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Thread: How to update HEX-NETs with a codeblock older than 0.42xx

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    How to update HEX-NETs with a codeblock older than 0.42xx

    How to update HEX-NETs with a codeblock older than 0.42xx

    What's needed (click on the link if you need more information):

    PC or MAC
    HEX-NET Java Configuration Utility
    USB Cable

    Step 1:

    Plug HEX-NET into the USB Port of the computer. It does not have to be plugged into the car.

    Step 2:

    Open the HEX-NET config utility. If it does not open, you do not have java. Click here to download java

    If you receive the following error, see step 2.5.

    If you do not receive the error, click the check for updates button, and proceed to update using the utility (step 4).

    Step 2.5 - The Error:

    You will need to configure the HEX-NET to a local router with internet connectivity.

    In the HEX-NET Utility do the following:
    1. Click the OK button to dismiss the error.
    2. Click Configure Wifi.
    3. Click [Scan for new Network]
    4. Select your Network
    5. Enter Password.

    Step 3- Update via browser:

    The latest update pushed out for 15.7 was a major update. We need to update first via the web browser. In step 2.5 we configured the internet connection to the HEX-NET. Your HEX-NET Configuration utility will now show a valid ip address:

    3A. Open a browser and enter the ip number. Login with your HEX-NET password (default password is password):

    3B: Click [Options]:

    3C: Click [Check for Updates].

    You may receive the following warning message. Click OK, you can create a cloud account at a later time:

    3D: Updates found. Go ahead and click the [Download Update button]

    Once completed you will be redirected to the login screen. Close the browser at this time.

    4. Go back to the update utility. Click [Check for Updates] button :
    The utility will now display a list of updates found . Click [Download Update]

    During the update, you will see the following. Click [OK] to proceed.

    Once the update is completed click [Go Back]

    IMPORTANT: Check for updates several times, as your HEX-NET may be very out of date. Keep following Step 4 until you see:

    Your HEX-NET is up to date. You can now use the latest release of VCDS
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