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When you say 2009, can this also be the situation on 2008 golf mkV's? I'm working on a 2008 Golf V 1.9 Tdi and it has a Gen3 steering rack and "ESP MK60EC1" Abs system. Does this setup sound all original? And to calibrate the steering angle sensor you'd do it within the Abs module because the car has Esp which communicates with the G85 via the Abs, is this correct? So am I correct in saying you would not calibrate the steering angle sensor via the Steering Assist module?
I would calibrate G85 in 03-ABS in that case.

Adding to MartinsX and Uwe's suggestions. Although rare in my opinion, it is entirely possible to have a MY 2008 Mk5 in the RoW market with a factory Gen 3 rack and MK60EC1 ABS module. The VIN and complete scan would shed light on this if you are concerned something was retrofitted.

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Do some Golfs have 2 steering sensors, 1 on the rack and 1 on the steering column? Or 1 on the steering column and 1 under the steering wheel too?
Although it would not happen with a factory configuration you can encounter a Golf based model with two G85 sensors enabled at the same time and that causes conflicts. (Much like indirect and direct TPMS enabled at the same time). Common scenarios include:

2005-2008 Golf based car equipped with steering column mounted G85 after a Gen 3 steering rack and wiring harness installed as replacement parts with the incorrect Adp setting in 44.

In other cases you could have a 2008/2009+ Golf based car with Gen 3 factory installed 44 module and a replacement UDS protocol 16 module (which supports an internal G85 sensor via coding) is installed and incorrectly coded.

Although that occasionally happens that isn't a common problem. Honestly, we see more problems with steering angle sensors that report Cannot be reached due to incorrect 16 or 44 module configurations.