I express no opinion on DPF cleaning methods here... I'm not really qualified.

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Now how big are we talking about. Well, the modern DPF will filter out particles of 1 micron (1 millionth of a meter) and bigger with about 95% and higher efficiency! To compare, dust mite is about 300 microns, human hair is 20-180 microns, red blood cell 6-10 microns. You get the idea, what we are talking about here???
That said, I have to take a moment to appreciate the engineering that has to go into that filter. 100K miles of service or more from a B95 1 micron filter that catches very nasty stuff at very hot temperatures moving at a very high rate. I think a decent full-flow oil filter is only B95 20 microns or so, and we depend on those to keep our lubrication systems happy.

I wish I better understood the chemistry involved. I've read through much of the educational links Ross-Tech put up recently for modern VW diesel emissions controls, and that is just some crazy Rube Goldberg stuff going on. It amazes me they can make that number of inter-dependent control and feedback loops work right the day it rolls out of the factory, let alone as it ages.