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Thread: Skoda Fabia estate vs hatchback

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    Skoda Fabia estate vs hatchback

    Hi guys, quick question, does anyone know if the front end of a skoda fabia mk3 (2017) hatchback compatible with the skoda fabia estate, same year? Wing, bonnet and bumper.

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    Never touched one, never worked on one, but... I had a look at the Skoda parts catalog on the website and it would appear they are the same parts.. up to the build date of [29.07.2018].

    There are three bumper covers; a plain one, one for headlight washers and one for parking aid. There is no mention of "hatchback" or "Combi" as with the other parts (rear end, etc). ref: 2015 - 2018 Fabia

    I see only one fender (wing) for each side, Right and Left.. Things like the roof are different for the "hatchback" vs. the "Combi".

    There are also three hoods (bonnets); One is up to [23.08.2015], another is from [24.08.2015] to [31.07.2017] and the other is from [31.07.2017 ->], but again, no mention of "hatchback" or "Combi".
    (By the way, the hood part numbers all are superseded by one part number [6V0-823-031-F], so .. yea.. there is just one hood part number now... )

    So I would say yes, these parts should be interchangeable, but double check my research with your local parts department by VIN with

    Hope this helps,


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