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Thread: Malfunction flags

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    Malfunction flags

    Forgive if this has been answered before?

    It's the 0010 (and 1100) flags that are seen next to Malfunction that a definition of would be welcome.
    Not that I've ever needed to use them, I just double click on any module showing red and read after saving Autoscan

    It's not in the 2013 handbook .PDF. Sort of assumed they were some kind of readiness indicator... as 0000 always shows alongside Status: OK

    **would add that I've seen Malfunction 0010 in an Autoscan summary but no fault listed in the module details once before. That was when a cheeepo clone cable had been used before me. And left hi-ascii characters in some of the Long Coding byte boxes when clicked on

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    Someone else has seen the Malfunction: 0010 in an Autoscan summary but nothing in Autoscan body What do the four digits signify?

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    They are already interpreted for you. OK, Malfunction, Not Registered, etc.

    As for having Malfunction showing in the GVL and no fault code in the module itself; we've seen that too. Those status bits come from the Gateway and show what the Gateway thinks, while the details come from the module itself. Sometimes the two get out of synch. The first thing I'd do if the Gateway shows Malfunction but the corresponding module doesn't show any faults is to go directly to that module and clear faults (despite the fact that there aren't any).


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