I recently got a 2015 GTI with the Drivers Assistance Package (DAP) which offers front and rear parking sensors and a forward shooting radar sensor that's mounted in the lower grill. I read that for 2016 VW will be adding more features to the DAP to offer Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Autonomous Braking which the 2015's did not have. They are also adding a few other features but these do not use the existing radar sensor in the front grill.

My question is, does anyone know if it will be possible through coding to activate the forward collision warning autonomous braking and ACC?

I know for ACC some hardware would be needed, steering wheel button which is currently a blank button the the steering wheel, for the Autonomous Braking I'm thinking possibly just coding but maybe there is a module that needs to be added or replace?

I searched online for ACC retrofits and did not find anything, thinking the car is too new in the US that nobody really tried it and it seems elsewhere it's already available. The radar sensor control module in my car is the J428 made by Bosch, supposedly? I know they are used in the US Spec Touareg and Audi models:


Hoping maybe this will be possible, since the current system is very limited in features.