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Thread: Think I'm sold on hex-net but last questions on 10 vehicle limit...

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    Think I'm sold on hex-net but last questions on 10 vehicle limit...

    I've got 5 (vw) vehicles in the extended family and always willing to help friends wrench on their rides so wondering if hypothetically in a few years I max out the 10 users I reading correctly there is an upgrade path to the pro version? If so this limitation must be managed in the cloud and you guys just up the limit for the right fee, correct?

    When using Hex-Net with a USB and traditional VCDS on a laptop is there still the 10 vehicle limit?

    Thanks for your time and patience with newbies!

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    Yes, there is still a 10-VIN limit when using VCDS on a laptop.

    Yes, it is possible to upgrade a 10-VIN license to an unlimited license. Such an upgrade does require a cloud connection.

    However, VINs are only "counted" when doing stuff like Coding, Adaptations, Basic Settings, etc. You can do fault codes scans and clear fault codes for people without "counting" their VIN. No VIN will ever be counted toward the 10-VIN limit without your explicit permission.

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    Wouldn't it be wise to buy the unlimited version if you already think you could need one.

    I could never ever live with 10 vins.
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