For everyone with error 00149 - End of Line Programming not Completed, I have found a way to finally clear it. You will have this error if you bought a used unit (replaced) or flashed yours to newer version.
To fix this you need to save your VIN in adaptation channel 30 by saving value 1
Address 14: Susp. Elect. (J250), Login: 06865 Adaptation channell 30 save 1.
After this I had to cycle key two times,or if this doesn't work remove power to electronic fuse 35 and error is gone after that automatically or clear faults.
For basic setting you need to lift your car so that wheel are hung and sensors are reading values,
Address 14: Susp. Elect. (J250) Login: 31564, Basic Settings: channell: 1 Go ON/OFF.

I have flashed my unit from version 69 to 70 and finally to 71. I think that handling is better but could be just my imagination.
hope this will help somebody