Hi guys,

A few days ago i've retroffited a Golf Mk7 mfsw to my 2009 Golf Mk6 and im experiencing two problems:
- after the steering wheel was coded, all the buttons are working but the horn is not working
- no button illumination

As the car didnt came from the factory with any cruise control the default codding on the concenience ?calculator ( the one located in the steering wheel collumn, sorry, dont know the exact name) was 000004. Now, in order to make the buttons work, ive used the Lin 2.0 coding but regardless of the codding the horn isnt working. I've tried the followong codes 0000501,502,503,504 until 804. Also, when using the Lin 1.3 codding, nothing is working, horn or buttons.

The only way to make the worn work is using the old codding, 000004.

Any ideeas regarding the horn issue?
Also, the button illumination is kind of annoying but the most important would be the horn issue.

What did i do wrong?