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# 170 this thread is really bothering me. I don't think anyone learned anything from this thread. imo your intention was never to fix the problem the right way. that trans is a quiet nice when you do the updates to it. many different people can give advice, learn who to accept it from. at the end of the day I don't want someone else to get the wrong Idea when you had already decided that you weren't going to fix this trans.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but "fixing it the right way" requires specialized skills and equipment well beyond those that most of us possess? I know good techs who have no compunctions overhauling a manual, but they who won't touch a slushbox because they know they don't have "the right stuff". I suppose a few people probably do have it, but feedback from customers indicates that they are few and far between at best.

So let me pose a hypothetical: Let's say someone had one of these transmissions and really did want to "fix it right". Where should they go to get it done, how much would it cost, and how long would it take?