Vehicle Identification No. 3VW267AJXGM374130
Model Jetta 1.4
Date of production 27.04.2016
Model year 2016
Sales type 163VF6
Engine Code CZTA
Transmission Code QCE

Customer states the turbo had failed and was replaced with new unit from dealer. Now has new fault codes after test drive:

  • P056E / 001390 - Turbo/Super Charger Boost Control: Malfunction during Cold Start
  • P334B / 013131 - Charge Pressure Control Actuator: Mechanical Malfunction

With engine at idle, go into ECM, Basic Settings IDE03869 - Test: charge pressure actuator and then click on [Go!] Brake pedal + accelerator pedal to the floor and you should get a "Finished Correctly" statement. Let off the pedals, click on [Stop] then go back and clear out the DTCs, perform follow up test drive.