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Thread: eGolf battery aging, what do I need?

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    Question eGolf battery aging, what do I need?

    Hey guys,

    I just purchased a 2015 VW eGolf. I'd like to pull the battery aging / capacity to see how I am doing with the battery over time. Is this something that can be read with VCDS-Lite or some cheaper cable setup, or do I need to purchase a $300+ cable and use the latest, complete software?

    Thank you,
    - Phr00t

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    VCDS-Lite won't work -- it's for K-Line cars only, and that era ended with the Mk.5.

    A $249 Micro-CAN should do the trick.


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    The engineering problems are likely insurmountable. It would be like proposing to land a rocket booster section on a barge floating in the middle of the ocean.

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