Hi, first of all thanks for the recent updates. One of them seems to have improved the responsiveness of the interface. Also, controller 31 finally has the label file for my RS4.

The Live Data HUD is a good idea, but it currently has a bug where it does not display the selected fields correctly. If you go and configure multiple panes for one hud, it mixes data from the first pane into the second pane.

In the following example, I've selected 3 unique fields for each pane.

I configured Adaptation idle, adaptation partial, and lambda control for bank 1 on the left pane
Then configured the same fields for bank 2 on the right pane

I just used controller 31 as an example, the same thing happens with other controllers.

Like I said this is a very good feature once it's working correctly. It would be even better if we could create shortcuts to these huds on the main menu. Having the option to start logging the fields within the HUD would be really nice too.