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Thread: Forum AutoLogout Causing loss of forum posts

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    Forum AutoLogout Causing loss of forum posts

    When typing up a forum post that takes a few minutes to compose, when clicking on the "Post" or "Preview" button, the site throws an error that I am not logged in and cannot post. I am then redirected to a logon page and the post page is refreshed losing all of the text previously typed up. So far, I have resorted in copying the text of the new post so that I can paste into a new post form at which time I can successfully submit a reply.

    Is there any way to adjust the timeout so that this does not occur?

    Thanks, JohnZ

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    OK, the default was 900 seconds (15 minutes). I've doubled it to 1800 (30 minutes). Is there some reason you don't want to use the "Remember Me?" check-box option when you log in?


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