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Thread: Polo 4 9N Replacement Power Steering Pump - Dash Light Still ON

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    Polo 4 9N Replacement Power Steering Pump - Dash Light Still ON

    Hi all,

    I've had a 54 plate Polo 4 9N for about 6 months, 63k, which seems to have a few electrical issues.

    Last week the power steering light illuminated at startup and stayed on, I checked the fluid level which was fine, so I took it to a mechanic mate of mine who suggested it could have been caused by low/intermittent supply voltage as it's just electrically powered.

    He used VAGCOM which said the output voltage was low and signal poor - Can't remember the code unfortunately.

    To troubleshoot, he tested the alternator output at idle which was about 14.2V and at 2000+RPM which was about 14.4V, a little low perhaps but shouldn't cause the issue??
    He attached a battery booster to the battery and tested again which was similar. And turned lights ON etc to see how it dropped under load. I think we got it down to 13.8V when loaded.
    Fuses all checked and nothing blown.
    In terms of supply, he suggested the battery wasn't in great form, but was OK and shouldn't be causing this issue.

    Having removed the lower bumper grills, he could feel that the pump was spinning so must be powered, it just wasn't delivering any output.
    He suggested that the power steering pump was probably bust, but it could also be the steering sensor on the steering column playing a part in the problem.

    I noted the power steering part number (6Q0423156 AB) and rather than paying anywhere between £220-360 for a new one decided to get a working salvaged one from eBay for £90 which I fitted a few days later (not the easiest to get to but not too crazy - about 3 hours total)
    Fluid topped up and air bubbles removed, the power steering is back, but the light hasn't disappeared! Uh-oh.
    It may be psychological but it doesn't seem to be quite as light to steer as before and certainly isn't as light as my Golf steering. I can't remember exactly how light it was before.

    I've read in a few different places that a replacement power steering pump needs to be coded to the car, but surely not if the exact same part number was used?? I'm left confused.

    My mechanic reckons the light should have gone out if everything is working correctly, which seems reasonable.

    Any experience or knowledge of how i've failed to solve the problem?

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    A side issue which may be related is that when the key is turned to the first stage, the red battery light turns on (as expected) but it flickers continuously.
    After a lot of searching, I can't find anyone else who describes the same issue. Is that a dodgy battery connection maybe, or a dodgy lead?

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    Without seeing a complete autoscan (with a genuine VCDS tool) it's not possible to say I'm afraid. Please not that this section of the forum is for users of VCDS who haven't yet registered their tool with the manufacturer (Ross Tech), but all members are required to post an autoscan regardless of registration status.

    I'd suggest asking your mechanic to run a fresh autoscan, give you the saved log of the scan, and post it here. We'll presume he has a genuine tool...

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