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Thread: HEX-USB+CAN VCDS / Problem of processing Throttle Body Alignment

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    Question HEX-USB+CAN VCDS / Problem of processing Throttle Body Alignment

    I have a VW Touareg V6 3.2 / 2005, which need do the Throttle Body Aligment process.

    I follow the steps as the vedio show, but the software doesn't work for
    several times, a small window pop-up " No Response from Controller " no matter it was
    on processing in ADP.OK or ADP.Run. Pls advise how to deal with it.

    Regards / S.Chan

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    Please post an Auto-Scan so we can see the car in context.

    "No Response from Controller" could be something defective in the ECU, or it could be some problem with your PC. You may wish to try a different PC because that's typically easier than changing out the ECU.

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