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Thread: WTF Emissions DELETES! The smelly Garbage can dumped on Motorsports! WTF

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    WTF Emissions DELETES! The smelly Garbage can dumped on Motorsports! WTF

    Emissions DELETES! The smelly Garbage can dumped on Motorsports!

    Am I the only one upset about this in a room standing in the corner?

    I am just wondering why shops would consider such a liability, and the fact that they lose money by giving up great repair work?

    Whether shop business owners realize it or not, a serious loss of income has taken place in repair shops/parts stores Nationwide due to this crap!
    Techs are moving from shop to shop because they can't make any money...... according to tool guys I speak to.
    In July alone I received 43 job resumes ......that's crazy!

    It's bad enough when you hear that cars are 6 years @0% and a lease for $150 USD a month!

    Deletes are not real Racing/Motorsports........ it's for lazy assholes looking to make a quick buck!

    Fortunately we can use VCDS to help detect such things, however, for some it maybe hard, so I am going to start, and would like others to add to things they do to detect it.

    I think it's time to deploy the VCDS Tuning detection button...........

    I am all for true Motorsports, however, someone needs to put a stop to this shit.
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