Hot of the press........

ODIS about to stick it in your ass after the 10TH

Makes VCDS real cheap in comparison.............

Ah I don't think a language change is needed in VCDS........and not in 0x17-04 Idiots !!!!!!!!!!

FYI : sometimes a language change allows for a reset after 160 KM though in some buggy clusters......

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erWin Monthly News

august 2015

ODIS Price Change

Due to our increased administrative costs, as of August 10, 2015, we will be raising the price of ODIS subscriptions to $750 per brand. To save some money, you can pre-purchase your subscription renewal at $500.00 per brand until the 10th. The ODIS credit will apply when your current subscription expiires.

2003 Passat Instrument Cluster Replacement

When replacing the instrument cluster on early Passats, you may experience difficulity inputting the mileage from the old cluster. Ralph from European Auto Works in Sunnyvale, California discovered this workaround:

2003 Passat Here is how to set the odometer on the 03 Passat, after the immobilizer has been coded:

1. Right-click on #17 instrument cluster: Control Module OBD
2. Basic settings (17Dashboard)
3. Channel #9
4. Convert mileage to kilometer and move the decimal point left one digit (This is the # to enter)


93,963 Mi = 151,218 km

Enter 15,121 as the value

5. Press the Apply button

Thank You for Your Continued Support

Thank you for your support of the monthly erWin newsletters. The response and feedback have been extremely positive and we will continue to keep you posted on all things related to erWin.

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