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Thread: Random Photos

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    Surreal light outside RTHQ

    Galaxy S6, Lineage OS camera app
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    Ross Mountain ice storm ... taken with iPhone 6Splus.

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    Google in their beneficent wisdom invited me to view some pictures I had taken a year ago today. It turned out to be the day I moved my black 2004 Phaeton V8 parts car into the garage for phase 1 of its teardown.

    I present a case study for your consideration: THE DOUBLE JUMP

    The parts car had a dead VPS battery and the start battery was pyro-isolated. Turns out that combo is tough to start in the cold.

    You're really supposed to jump-start these things from the under-hood terminals dedicated to that purpose, but the car didn't seem to want to wake up when supplied from that point. Not sure what's up with that; the pyro isolator shouldn't have affected that directly. I theorize there still needs to be enough juice in the VPS battery get 05/71 to do their switching/redundancy magic, and there wasn't.

    So I tried jumping to the VPS battery in the back. What was I gonna do, break it? That woke the car up, and paralleling got power up to the starter, but not quite enough to get the engine to turn over. Battery too dead to help, sitting too long, too cold out, Chinesium jumper cables, whatever. The car was too far from my garage to conveniently hook up a battery charger in situ, and the electrolyte was probably frozen anyway, and I didn't feel like pulling it out.

    Solution: 1000mg of Fukitol followed by front AND back jumpers. Fired right up. RT can go ahead and sticky this in How-Tos and Tips now.

    Bonus pic of supervising dog:

    This is Libby, one of our two Dachsunds. Due to certain aspects of her species-gender combination, age, body-mass index, general attitude and outlook on life, she also responds to "fat lazy bitch". She came out to see what I was doing in the garage, and decided to hop right on in. She thought it was time to go for a ride. I explained that this car doesn't go for rides anymore. I don't think she understood. You've never really felt like an asshole until you've disappointed your dog.

    Taken with Potato-Cam™: my phone at the time, Samsung Galaxy S7 Active with a busted glass cover over the lens.
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