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Thread: Automatic Transmission Procedures in Pictures

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    Automatic Transmission Procedures in Pictures

    This is an example of transmission kickdown on a 2001 Eurovan VR6:

    Basic Settings:

    Basic Settings should be performed on an Automatic Transmission after:

    Engine replacement .

    ECU replacement

    Throttle Valve adjustment

    TPS replacement

    TPS adustment

    TCM Replacement

    First, make sure there are no fault codes in the Auto Trans. Then, with the key in the on position, and engine OFF. Do not touch the accelerator pedal.

    [02 - Auto Trans]

    [Measuring Blocks - 08]

    In the top left Group field enter "000" and Click [Go!]

    Click on [Switch to Basic Settings]

    Press and hold the accelerator all the way to the floor for at least 3 seconds (doesn't hurt to go longer):

    Click on [Switch to Meas. Blocks]

    Take your foot off the accelerator pedal:

    Click on [Done, Go Back]

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