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Thread: How to emergency Regen while sitting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack@European_Parts View Post
    My place is clean.........
    I can personally vouch for that.

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    Quite a few times I read "if the car is driven properly", so, what is "properly"? I'm sure there will be varying opinions which is fine and expected, but I'm curious. For the first 40k miles I drove mine (passat TDI sel 2013) in drive and just let the computer do its thing. Lately I e experimented more with manual mode and have found I can always get better mpg driving in manual and keeping the revs as low as possible (1200 or so). So for me and anyone else curious, am I doing more harm than good by driving it like there is an egg under the accelerator pedal? I drive 100 miles a day and see 2-3 regents a week.

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    I would think in this context, it means start it and drive it, try not to either over lug it, or wind it up past redline. (very often)

    do not start with remote control and let sit for a half hour idling every day before you drive two miles to work.

    and for the record, with a DSG, the computer is still in charge, even if you choose a gear. it will take over if it thinks it needs to.

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