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Thread: Audi A3 Virtual Cockpit Check Engine Light

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    Quote Originally Posted by hro0250 View Post
    Thanks I knew I was missing it somewhere! This cluster was from an EU spec car, does that make a difference? I know in the original post I saw that guy also used an EU cluster and he had no issues...
    New information provided - "cluster was from an EU spec car"!!!! I note your reference to "the original post" - the author doesn't provide details about the EU hex17 module and the ECU module in the NAR car is "out to lunch" (to quote a Uwe euphemism) in his auto-scan?

    As I said - I have no idea of the difference between FBenRDW and FBenUSA modules - but the following may be instructive:

    hro0250 car - EU module
    Address 17: Instruments (J285)       
       Part No SW: 8V0 920 790     HW: 8V0 920 790 
       Component: FBenRDW       H13 0045  
    case 3 car - NAR module
    Address 17: Instruments (J285)      
       Part No SW: 8V0 920 790     HW: 8V0 920 790 
       Component: FBenRDW       H14 0047  
    So - I've chosen a NAR module in case 3 with exactly the same SW/HW numbers - but as you can see, while they have the same FBenRDW label, they have different component numbers (see highlighted digits)!!

    What does this mean? Again, I'm not sure - but fortunately case 3 has provided an admap of the NAR hex17 module and the adaptation channel count is 280. The adaptation channel count on your EU module is 258. Alas I don't have access to ETKA - perhaps it can be useful here?

    I have developed a MS Access macro that can provide a channel-by-channel comparison for both modules, but your admap is not in .CSV format. If you want a detailed comparison of the differences between the 2 x modules, please provide a new admap with the set-up for the dialogue screen like this:

    NOTE: I originally used the picture for another purpose - DON'T ENTER "09", enter "17"


    PS: the other matter that we haven't discussed is the compatibility of the chosen EU module with your particular NAR engine module? I simply can't find another example (here, or on the net) of this set-up!
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    I hope this is correct, I converted it from an excel file to a .csv file. If this module indeed cannot work with a NAR engine module, could I program a new VC with VCDS, or would I need dealer-level software to remove component protection, adapt vehicle keys, etc? Thanks again, I really appreciate the help!

     ;SW:8V0-920-790   HW:8V0-920-790 ---  Instruments,,,,
    ;Component:FBenRDW       H13 0045, Coding:048418506F80CE080085E8001000500000000000,,,
    ;VCDS Version: Release 20.4.1 (x64)  Data version: 20200331 DS317.0,,,,
    ;VCID: 79AFE82729599B13145-802C,,,,
    IDE00001-Production mode,not active ,3,,
    IDE00301-Distance,3294 km,3,,
    IDE00342-ESI: Resetting ESI,no warning ,1,,
    IDE00343-Language version,US English ,1,,
    IDE00499-Display correction of consumptions and operating range,100%,1,,
    IDE00500-Hour,21 H,1,,
    IDE00501-Minute,38 min,1,,
    IDE00502-Year,2020 yr,2,,
    IDE00503-Month,7 mon,1,,
    IDE00504-Day,4 d,1,,
    IDE00510-ESI: distance driven from inspection,1200 km,3,,
    IDE00511-ESI: time from inspection,38 d,2,,
    IDE00512-ESI: minimum value km-driving distance/inspection,15000 km,2,,
    IDE00513-ESI: maximum value km-driving distance/inspection,30000 km,2,,
    IDE00514-ESI: maximum value of time between inspections,730 d,2,,
    IDE00515-ESI: oil quality,poor oil quality ,1,,
    IDE00517-ESI: soot entry,0 km,2,,
    IDE00518-ESI: thermal load,2500 km,2,,
    IDE00819-Day counter,565 d,2,,
    IDE00820-Activating and deactivating all development messages,not active ,1,,
    IDE00827-ESI: minimum value of time between inspections,365 d,2,,
    IDE01153-SIA: maximum value of distance to service,15000 km,2,,
    IDE01154-SIA: maximum value of time to service,365 d,2,,
    IDE02332-Deactivate production mode,0,3,,
    IDE02489-Display depiction,Version 1 ,1,,
    IDE02818-IDE02689-Offset for tank calibration values-Complete tank calibration,-12.80 l,5,,
    IDE02818-MAS02376-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 1,-12.80 l,5,,
    IDE02818-MAS02377-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 2,-12.80 l,5,,
    IDE02818-MAS02378-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 3,12.70 l,5,,
    IDE02818-MAS02379-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 4,12.70 l,5,,
    IDE03329-Driving profiled for range remaining,7.90 l/100km,2,,
    IDE03346-IDE00301-Units adjusted-Distance,miles ,3,,
    IDE03346-MAS01230-Units adjusted-Date,mm_dd_yy ,3,,
    IDE03346-MAS01456-Units adjusted-Speed,Miles per hour ,3,,
    IDE03346-MAS02201-Units adjusted-Temperature,F ,3,,
    IDE03346-MAS02957-Units adjusted-Time,12h AM_PM ,3,,
    IDE03346-MAS03032-Units adjusted-Volume,gallons (US) ,3,,
    IDE03346-MAS03034-Units adjusted-Pressure,psi ,3,,
    IDE03346-MAS05637-Units adjusted-Operating range consumption: CNG (compressed natural gas),kg per 100 km ,3,,
    IDE03346-MAS05638-Units adjusted-Consumption gasoline / diesel - LPG (liquefied petroleum gas),Miles per gallon (US) ,3,,
    IDE03346-MAS05875-Units adjusted-Average consumption: electric drive,kWh per 100 km ,3,,
    IDE03348-MAS01456-Speed warning-Speed,0,2,,
    IDE03348-MAS01561-Speed warning-Unit,Miles per hour ,2,,
    IDE03348-Speed warning-,not active ,2,,
    IDE03349-FIX: Max. distance until next mileage-related inspection,30000 km,3,,
    IDE03350-FIX: Maximum time until next time-dependent inspection,730 d,2,,
    IDE03351-FIX: Distance covered since last mileage-dependent inspection,2800 km,3,,
    IDE03352-FIX: Time since last time-dependent inspection,575 d,2,,
    IDE03372-Source for synchronization of time,GPS ,1,,
    IDE03568-ENG119828-Service-key settings-p_deactivate_SK_Function,On ,5,,
    IDE03568-ENG99943-Service-key settings-p_forcewrite_qual_time,10 s,5,,
    IDE03568-ENG119827-Service-key settings-p_main_switch_Basic,OFF ,5,,
    IDE03568-ENG102414-Service-key settings-p_main_switch_keyless,On ,5,,
    IDE03568-ENG102611-Service-key settings-p_write_delay_speed,20 km/h,5,,
    IDE03568-ENG103545-Service-key settings-p_write_delay_time,40 s,5,,
    IDE03568-ENG104099-Service-key settings-p_write_distance,20 km,5,,
    IDE03867-Deactivate seat belt warning,No ,1,,
    IDE04169-Display correction of consumption and operating range: gas,100%,1,,
    IDE05930-Service notification in days,30 d,1,,
    IDE05971-Vehicle Positioning System Interface Control Module,not installed ,1,,
    IDE06425-Roller test bench mode: functional,not activated ,1,,
    IDE06588-Ignition active message: actuator,Driver door ,1,,
    IDE06922-No-voltage display,No display ,1,,
    IDE07160-MAS01155-Control module switch-off: switch-off time-Control module,20 min,2,,
    IDE07160-MAS05583-Control module switch-off: switch-off time-Data bus,30 min,2,,
    IDE07221-Cylinder shut-off,Display ,1,,
    IDE07579-MAS05872-Driving profile for operating range consump.with electric drive-Operating range average voltage,10.00 A,8,,
    IDE07579-MAS05875-Driving profile for operating range consump.with electric drive-Average consumption: electric drive,25,8,,
    IDE07579-MAS05876-Driving profile for operating range consump.with electric drive-Average consumption: low voltage auxiliary consumer,0.2,8,,
    IDE07579-MAS05877-Driving profile for operating range consump.with electric drive-Average consumption: high voltage auxiliary consumer,0.5,8,,
    IDE07600-ENG114653-Drive profile for road-specif. remain.oper.range for el. drive-s_erw_rwdv_antrieb_high_class_0,25,14,,
    IDE07600-ENG114654-Drive profile for road-specif. remain.oper.range for el. drive-s_erw_rwdv_antrieb_high_class_1,25,14,,
    IDE07600-ENG114655-Drive profile for road-specif. remain.oper.range for el. drive-s_erw_rwdv_antrieb_high_class_2,25,14,,
    IDE07600-ENG114656-Drive profile for road-specif. remain.oper.range for el. drive-s_erw_rwdv_antrieb_high_class_3,25,14,,
    IDE07600-ENG114657-Drive profile for road-specif. remain.oper.range for el. drive-s_erw_rwdv_antrieb_high_class_4,25,14,,
    IDE07600-ENG114658-Drive profile for road-specif. remain.oper.range for el. drive-s_erw_rwdv_antrieb_high_class_5,25,14,,
    IDE07600-ENG114659-Drive profile for road-specif. remain.oper.range for el. drive-s_erw_rwdv_antrieb_high_class_6,25,14,,
    IDE08140-Driving profiled for range remaining CNG,0.00 kg/100 km,2,,
    IDE08247-Driving profile for range remaining LPG,0.00 l/100km,2,,
    IDE10208-Display correct. of consump. and operating range: elec.,100%,1,,
    IDE10693-Initialize sensor for fuel level,No ,1,,
    IDE10694-ENG126302-Driving profile for road-related range remaining-s_vkmrw_rwdv_high_class_0,7.90 l/100km,14,,
    IDE10694-ENG126303-Driving profile for road-related range remaining-s_vkmrw_rwdv_high_class_1,10.00 l/100km,14,,
    IDE10694-ENG126304-Driving profile for road-related range remaining-s_vkmrw_rwdv_high_class_2,10.00 l/100km,14,,
    IDE10694-ENG126305-Driving profile for road-related range remaining-s_vkmrw_rwdv_high_class_3,10.00 l/100km,14,,
    IDE10694-ENG126306-Driving profile for road-related range remaining-s_vkmrw_rwdv_high_class_4,10.00 l/100km,14,,
    IDE10694-ENG126307-Driving profile for road-related range remaining-s_vkmrw_rwdv_high_class_5,10.00 l/100km,14,,
    IDE10694-ENG126308-Driving profile for road-related range remaining-s_vkmrw_rwdv_high_class_6,10.00 l/100km,14,,
    IDE11472-IDE03360-Configuration of displayable contents-Upshift display in center panel,No display ,4,,
    IDE11472-MAS05424-Configuration of displayable contents-Natural gas quality,No display ,4,,
    IDE11472-MAS12789-Configuration of displayable contents-Display: engine running required,No display ,4,,
    IDE11472-MAS18773-Configuration of displayable contents-Acceleration measurement,No display ,4,,
    IDE11472-MAS18774-Configuration of displayable contents-Drag indicator,No display ,4,,
    IDE11472-MAS19086-Configuration of displayable contents-Charge symbol color,Standard ,4,,
    IDE12050-Acoustic: drive position R,not active ,1,,
    MAS03555-Lap counter,No display ,1,,
    MAS03685-Digital speedometer,Display ,1,,
    ENG117917-BAP_Debug_Mode_Release,not_released ,1,,
    ENG119877-ENG98401-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 1,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98402-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 10,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98445-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 11,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98403-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 12,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98446-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 13,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98447-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 14,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98448-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 15,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98404-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 16,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98449-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 17,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98450-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 18,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98451-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 19,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98452-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 2,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98405-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 20,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98453-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 21,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98406-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 22,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98454-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 23,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98455-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 24,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98456-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 25,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98407-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 26,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98457-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 27,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98458-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 28,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98459-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 29,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98408-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 3,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98409-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 30,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG125180-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 31,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG125181-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 32,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG125182-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 33,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG125183-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 34,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG125184-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 35,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG125185-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 36,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG125186-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 37,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG125187-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 38,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG125188-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 39,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98410-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 4,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG126397-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 40,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98460-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 5,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98461-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 6,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98462-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 7,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98411-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 8,OFF ,21,,
    ENG119877-ENG98463-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 9,50ms ,21,,
    ENG128731-MAS01129-designvariant_activation-Version 1,not active ,2,,
    ENG128731-MAS01130-designvariant_activation-Version 2,not active ,2,,
    ENG128731-MAS01131-designvariant_activation-Version 3,not active ,2,,
    ENG128731-MAS03101-designvariant_activation-Version 4,not active ,2,,
    ENG128731-MAS03102-designvariant_activation-Version 5,not active ,2,,
    ENG128731-MAS03103-designvariant_activation-Version 6,not active ,2,,
    ENG128731-MAS03104-designvariant_activation-Version 7,not active ,2,,
    ENG128731-MAS03105-designvariant_activation-Version 8,not active ,2,,
    ENG99320-Developers_menu,not active ,1,,
    ENG119879-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-X2,0A ,12,,
    ENG119879-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-X5,DC ,12,,
    ENG119879-ENG113992-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-X6,FD ,12,,
    ENG119879-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_bargraph_main_colour-Y4,0A ,12,,
    ENG105831-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X2,0A ,12,,
    ENG105831-ENG113992-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X6,FD ,12,,
    ENG105831-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y3,0E ,12,,
    ENG105831-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y4,1E ,12,,
    ENG105832-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X2,0A ,12,,
    ENG105832-ENG113992-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X6,FD ,12,,
    ENG105832-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y3,0E ,12,,
    ENG105832-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y4,1E ,12,,
    ENG105834-ENG102140-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X3,1E ,12,,
    ENG105834-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y3,1E ,12,,
    ENG105835-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X2,0A ,12,,
    ENG105835-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X5,DC ,12,,
    ENG105835-ENG113992-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X6,FD ,12,,
    ENG105835-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y4,0A ,12,,
    ENG119878-ENG101574-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X1,00 00 ,20,,
    ENG119878-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X2,00 32 ,20,,
    ENG119878-ENG102140-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X3,00 64 ,20,,
    ENG119878-ENG102936-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X4,00 96 ,20,,
    ENG119878-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X5,01 F4 ,20,,
    ENG119878-ENG99777-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y1,00 00 ,20,,
    ENG119878-ENG100480-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y2,00 32 ,20,,
    ENG119878-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y3,00 64 ,20,,
    ENG119878-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y4,00 C8 ,20,,
    ENG119878-ENG102174-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y5,00 FD ,20,,
    ENG105836-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X2,0A ,12,,
    ENG105836-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X5,DC ,12,,
    ENG105836-ENG113992-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X6,FD ,12,,
    ENG105836-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y4,0A ,12,,
    ENG125906-ENG125912-Illumination_algorithm-Pointer_illumination_algorithim,terminal_58xs_bus ,1,,
    ENG125906-ENG126396-Illumination_algorithm-Scale_switching_algorithm,lds ,1,,
    ENG102605-ENG103211-outside_temperature-p_blocking_time_after_v_bigger_0,15 s,16,,
    ENG102605-ENG100239-outside_temperature-p_ice_warning_entry_temperature,4 C,16,,
    ENG102605-ENG103023-outside_temperature-p_ice_warning_exit_temperature,6 C,16,,
    ENG102605-ENG102658-outside_temperature-p_kmt_at_delta,25 C,16,,
    ENG102605-ENG99866-outside_temperature-p_mileage_after_v_bigger_0,5.00 km,16,,
    ENG102605-ENG103631-outside_temperature-P_speed_threshold,20 km/h,16,,
    ENG102605-ENG99450-outside_temperature-p_storage_time_engine_off,180 min,16,,
    ENG102605-ENG104179-outside_temperature-p_tendency_damping,15 s,16,,
    ENG102605-ENG103335-outside_temperature-p_tendency_threshold,1.00 C,16,,
    ENG102605-ENG100500-outside_temperature-p_time_constant_pt1,40 s,16,,
    ENG126283-parameter_hmi,41 43 56 03 05 FF 23 03 00 01 00 FA 02 00 FF 00 00 FF FF 00 00 F3 00 00 FF 00 24 00 FF 43 14 28 00 00 5A 00 E1 00 19 FF B4 00 1E 8C AA 64 AA 00 BF 4B 68 A2 91 6D 6D 97 A2 73 9B 75 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ,100,,
    ENG135292-phev_stat_intervall-,100 m,3,,
    ENG135292-phev_stat_intervall-,0 min,3,,
    ENG119825-Picture_Upload_Download,not active ,1,,
    ENG126281-ENG126400-SK2_Adjustment-timeout_request_immediate,150 s,3,,
    ENG126281-ENG126399-SK2_Adjustment-timeout_request_normal,300 s,3,,
    ENG109442-ENG119804-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_FTuerAUF,300 ms,18,,
    ENG112418-ENG112411-total_range_gas-consumption_profile,consumption_profile_calculation ,4,,
    ENG112418-ENG112410-total_range_gas-selection_consumption_factor,consumption_factor_CAN ,4,,
    ENG112418-ENG99298-total_range_gas-State,active ,4,,
    Elapsed Time: 00:39,,,,

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    ^^^HRO0250: OK -you can download the output of my module compare macro HERE. The spreadsheet compares the settings for each individual adaptation channel in both versions of the FBenRDW 8V0-920-790 module.

    I normally find it helpful to explain the format of the spreadsheet like this:
    • There is only 1 x worksheet and hopefully the column headings are self explanatory
    • The last column "Same?" answers the question as to whether the channel settings in the 2 x modules are identical
    • There are generally 2 x instances where the entry in the "Same" column is No:
      1. The adaptation channel appears in both modules and the setting is genuinely different
      2. The adaptation channel appears in only 1 x module (and therefore, there is no setting in the other module)
    • I've ordered the compare table by the No entries first because this is the focus of the exercise

    So- some general observations from the compare spreadsheet:
    • The Canadian module has 22 x channels extra in total
    • The Canadian module has 26 x channels that don't appear in your module
    • And, since 26 minus 22 = 4, your module has 4 x channels that don't appear in the Canadian module

    What does this mean when an EU module is retro-fitted into a NAR vehicle? I don't know!
    But in respect of some of your latest question, VCDS cannot alter/change module firmware, nor can it be used to clear CP errors, or for Key coding. You need access to ODIS and GEKO to officially address the latter two matters - or, you can choose to use a "hack" service.


    EDIT: Interesting aside - really a question for RT - I notice that the adaptation channel list in these modules seem to break a basic tenet of relational databases; a same record can only appear once in the database!

    The spreadsheet has the following channels:

    ENG135292-phev_stat_intervall- >5
    ENG135292-phev_stat_intervall- >5
    ENG135292-phev_stat_intervall- >100 m
    ENG135292-phev_stat_intervall- >100 m
    ENG135292-phev_stat_intervall- >0 min
    ENG135292-phev_stat_intervall- >0 min

    I suspect the duplicate settings are the result of my macro - but the instance of 3 x repeats of different values for the same tag number is puzzling. The entries in the admaps have this same dynamic -How come?
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    That spreadsheet is super helpful - thank you! Based off what values my module is missing/different they don't outwardly appear to be catastrophic. Is there a way to add the extra channels my module is missing, or would that require a new program to be installed? Do you think changing the appropriate values to match case 3 would be a good idea? Obviously not the channels like ID 2-8 etc.

    Another interesting side note, not sure if it helps at all: I was messing around with it this weekend trying to make sure the fitment in the dash was perfect and I had to unplug the VC and move it. After I put it back in and plugged everything in (including the new trip reset button) the check engine light was off for one ignition cycle. The next time I started the car it came right back.. It never used to do that before, it would always remain on. It has done this two times after I've unplugged and plugged in the trip button and the VC.

    At this point I'm not sure how to interpret this Information nor how to proceed. To my VCDS illiterate ears it sounds as though I may need a VC from a NAR vehicle, which would be hideously expensive to source and have CP removed, keys adapted etc. The company I bought this from has all but stopped responding to my emails for help so I think I might be SOL on that front...

    Edit: would an Admap of my engine module compared with a NAR vehicle with VC be useful? That’s the only other idea I have...

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    hro0250: hmm...... this situation is likely a result of a deficiency in my understanding of the modules in your instance, coupled with a dearth in the exact details of the modules that were used in the original link - PLUS, the fact that at it's best - this is a "courageous" retrofit.

    You can't just add the missing adaptation channels because the settings for these channels are input values to additional software routines within the module firmware (I suspect) -so if the channels are missing, likely the associated routines will also be missing. And in any even, it's not certain that the missing adaptation channels are indeed the cause of your problem; there may be a compatibility issue with the interface between an EU FBenRDW module and the NAR DHHA type ECU in your car. Again, this is just supposition because of the unique nature of this retrofit.

    As for your question about changing the adaptation channel values that differ in the compare spreadsheet - I had assumed that this was your objective in requesting the document. You are correct, a degree of digression is needed in deciding which channels to change and this is largely a trial-and-error exercise!

    And, apropos of your edit question, a copy of your ECU admap isn't necessary; if you take a look @ the database for your module with your new VCDS, you should find that it has only a handful of channels (actually, it has 2 x handfuls - being 10 x channels). Case 3 didn't provide an ECU admap, so you can't do the compare exercise - but from my quick review, there ain't anything obviously related to a virtual cockpit in the dataset!

    Finally, here's a comparison of the long-code strings in your ECU and in case 3:
    ECU 	Case 3		        hro0250	
    Byte	Hex	Binary	        Hex	Binary
    0	0A	00001010	0A	00001010
    1	25	00100101	25	00100101
    2	00	00000000	00	00000000
    3	32	00110010	32	00110010
    4	24	00100100	44	01000100
    5	66	01100110	66	01100110
    6	08	00001000	01	00000001
    7	05	00000101	0F	00001111
    8	36	00110110	30	00110000
    9	20	00100000	00	00000000
    Please be aware that the 2 x ECU s are from very different engines. Your new VCDS should be able to call-up the long code helper screens for your ECU - this should help you to understand the function of some of the software switches in the 72 x Bits. The problem will be those Bits for which there are no descriptors!!

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    Well before I see about replacing the EU VC module, I want to try and exhaust my options. I think I will start with the trial-and-error changes first. Any channels you would recommend first?
    Also I can't thank you enough for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hro0250 View Post
    Well before I see about replacing the EU VC module, I want to try and exhaust my options. I think I will start with the trial-and-error changes first. Any channels you would recommend first?
    Also I can't thank you enough for your help.
    hro0250: Yes, good suggestion - try the low hanging fruit first!!

    No. I don't have any suggestions. However, if you look carefully at my spreadsheet and if you ignore the obvious differences that relate to stuff like the car-servicing channels and the channels that relate to the different measurement units between Canada and USA - and if we then accept that nothing cab be done about missing channels in one of the modules - there aren't really many channels remaining. Again, a total guess, but this might suggest that the DTC s may have their origins elsewhere. BUT, I repeat for emphasis - a total guess.

    No thanks needed - Uwe pays me handsomely for every word that I type on this forum (that's why my responses are often so prolix) !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DV52 View Post
    Uwe pays me handsomely for every word that I type on this forum (that's why my responses are often so prolix) !!!

    Lock-down of sick people: Quarantine
    Lock-down of healthy people: Tyranny

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    ^^^ Uwe: you can (and should) be forgiven for reading my assertion whilst wearing your capitalist hat (i.e. assuming that I was referring to a fiscal reward). Not so!! The handsome payment that I (and I suspect most forum colleagues) receive is of a kind that is far more valuable than bank notes!!

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    I was looking at the original forum post ( today and I noticed that his cluster is definitely an EU spec, you can see in the pictures that the physical coolant temperature in the lower left corner is in Celsius whereas the US spec is in Fahrenheit. Also my cluster has two red marks on the speedometer at 30mph and 70mph, just as his does, and this is an EU future for speed zones. I was explaining my situation to a friend (and fellow VCDS user) and they suggested that the reason their EU cluster may have worked is due to the fact that they have an older model year (pre face lift) and perhaps the ECU was changed in the years since. This got me thinking, in that forum post he replaced both the instrument cluster AND the MMI at once, whereas I have yet to replace my MMI. So technically I have the fiber optics and main harness plug but I am still missing the display fakra connector from the VC to the MMI unit. I know I'm grasping at straws but maybe there's some logic in here?

    Also if none of this works: is there a way to enable the chimes at startup? Somehow between switching clusters when I start the car it no longer does the welcome chimes. The speaker definitely works because if the door is opened or a seat belt isn't on it will sound, just not when you first start the car.

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