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Thread: Video training suggestion: Getting the most out of erWin

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    Quote Originally Posted by LUO nation View Post
    was just wondering if I could key in an Row VW vin on Nar site and get the Fine Books
    I would be surprised if that worked.

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    I have not had cause to download any information from ERWIN recently, but the last time I did I bought an hour slot and after my download had about 3/4 of an hour to go, so I just started downloading all data and SSP's I could see at that time. I've also completed the same on the Audi site. Recently I was working on another make and model of vehicle (Kia), they have a different idea regarding their site, for a time period (I think between 3 and 6 months) they allow you free access to all data and have a look round their site, then the site logs you off, when you ask for a new password their site does not let you on until you have bought time, then you have to navigate your way round the site, find your information and start your downloads ASAP, stress will kick in when you watch the time going by, but that is how they have designed their site.

    All in all, I can say that I am completely at a loss when dealer technicians diagnosing faults use the "Parts darts" idea, I know they do I worked for a main dealer for 12 months, when you consider that all this information we buy outside their dealer networks is freely available to their technicians, that they have had since the dawn of time, I just can's see why they don't spend time learning the material?

    For me, the dealer level technical information available is light years ahead of the outside world information.
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    A question. I have a pdf service manual from Factory Manuals for my MY 15 S3 which I do not find useful (see below). How does erWin repair/diagnostics data compare?
    The problems with FM:
    1. Not model specific, covers many similar cars, for different markets (mostly China) and MYs other 2015 as well. Hard to know if the data applies.
    2. Pagination does not work, index does not work, search works very poorly, no glossary, major divisions eg engine disassembly are not logically arranged.
    3. Huge repetition of boiler plate special equipment and safety cautions which makes 2. even harder.
    I don't trust its accuracy. It seems to be pirated.

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