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Thread: B8 A4 led tail lamp euro coding

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlarsen View Post
    Yeah, it looks to me that it isn't possible to change on the Facelift A4 Sedan NA model - it looks to me that it is only on the Avant that it is possible (see post #36 above).
    Quote Originally Posted by Taintted View Post
    So after testing the coding I fear you may be correct in that they combined the lines for the brake and signal and used the line that would be normally used for the outer signal and used it for the damn side marker. so unless i can move some wiring around this may not be possible. I wonder were I can get the wiring diagrams to compare the euro taillights to the na taillights because then maybe i can see if it would be easy to rewire the taillights, though I have a feeling a new wire would need to be ran to the bcm to make these behave like the euro ones.
    Seems in order to make these taillights act like they are from Europe I would need to completely swap them out for the European version. The circuit for the blinkers in Europe they turned into the side markers here in the US and then changed the circuitry in the taillights to tie the brake and blinker together. There is absolutely no way to circumvent this through coding. I already priced out taillights and for a used set it will be like 400, which isn't bad.

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    Is there any way to adjust brightness of rear LED turn signals on B8 Avant FL? I changed LEDs from red to yellow and they seem to be to dark.

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