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Thread: How to read wiring diagrams - the videos (final version)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenerdiode View Post
    Battery positive; i.e. '+' hence 'plus'. With reference to ground.

    Jef excellently illustrates how it is physically constructed, they're then insulated and buried deep in the wiring harness.
    Zenerdiode: without intending anything of a negative nature and with my full acknowledgement of your obvious expertise in matters electrical (which is abundantly clear from your previous writings ) - are your sure?

    And I preface my assertion by reminding us both that German engineers are renowned above all else for their clinical efficiency. So - if the good Burghers in Germany intended PLUS to be a synonym for the add symbol, then why wouldn't they just use the symbol (WDs are replete with the "+" symbol, elsewhere)?

    Therefore, whilst I admit that I find much in these WDs to be arcane and very non-intuitive, and because the term "plus" is invariably used at what Jeff calls "weld-points" which are places in the loom where multiple wires connect together - why doesn't PLUS in WDs have its other meaning "also" - perhaps?

    Quote Originally Posted by DicknNancy View Post

    Also on page 15 of the PDF that goes with the two videos it shows an A15 in a circle. I'm wondering how this connection with the letter designation differs from the other connections (no letters) described as "weld connections"

    Can someone enlighten me?
    What a f#^cking good question!!!!

    From the perspective of a complete amateur, my uninformed observation is that the these notations do not have a leading alpha if they relate to earth points - but I'm not sure that this explains it. Perhaps the alpha relates to a wiring loom identifier, or maybe it's a code identifier for the ciruit function (like DIN 72552)-I'm guessing?

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