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Thread: Hex-Net firmware update

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    Hex-Net firmware update

    I live in a data deprived area, accessing the interweb thru a tenuous 3g connection, and, on your recommendation, purchased the Hex-Net to use with the usb connection, which worked satisfactorily, until I clicked the update request button!
    Despite repeated attempts, I was unable to perform the actions, thinking it a picnic problem, I proceeded to the office of a capable colleague, and tried the procedure while connected to his internet connection, but to no avail. Investigation determined that my laptop was at the end of its miserable life, so a new replacement, complete with Windows 10 was procured, and the process recommenced.
    As I was still unable to perform the configuration with my setup, I attended the local library yesterday, and using their internet, was able to configure the Hex-Net with utility 1.963, however, part way through the download process, the download stopped, error code -2. Repeated attempts, with various changes yielded the same results.My Data:
    CB 0.4123
    FW 0.214
    CFB 0.9
    BL 0.24
    Applying Update
    Downloading Update
    error code -2
    (top line green half way)
    MAC 00:1E:C0:11:84:1D

    Assistance would be greatly appreciated, as your device helps us keep our matronly W12 and S8 responding to our requirements with dignity and grace. It is time to remove their winter boots, and that always causes TPMS trauma!

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    Hello John,

    You've done fine up to now, just bear with it a little bit more. I see you are at CB 0.4123. The next update you have to do; will have to be done via the web interface with the HN connected to the router (or phone's hotspot). Technically, the next update actually updates the way HN communicates over USB to the Java utility, so can't be acomplished over USB with the Java utility - if you get my drift.


    1. Connect your HN to a router or your phone's hotspot in Infrastructure mode
    2. Check for updates - it should get over the CB 'bump'
    3. While it is doing that, please download V2 of the Java utility - 1.963 is now useless
    4. You may now continue to use the new Java USB utility to do any further updates.

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    Wow, people with way out-of-date HEX-NETs coming out of the woodwork lately.

    There's just a one-time speed-bump you need to get past. Zenerdiode's instructions are right on point. I'm just commenting to add a link with some additional details and screenshots from Ross-Tech:

    And, then let us know how that W12 is doing with an Auto-Scan.


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    Isn't keeping diagnostic software up2date something like keeping anti-virus up2date? - Mandatory for obvious reasons?
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    Quote Originally Posted by golfi_vend View Post
    Isn't keeping diagnostic software up2date something like keeping anti-virus up2date? - Mandatory for obvious reasons?
    I couldnt agree with you more, however updating my anti-virus after 2months of having my laptop off takes no more than 1hr... max. updating my hex-net takes hours or days to complete.

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    There was a big hump your HEX-NET had to get over, in addition to some things on the server that weren't working as expected. We think it will be smoother/faster in the future.

    The engineering problems are likely insurmountable. It would be like proposing to land a rocket booster section on a barge floating in the middle of the ocean.

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