If legislators had a "Genuine" concern for reducing emissions and approached the subject solely with respect to the vehicle emitting emissions that did not exceed federal standards, then, I would be ALL for it, however, looking at how California laws along with some of the requirements it imposes, I am NOT a fan.

Case in point, many years ago I owned a 1972 Plymouth with a 440CID engine that I built, this was a Built engine with all of the goodies, high lift split duration cam, 30 over aluminum forged flat top pistons etc. etc. etc.

When all was said and done I remove all required smog devices and took the car down to the local smog station, they ran the test with the sniffer and it passed with flying colors but guess what, it didn't matter because California was more worried about what wasn't on the car than the level of emissions it was outputting and this is still the case today!!

I have another highly modified OBDII car that passes all C.A.R.B emissions tests with stock like results (including the sniffer test) but good old money grubbin' California doesn't care because they make their money on the process and as well, they want to gain increasing control over citizens in this so-called free country.

It absolutely should not matter what is done under the hood as long as what comes out of the exhaust pipe(s) meets emissions level standards for the vehicle in question, after all, isn't it ultimately suppose to be about the quality of the air we breath ...

JEGS Automotive to Pay $1.7 Million for Selling illegal Parts in California


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