	Enabled 				
    (228)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xE3	Enabled 				
    (229)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xE4	Enabled 				
    (230)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xE5	Enabled 				
    (231)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xE6	Enabled 				
    (232)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xE7	Enabled 				
    (233)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xE8	Enabled 				
    (234)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xE9	Enabled 				
    (235)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xEA	Enabled 				
    (236)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xEB	Enabled 				
    (237)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xEC	Enabled 				
    (238)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xED	Enabled 				
    (239)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xEE	Enabled 				
    (240)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xEF	Enabled 				
    (241)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xF0	Enabled 				
    (242)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xF1	Enabled 				
    (243)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xF2	Enabled 				
    (244)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xF3	Enabled 				
    (245)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xF4	Enabled 				
    (246)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xF5	Enabled 				
    (247)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xF6	Enabled 				
    (248)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xF7	Enabled 				
    (249)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xF8	Enabled 				
    (250)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xF9	Enabled 				
    (251)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xFA	Enabled 				
    (252)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xFB	Enabled 				
    (253)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xFC	Enabled 				
    (254)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xFD	Enabled 				
    (255)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xFE	Enabled 				
    (256)-Enable_CAN_Timeout_DTC-Gateway_Component_List_Failure_Mask_Node_0xFF	Enabled 				
    (1)-Energiemanagement Warnanzeigen-Generatormeldungen	Mode not active 				
    (2)-Energiemanagement Warnanzeigen-Batteriemeldungen	Mode not active 				
    (3)-Energiemanagement Warnanzeigen-MMI Vorwarnungen	Mode not active 				
    (4)-Energiemanagement Warnanzeigen-Charge level	2550 %				
    (1)-mirror_mode-mirror_mode_typ	not active 				
    (2)-mirror_mode-mirror_mode_bus	Databus drivetrain 				
    routing_0	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    routing_1	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    routing_2	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    routing_3	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    routing_4	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    routing_5	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    routing_6	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    routing_7	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    routing_8	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    routing_9	00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  				
    Sollspannungsbegrenzung Abblendlicht	12.1 V				
    (1)-Start/Stopp Außentemperaturvorgabe-Minimaltemperatur	-50.0 °C				
    (2)-Start/Stopp Außentemperaturvorgabe-Maximaltemperatur	-50.0 °C				
    Vorgabe Reduktion Innengebläse	Mode not active 				
    Vorgabe Zykluszeit Spannungsmessung	0 s				
    WakeUpMonitor_Activation	activated 				
    (1)-WakeUpMonitor_Configuration-Sample_Time_Keeping_Awake_Events	12 s				
    (2)-WakeUpMonitor_Configuration-Max_Num_Keeping_Awake_Events	100				
    (3)-WakeUpMonitor_Configuration-Start_Delay	0 s

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    ... the answer of the thread is .... YES it si possible, but I (me) can't
    I've been able to activate SDS on other cars like mine, but not for myself.
    The trouble is software related.
    Talking about MMI unit (5F) for all the A3 8V that came with retrofitted MFL/MuFu the SDS can be activated: the only condition is that the MMI software is lower than 0420 (the latest one that I know). For all lower version it is possible to activare SDS smiply coding the Byte 24 bit 1 of 5F (the latest number will be 6)
    In my car, MMI have been replaced with the newest SW:8V0-035-864-B HW:8V0-035-864-B --- Information Electr. Component:MU-S-N-ER 040 0420
    That You know, it is possible to roll back to previous software version? Or similar tricks? (bypassing software protection?)

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