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Thread: Rules for Reference Scans, please read!

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    Rules for Reference Scans, please read!

    The purpose of this section is to post Auto-Scans, and if possible, engine channel maps. This is for reference only. The rules and guidelines are pretty simple:

    • Title the post as (Year) (Model), (Engine Type) (Engine Code)
    • Please wrap Auto-Scans and Channel Maps in the CODES tag.
    • This is not for vehicle support. If you need help, post in the correct section.
    • Please do not reply to posts. If you have a question or want to comment, then IM the person.
    • We ask that the vehicles be in good working order.
    • If the vehicle is modified, please provide details.

    If you are able to get engine channel maps, please create and post one (or more) of the following:

    • Cold engine, engine off.
    • Cold eninge, engine at idle.
    • Engine +80*C, engine off.
    • Engine +80*C, engine at idle

    We ask that everyone do this, at the very least, post an Auto-Scan. Don't worry about there being a duplicate type post, the more people who contribute, the better.

    Thank you.
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