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Thread: How to install fogs on S model Mk7's (long version)

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    I will find number I used in a.m. I have the box in my car with the part number I used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DV52 View Post
    nacq8or: Hello - this certainly seems to be a popular retro-fit!

    Of course, you should take advice from other, more knowledgeable folk on this forum, but for what it's worth my 2 -cents is to wait until you get the car (congratulations) and then post-up an auto-scan so we can see the BCM details! This has to be the starting point for defining the scope-of-works for your project - I think!

    As I said in a previous post (earlier in this thread), I would be physically looking for the front (?) fog light pins on the BCM of your new car (since I don't have access to the detailed information regarding part numbers and the corresponding capabilities of each BCM type). If the pins are physically present, then it's a good sign that the BCM supports front fog lights. If the relevant pins are missing, then you will definitely need to get another BCM.

    What we learnt from the exercise with IceRacerX was that VW's WD incorrectly identified the wires from the actual fog light fitting pins to be on Socket A of the BCM . In fact, as IceRacerX confirmed, the WD should have identified that the left-side front fog on the Sportswagon is connected to Pin #45, Socket B and the right-side front fog-light is connected to pin #5, socket B, The trigger wire for the front fog lights on the rotary light switch is connected to pin#29, Socket A. This is exactly the same as all the "normal" mk7s that I have in my database and it also aligns with the Leuchte-set nomenclature of the adaptation channels in the BCM.

    Clearly all three pins need to be present on your new car if the current BCM is capable of supporting front fog light operation

    Thanks for the info Don. I haven't looked yet but I'm fairly certain the car will have a BCM that does not support fog lights. Maybe I'll get a nice surprise but I'm not banking on it.

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