Not sure if it's a universal trend in all VAG cars, but there appears to be a proliferation of adaptation channels with newer models. The visual representation of the "structure" of these channels on the software screen is an important facet in the user's understanding of the relationship within and across channel groupings.

Currently, VCDS reports adaptation channel descriptors as a flat list (in a form of alphabetical order-I think). However, a quick look at the list (for MQB platform vehicle-at least) suggests that there is an imbedded hierarchical structure to these channels (i.e the adaptation channels are grouped as a parent/child relationship). For ease of understanding, can these relationships be shown on the GUI? To minimise changes to the current GUI and purely as a suggestion, perhaps the parent channels (where they exist) could be listed as a drop-down option in the "search" facility thereby allowing the user to click on any of these channels to reveal the child channels in the adaptation channel list. I'm not proposing that the current search facility be deleted, rather I suggest that the parent channel list supplement the user's current ability to enter free text into the search box