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Thread: Need help enabling a front viewing (infrared) camera w/Audi MMI 3G

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    Need help enabling a front viewing (infrared) camera w/Audi MMI 3G

    I'm looking to add a forward facing infrared camera that outputs NTSC video as a video input source to my Audi A5 MMI 3G system. The MMI has the green Fakra connector which is used for video input, but I need help with configuring the MMI to use the video input as a source to the in vehicle MMI screen.

    I don't know if I'll be required to add a TV tuner to feed my infrared camera output to--or if I'll be able to directly feed the video signal to the green Fakra connector.

    Does anyone have knowledge or documentation that could be helpful?


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    Hello Mike,

    I don't have any personal experience with that retrofit but you can post the complete Auto-Scan so we can see what this car is made of.


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    Hello Uptime. At our shop we use the following part to integrate video into the 3G MMI system, no tweaks needed.

    That link directs you to a system used for internal MMI, a fancy way of saying your MMI selection stick is embedded in the radio face. If your MMI selection stick is embedded behind the shifter use the following system:

    You can then feed your video signal into the device and then use the provided toggle button to switch to the IR camera at any time!

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