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Thread: retrofit matrix lights and rear end on a8 d4 2011

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    retrofit matrix lights and rear end on a8 d4 2011


    i wanted to post this in retrofit section but am not yet verified so i posted it here and i am looking for some help regarding my audi
    i have a 2011 audi a8 LED headlights option and i have a done the matrix retrofit .

    i had to change the front bumper, bonnet, head lights, j519 unit, rear bumper, rear trunk and tail lights.

    everything is good so far except the lights, for the rear lights i cannot make the turning signal to work like the new model i have it just blinking like the previous one.

    and the big problem is the front headlights.

    i cannot control anything in it, no high beam no low beam even i cant flash the high beam with the stick .
    and yes there is two types of matrix and i got the full led one , even the front turning signal is not working on the left side (driver side) only the right one is working and i got three error messages in the car.

    the car is in dubai i visited few garages there but they couldn't make them work properly and they cant get rid of the errors in the instrument .

    i got the front end from a salvage car nad the control modules or control computers the ones which in the headlights is from another salvage car ,
    one garage said that i have to get the car coded with the same codes that the salvage car has and one said no need to have the same codes

    i need to get the lights working properly but i dont know what to do with it

    any help will be appreciated even if i have to buy something online or pay for a codes or whatever am wiling to do .

    thank you in advance

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    You've seen How to Get Verified, right?

    Once you do that, and have posted an Auto-Scan, we'll be happy to move this thread to the Retrofits section for you.

    The engineering problems are likely insurmountable. It would be like proposing to land a rocket booster section on a barge floating in the middle of the ocean.

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