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Thread: '07 VW Jetta 2.5L Wolfsburg Ed. feels like trans is slamming when shifting 2nd to 3rd

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    Quote Originally Posted by roth View Post
    Yep, and so he's going to fork out for O2 sensor + possibly no. 1 coil + valve cover (P2279 -> most likely cause), on a car with a bad trans / valve body (if he's lucky).

    I'm thinking trade in here. BTW, the OEM manuals tell you many times to to clear codes and / or preform hard reset to make sure codes are valid.

    BR, Andy
    Agree 100% with you.
    Engine code has nothing to do with Transmission question OP asked.
    Valve body is most common problem on 6 speed automatic transmission 2005 and up.
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    Hey Stan Lee Marvel Comics,

    Yes there is.
    The clutch placement offset in this early gearbox was done wrong from day one in my opinion.
    It wears excessively for one........ then the contaminates make there way to the noids etc.
    Domino's of trans death.

    The cars run good cold because the fluid is thick and can make the PSI to move the car forward applying the PSI on the pack for a smooth shift.

    When it warms up it goes right to limp dick.....and BANG!

    I have experimented with heavier hydraulic fluids with some success, but this issue for tolerance is so great it damages everything from CV joints to final drive.
    That being said I also blend it with 202 to as a thinning agent to get the lube to the noids.......... since it mixes well with other fluids.

    It is the official VW grenade in my opinion and a true POS that early 09G 6 speed for the Convertible NB.
    Makes the 096/098/01M seem not so bad......... and it was bad.

    The 09A is usually noids and VB contaminated.

    02E has also benefited from 202 blends if you got the contaminates out.
    Still testing use of thicker fluids in the DSG.

    I can tell you that you might be surprised how some engine oils react in a transmission actually pretty nice with the thickening polymers.

    Just have to have the balls to try stuff......I am one with such nuts and the crazy to try.

    In situations like this........ I encourage it if you have time and then you can in some cases prove it to yourself. Not much to lose but some time.

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