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Thread: Problem updating the gateway

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    Problem updating the gateway


    I just change my gateway, 1K0 957 530 AD to the new 7N0 907 530 AF

    Deleted.   Data from pirated copes of VCDS is not welcome here!

    But, as you can see, in each module don't show the code error, show "No errors found" (ie, module 2)... In the summary indicates a failure but within the module tells me that goes well!!! I do not understand anything

    And more.

    My car is DSG, before, the cluster show me the gear of my car, now NOT... I think that the codding of my new gateway is wrong, can tell me the correct code for me??

    More. I've never had the modulo 2E-media player 3- and I now appears

    Please, can anyone help me??

    (excuse my poor english, I'm spanish)

    Thank you, Serch
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