^^^ I agree - but from a very long distance away here in the Antipodes and because these legendary folk are just words on a page - I have this mental image of RT staff being somewhat like the comic book superheros (I'm told that the PC term nowadays is "graphic novels") that were the stuff of my youth -now many years ago.

I can't confirm for certain, but I strongly suspect that each office @ R's HQ has its own phone-box. Employers come to work each day dressed in their "civies" - but once in their offices, they enter the phone box and don their super hero costumes -complete with underpants on the outside (my apology for leaving readers with that particular mental image).

Once garbed in the appropriate superhero cloths they fearlessly continue the never-ending fight for goodness and niceness - and against badness and evil!!

hmm....... perhaps it's time for more lithium?