G28 to G40 Correlation DTC's OMFG!


This is now many late model cars, so it's a widespread, pervasive, ubiquitous, pattern worldwide right?

Turns out the reluctor press fit on crank to rear seal area application likes to walk the walk, but the OBD fails the proper talk in blocks or DTC's to pend, huh?
Would it especially, when the ENGINE SUFFERS VIBRATIONS FROM VICARIOUS MISFIRE or if the rear seal pukes its oil from failed blow by gasses or fuel being improperly, calculated, re-meditated or dumped in the sump from faulty HPP fuel pump or injector sets huh?

Did you know NostraJackASS installs fault finders to see if stuff walks and doesn't do what it is designed, he does this too detect and analyse, getting to the bottom with answers of an issue?

Did you know the fault finder shows that the reluctor will actually move and disrupt the G28 signal OMFG! it actually does after taking a trans back out just to know because NostraJackASS is sometimes very patient or nuts if you prefer due to the love of pain because he must know?

End result is to confirm a suspicion lived 15 years ago of problem history & since evaded even then detection of OBD unless extremely bad on the slide to correlate, did you know NostraJackASS tack tig welded the reluctor to the crank in 3 spots & so it can never move unless ground off?

Again did you know this is not the first time this has been exhibited either, it happened in old PD engines too from faulty aforementioned internals or DMF knocking, for example a BKD 2.0 16 V & in my earlier investigations in 2005 & OMFG, again, over 15 years ago?

It's always good too know my words were not listened too back then either, wouldn't it upset you?

My recommendation is still the same........install a heavier ring & that press fits with actual strength to byte crank and a tool for extraction and install, so it doesn't happen creating unhappy engines and consumers!

No matter what you do & to creatively or fail to program shit right, ultimately, I'm always going to find your bullshit in mechanical tests are I not?

Is this not a liability?