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Thread: 2020 MAN TGE (VW CRAFTER2), Coding BYTE3 in Control Unit J285 can not be undone

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    2020 MAN TGE (VW CRAFTER2), Coding BYTE3 in Control Unit J285 can not be undone

    Hello VCDS community,

    first I have to thank Uwe for this great tool (VCDS), which gives me so many opportunities with the car.
    I love it. Thank you very much for that.

    A short introduction to my person. My name is Thorsten and I am an electronic engineer and computer guy from Germany.
    Since English is not my native language, I ask to excuse the one or other spelling mistake.
    Usually I know exactly what I am doing when I change something in the vehicle coding,
    but now I have a serious problem with a coding in a control unit which cannot be undone.

    I am addressing all VCDS professionals, hoping that someone might be able to help me with this problem.

    Here's the problem:
    Coding in byte 3 of the control unit speedometer (Switch panel insert J285) cannot be reversed.
    Error 22: Value range or parameter invalid

    It is a car that probably isn’t available in the US but the problem could be the same across all the VW vehicles.
    It is a MAN TGE (UY-VN54), which is identical to the actual VW Crafter2 (SY) VAN.

    In the control unit speedometer (J285), I have already been able to change the coding with a HEX-V2 without any problems. Because I am thinking about mounting bigger wheels and tires, I have tried to adapt the speedometer display to the larger rolling circumference. Therefore I have tried to change the wheel circumference in the control unit of the BYTE3 from the standard version 1 with the HEX-coding 88 to the version 8 with the HEX-coding 8F. So it was changed from the smallest to the largest variant. The control unit accepted this and in the following test drive I also found out that the speedo now goes ahead 16% instead of the original 4%. So at first it worked as I had expected it to. But now I wanted to undo the coding again and send the old coding to the ECU. But the ECU denied me the coding with an error 22: Value range or parameter invalid. Multiple attempts were unsuccessful. It is possible to do other codings at the control unit, only the wheel circumference can no more be coded smaller and the coding is refused.
    The control unit therefore in principle still accepts another HEX code, only if a different code is entered in byte 3, then the acceptance is refused.

    Actually coded:
    Should be the old code:

    A theory of mine would be that the control unit allows the change to a larger wheel circumference but not to a smaller circumference and once the largest circumference was programmed there is no turning back. Can this be? Possibly it is a bug in the control unit’s firmware or it is programmed on purpose by VW or whatever.
    And if so, what possibilities do I have now?

    Do we have a possibility to get the wheel circumference coded back to the original value?
    Thank you very much for your feedback.

    Best regards

    Attached you can find the Auto-Scan from the vehicle:

    VCDS -- Windows-basierter VAG/VAS-Emulator läuft auf Windows 7 x64
    VCDS Version: DRV  HEX-V2 CB: 0.4508.4
    Datenstand: 20191020 DS308.0
    Fahrzeug-Ident.-Nr.: WMA04VUY5L90XXXXX   KFZ-Kennzeichen:
    Kilometerstand: 1717km   Reparaturauftrag: 
    Fahrzeugtyp: UY-VN54 (3Q0)
    Scan: 01 02 03 08 09 10 13 15 17 18 19 22 3C 3D 42 44 52 5F 65 A5
              BB BC 810B
    Fahrzeug-Ident.-Nr.: WMA04VUY5L90XXXXX   Kilometerstand: 1717km
    01-Motorelektronik -- Status: i.O. 0000
    02-Getriebe -- Status: i.O. 0000
    03-Bremsenelektronik -- Status: i.O. 0000
    08-Klima-/Heizungsel. -- Status: i.O. 0000
    09-Zentralelektrik -- Status: i.O. 0000
    10-Einparkhilfe 2 -- Status: i.O. 0000
    13-Distanzregelung -- Status: i.O. 0000
    15-Airbag -- Status: i.O. 0000
    17-Schalttafeleinsatz -- Status: i.O. 0000
    18-Standheizung -- Status: Fehler 0010
    19-Diagnoseinterface -- Status: i.O. 0000
    22-Allrad -- Status: Fehler 0010
    3C-Spurwechsel -- Status: i.O. 0000
    3D-Sonderfunktionen -- Status: i.O. 0000
    42-Türelektr. Fahrer -- Status: i.O. 0000
    44-Lenkhilfe -- Status: i.O. 0000
    52-Türelektr. Beifahr. -- Status: i.O. 0000
    5F-Informationselek. I -- Status: i.O. 0000
    65-Reifendruck -- Status: i.O. 0000
    A5-Front-/Vorfeldkamera -- Status: i.O. 0000
    BB-Türelektronik hinten links -- Status: nicht erreichbar 0100
    BC-Türelektronik hinten rechts -- Status: nicht erreichbar 0100
    810B-Stand-/Zuheizer 2 -- Status: i.O. 0000
    Adresse 01: Motorelektronik (J623-DAVA)       Labeldatei: Keine
       Teilenummer SW: 04L 906 056 SJ    HW: 04L 907 445 P
       Bauteil: R4 2.0l BTD   H01 9797  
       Revision: 23203001    
       Codierung: 002A403C6366050800000000000000000000000000000000
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00014
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_ECM20BTD03004L906056SJ 006003
       ROD: EV_ECM20BTD03004L906056SH.rod
       VCID: 074A601E6FA3EB9F88D-8052
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Readiness: Nicht Verfügbar
    Adresse 02: Getriebe (J217)       Labeldatei: 09G-927-749-V2.clb
       Teilenummer SW: 09G 927 158 EH    HW: 09G 927 168 
       Bauteil: AISIN AQ8     206 3619  
       Codierung: 0000000100000000010000000000000000000000
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00014
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_TCMAQ450031 001001
       ROD: EV_TCMAQ450031_VN54.rod
       VCID: 7DA602F64D7FB14FA21-8028
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 03: Bremsenelektronik (J104)       Labeldatei: Keine
       Teilenummer SW: 2N0 907 379 D    HW: 2N0 907 379 C
       Bauteil: ESC_base      H02 0860  
       Seriennummer: 08504730200228
       Codierung: 25AA6477483EB683A44B2664124C6D463CF721BA
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00014
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_Brake1ESP90iBOSCHVN54X 701030
       ROD: EV_Brake1ESP90iBOSCHVN54X_701.rod
       VCID: 372AD0DE5FC35C1F48D-8062
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 08: Klima-/Heizungsel. (J255)       Labeldatei:* Keine
       Teilenummer SW: 7C0 907 044 AJ    HW: 7C0 907 044 AJ
       Bauteil: Climatronic   H01 0401  
       Codierung: A07010000804100001100820500101000000000000001400200000000000
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00011
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_AirCondiBHTCVN54X 003020
       ROD: EV_AirCondiBHTCVN54X_VN46.rod
       VCID: 6D8632B66D1F22CF121-8038
       Steuergerät für Luftzusatzheizung/PTC: 
       Bedienungs- und Anzeigeeinheit 1 für Klimaanlage: 
       Subsystem 2 - Teilenummer SW: 7C0 907 049 L    HW: 7C0 907 049 L
       Bauteil: E857  H02 0202 
       Seriennummer: 00003069524800220103
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 09: Zentralelektrik (J519)       Labeldatei: Keine
       Teilenummer SW: 5Q0 937 084 DG    HW: 5Q0 937 084 CF
       Bauteil: BCM MQBAB M+  H42 0312  
       Seriennummer: 02002005603018
       Codierung: 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00014
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_BCMMQB 020001
       ROD: EV_BCMBOSCH_020_AU27.rod
       VCID: 00587B024A9DDCA8C96-8054
       Sensor für Regen- und Lichterkennung: 
       Subsystem 1 - Teilenummer SW: 5Q0 955 547 B    HW: 5Q0 955 547 B  Labeldatei: DRV\5Q0-955-547.CLB
       Bauteil: RLHS  052  0107 
       Seriennummer: S6Y20M02D24H03M46S25
       Codierung: 0038DD
       Subsystem 2 - Teilenummer SW: 5Q1 953 521 CR    HW: 5Q1 953 569 B
       Bauteil: Lenks.Modul  H23  0170 
       Seriennummer: 0100101220190C400134
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 10: Einparkhilfe 2 (J791)       Labeldatei:* Keine
       Teilenummer SW: 2N0 919 300 C    HW: 2N0 919 300 
       Bauteil: aFLS 16KH06 0205  
       Seriennummer: 000310350620038
       Codierung: 047116D871
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00011
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_EPHVA2FVN54X0000 009035
       ROD: EV_EPHVA2FVN54X0000.rod
       VCID: 290E06A69877FDEFCE8-807C
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 13: Distanzregelung (J428)       Labeldatei:| 2Q0-907-572.clb
       Teilenummer SW: 2Q0 907 572 R    HW: 2Q0 907 572 B
       Bauteil: ACCCONTIMQB   H03 0372  
       Codierung: 3200404240EF8448949C814D20308500000000000000000004
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00014
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_ACCMRRCONTIVW376 003016
       ROD: EV_ACCMRRCONTIVW376_AU27.rod
       VCID: 43D2B40E1B1B08BF945-8016
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 15: Airbag (J234)       Labeldatei:| DRV\5Q0-959-655.clb
       Teilenummer SW: 3Q0 959 655 CR    HW: 3Q0 959 655 CR
       Bauteil: Airbag VW21   006 0720  
       Revision: --------    Seriennummer: 003Z6P2M27Y9
       Codierung: 88CCC00000000000400000CF000800000065
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00011
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_AirbaVW21TS6VW48X 001014
       ROD: EV_AirbaVW21TS6VW48X.rod
       VCID: 10784B421BEDAC27597-8044
       Crashsensor für Seitenairbag Fahrerseite: 
       Subsystem 1 - Teilenummer SW: -----------    HW: 454 002 301 20
       Bauteil: SideSensor_Df  008 0887 
       Seriennummer: 35700000000D2481A46I
       Codierung: 2D2D2D
       Crashsensor für Seitenairbag Beifahrerseite: 
       Subsystem 2 - Teilenummer SW: -----------    HW: 454 002 201 20
       Bauteil: SideSensor_Pf  008 0887 
       Seriennummer: 35800000000F5561A46N
       Codierung: 2D2D2D
       Crashsensor für Seitenairbag hinten Fahrerseite: 
       Subsystem 3 - Teilenummer SW: -----------    HW: 454 800 102 20
       Bauteil: SideSensor_Dr  305 0109 
       Seriennummer: 35100D506E51A000000I
       Codierung: 2D2D2D
       Crashsensor für Seitenairbag hinten Beifahrerseite: 
       Subsystem 4 - Teilenummer SW: -----------    HW: 454 800 102 20
       Bauteil: SideSensor_Pr  305 0109 
       Seriennummer: 35200A12EE51A000000M
       Codierung: 2D2D2D
       Crashsensor für Frontairbag Fahrerseite: 
       Subsystem 5 - Teilenummer SW: -----------    HW: 454 801 901 20
       Bauteil: FrontSensor_D  305 0109 
       Seriennummer: 35500DC54CA1A000000Z
       Codierung: 2D2D2D
       Crashsensor für Frontairbag Beifahrerseite: 
       Subsystem 6 - Teilenummer SW: -----------    HW: 454 801 901 20
       Bauteil: FrontSensor_P  305 0109 
       Seriennummer: 356008D46CA1A000000X
       Codierung: 2D2D2D
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 17: Schalttafeleinsatz (J285)       Labeldatei:* Keine-SRI3
       Teilenummer SW: 7C0 920 741 C    HW: 7C0 920 741 C
       Bauteil: KOMBI         204 6700  
       Codierung: 07A4118FECAC0008008A6A0F5401000000000000
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 12345 123 00011
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_DashBoardVDDMQBAB 009069
       ROD: EV_DashBoardVDDMQBAB_VN54.rod
       VCID: 24101792FE5520878DE-8070
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 18: Standheizung (J364)       Labeldatei:* Keine
       Teilenummer SW: 7C0 963 272 B    HW: 7C0 963 272 B
       Bauteil: STH-VN54x     008 0079  
       Codierung: 590101
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 12345 123 00030
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_AuxilHeateWOSVN54X 001003
       ROD: EV_AuxilHeateWOSVN54X.rod
       VCID: 290E06A69978FDEFBC8-807C
       Funkfernbedienung Standheizung: 
       Subsystem 1 - Teilenummer SW: 3Q0 963 513     HW: 3Q0 963 513 
       Bauteil: R64 D208L  004 0402 
       Seriennummer: 00000000000000980599
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 19: Diagnoseinterface (J533)       Labeldatei:| DRV\3Q0-907-530-V1.clb
       Teilenummer SW: 3Q0 907 530 AC    HW: 3Q0 907 530 C
       Bauteil: GW MQB High   442 4388  
       Revision: --------    Seriennummer: 0000687679
       Codierung: 030100344F05730000000000000F00010001070000000000000000000000
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00011
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_GatewNF 013026
       ROD: EV_GatewNF.rod
       VCID: 70B82BC27A2DCD27397-8024
       Bauteil: 4-00-11-01-04  
       Steuergerät für Multifunktionslenkrad: 
       Subsystem 2 - Teilenummer SW: 5G0 959 442 AB    HW: 5G0 959 442 AB  Labeldatei: DRV\3C8-959-537.CLB
       Bauteil: E221__MFL-MD9  H18 0052 
       Seriennummer: 39200000331530090073
       Codierung: 2EFFFF
       Steuergerät für Batterieüberwachung: 
       Subsystem 3 - Teilenummer SW: 2N0 915 181 A    HW: 2N0 915 181 A
       Bauteil: J367-BDMConti  H03 1051 
       Seriennummer: 758851020019101606B5
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 22: Allrad (J492)       Labeldatei:* DRV\0CQ-907-554.clb
       Teilenummer SW: 0CQ 907 554 N    HW: 0CQ 525 130 B
       Bauteil: Haldex4Motion H60 7322  
       Seriennummer: HA1-00025.02.18
       Codierung: 0001
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00014
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_AllWheelContrHA1VW37X 004014
       ROD: EV_AllWheelContrHA1VW37X_004.rod
       VCID: 50F88B42DA6EEC27197-8004
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 3C: Spurwechsel (J1086)       Labeldatei:| DRV\5Q0-907-686.clb
       Teilenummer SW: 5Q0 907 686 C    HW: 5Q0 907 686 C
       Bauteil: HRE_Master    H12 0081  
       Seriennummer: 0538167065
       Codierung: 02011103
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00014
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_HREntryHella 001028
       ROD: EV_HREntryHella_SE27.rod
       VCID: 3D26C2F67DFE714FE30-8068
       Steuergerät 2 für Spurwechselassistent: 
       Subsystem 1 - Teilenummer SW: 5Q0 907 685 C    HW: 5Q0 907 685 C
       Bauteil: HRE_Slave  H12 0081 
       Seriennummer: 0538033412          
       Codierung: 020111
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 3D: Sonderfunktionen (J608)       Labeldatei:* Keine
       Teilenummer SW: 2N0 907 427 Q    HW: 2N0 907 427 J
       Bauteil: KFG       H24 0306  
       Seriennummer: GM24201748339
       Codierung: 00002000000000200200000820F0000000000000
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 12345 123 00011
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_SpeciFunctFlextVN54X 007029
       ROD: EV_SpeciFunctFlextVN54X.rod
       VCID: 3E24C5FA70F86A57FCA-806A
       Subsystem 6 - Teilenummer SW: 2N0 915 181 B    HW: 2N0 915 181 B
       Bauteil: J367-BDMConti  H03 1051 
       Seriennummer: 75885002002001310127
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 42: Türelektr. Fahrer (J386)       Labeldatei:* Umleit. fehlgeschl.!
       Teilenummer SW: 5Q4 959 593 K    HW: 5Q4 959 593 K
       Bauteil: TSG FS        007 0485  
       Seriennummer: 0000406468605 
       Codierung: 00300B20D000020100001000
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00014
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_DCU2DriveSideMAXHCONT 001005
       ROD: EV_DCU2DriveSideMAXHCONT_VW27.rod
       VCID: 4DC69236CD6FC1CF820-8018
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 44: Lenkhilfe (J500)       Labeldatei:* Keine
       Teilenummer SW: 2N0 909 144 J    HW: 2N0 909 144 E
       Bauteil: EPS_MQB_ZFLS  732 7031  
       Codierung: 1107
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00014
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_SteerAssisMNB 002009
       ROD: EV_SteerAssisMNB_VN54.rod
       VCID: 3536DAD644CFA90F3A0-8060
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 52: Türelektr. Beifahr. (J387)       Labeldatei:* Umleit. fehlgeschl.!
       Teilenummer SW: 5Q4 959 592 K    HW: 5Q4 959 592 K
       Bauteil: TSG BFS       007 0485  
       Seriennummer: 0000406103327 
       Codierung: 00300B20D000020100001000
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00014
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_DCU2PasseSideMAXHCONT 001005
       ROD: EV_DCU2PasseSideMAXHCONT_VW27.rod
       VCID: 4CC09F324645C8C766E-8018
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 5F: Informationselek. I (J794)       Labeldatei:| 5G0-035-MIB-STD2.clb
       Teilenummer SW: 3Q0 035 874 C    HW: 3Q0 035 874 C
       Bauteil: MU-S-ND-ER    853 0876  
       Codierung: 084500013C00000051110101008808001F060BD401200500C7
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00011
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_MUStd4CDELP 001001
       ROD: EV_MUStd4CDELP_VN54.rod
       VCID: 323CE1CAC4A1BE370E2-8066
       Anzeige- und Bedienungseinheit 1 für Informationselektronik: 
       Subsystem 1 - Teilenummer SW: 5G0 919 606     HW: 5G0 919 606 
       Bauteil: ABT_High  H64 0032 
       Seriennummer: VWZ7Z9W3P015YL      
       Subsystem 2 - Teilenummer SW: 7CE 919 866 AK    HW: -----------
       Bauteil: ECE3 2020  --- 1310 
       Seriennummer: --------------------
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse 65: Reifendruck (J502)       Labeldatei: 3AA-907-273.clb
       Teilenummer SW: 5Q0 907 273 D    HW: 5Q0 907 273 
       Bauteil: RDKBERU30     H05 0010  
       Seriennummer: 40000000384924
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_RDKBERU30 006001
       ROD: EV_RDKBERU30_VW41.rod
       VCID: 3634DDDA56C9A21733A-8062
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse A5: Front-/Vorfeldkamera (R242)       Labeldatei:| DRV\3Q0-980-65X-A5.clb
       Teilenummer SW: 3Q0 980 654 L    HW: 3Q0 980 654 A
       Bauteil: MQB_B_MFK     H13 0610  
       Seriennummer: 20022015P20316
       Codierung: 0105040300000401002213548140450092000E23002000
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 12345 123 00014
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_MFKBoschMQBB 002041
       ROD: EV_MFKBoschMQBB_VW12.rod
       VCID: 40D8BB021A0D1CA7596-8014
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Adresse BB: Türelektronik hinten links
    nicht erreichbar
    Adresse BC: Türelektronik hinten rechts
    nicht erreichbar
    Adresse 810B: Stand-/Zuheizer 2 (J604)       Labeldatei:* Keine
       Teilenummer SW: 7C0 963 273 B    HW: 7C0 963 273 B
       Bauteil: LSH_DIESEL    006 0026  
       Codierung: 6E00
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 00000 000 00030
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_LSHECCSMNB 002018
       ROD: EV_LSHECCSMNB_002.rod
       VCID: 2A0CF9AA9C71D6F7C72-807E
    Kein(e) Fehlercode(s) gefunden.
    Ende--------(Dauer: 01:39, Batt.-Spannung Start/Ende: 12.4V/12.4V)---------

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    I seem to recollect somewhere that changing the wheel variant was a one time deal - it was recommended to adjust the speedometer via the % correction factor. This from a discussion where people were fitting large wheels to Q7s and the like. However there are limits as to the % you can adjust by - but the theme was if at all possible leave it alone in wheel variant. I’ll try and find the forum and post (not here on RT) and update

    As an extra thought, is there a wheel size also in the ABS module? I would expect they will need to match

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    Thanks a lot for your reply. Oh, dear. That's exactly what I thought, but didn't want it to be.
    Would be great if you can find the discussion.

    But I still hope that this can be fixed.
    Otherwise it would be a complete new control unit which costs over 1000€$

    I haven’t looked or done anything in the ABS Module. This was too hot for me to change anything in this controller.
    But I can have a look, if I can find anything about the wheel size in there.

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    It's quite unusual for a coding change to be irreversible, but of course it's possible to implement such a "feature" in the control module's firmware. Historically, stuff like that has been limited to a few Adaptation channels, for example a speed-limiter channel.

    Unfortunately, I do not have any further info regarding this instrument cluster.

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    Sorry I cannot find the posting I was referring to.
    As an interim, can you use the % calibration feature to ‘undo’ the issue?

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    Too bad, I would have been very interested in that posting. But it's good to know that the problem didn't only occur to me.
    I would have tried the % correction before, if it was available. But I could not find a setting for it anywhere.
    I can only adjust the average consumption and range in % but I can't find anything for the speed display.
    Where should I find this and what is it called exactly?

    General question how to proceed now:
    So if I can't solve the problem by myself, is there any chance that anyone can reset the controller to factory defaults?
    (Except the firmware programmer from VW who will certainly not help me with this)
    I mean, technically it should be possible to reset the controller to the factory settings.

    Or is it unnecessary to search for it and I have to sadly replace the complete Combi-instrument (speedo display unit)?

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    I have experienced several circumference coding could be changed once and then not anymore.
    Especially older cars, new instrument installed and after one coding, you better have made the circumference coding digit correct!

    Have you tested any of the Secure Access numbers (maybe use English VCDS) ?

    I have doubt this can help, but just for testing, can you change [Adaptation-10], search: IDE00845
    For example change Maximum wheel circumference to a bigger number.

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    I have just installed the newest english Version 20.4.11 of VCDS.
    I have tried to test the Secure Access numbers but I don’t have the 5-digit code for it.
    Then I tried the 7-digit PIN/SKC. I think this is probably the code that I got with my keys on a key-tag? (right or wrong?) But this code also didn’t work.

    In the [Adaptation-10] there is no option to change the IDE00845
    I can only display it via the Adv.Meas. Values:
    IDE00845-MAS03213,Wheel circ.-Average wheel circumference for trip distance,2490, mm
    IDE00845-MAS03214,Wheel circ.-Maximum wheel circumference for speed,2580, mm

    The following List are the only available IDE’s in the [Adaptation-10]

    IDE00001-Production mode-,No ,3	
    IDE00001-Production mode-,No ,3	
    IDE00295-Oil temperature display,On ,1	
    IDE00301-Distance,1929 km,3	
    IDE00342-ESI: Resetting ESI,no warning ,1	
    IDE00343-Language version,German ,1	
    IDE00345-MAS00234-MFA3-Reset-MFI button RESET / OK,Manual reset: not possible ,3	
    IDE00345-MAS05463-MFA3-Reset-Refuel detection gasoline / diesel,MFA3-Reset ,3	
    IDE00345-MAS05464-MFA3-Reset-Refuel detection gas,MFA3-Reset ,3	
    IDE00345-MAS12879-MFA3-Reset-Electrical refueling detection,MFA3-Reset ,3
    IDE00499-Display correction of consumptions and operating range,100 %,1
    IDE00500-Hour,18 H,1
    IDE00501-Minute,40 min,1
    IDE00502-Year,2020 yr,2
    IDE00503-Month,6 mon,1
    IDE00504-Day,2 d,1
    IDE00510-ESI: distance driven from inspection,1929 km,3
    IDE00511-ESI: time from inspection,82 d,2
    IDE00512-ESI: minimum value km-driving distance/inspection,15000 km,2
    IDE00513-ESI: maximum value km-driving distance/inspection,50000 km,2
    IDE00514-ESI: maximum value of time between inspections,730 d,2
    IDE00515-ESI: oil quality,good oil quality ,1
    IDE00517-ESI: soot entry,3300 km,2
    IDE00518-ESI: thermal load,1200 km,2
    IDE00711-Trip recorder,not installed ,1
    IDE00819-Day counter,81 d,2
    IDE00820-Activating and deactivating all development messages,not active ,1
    IDE00827-ESI: minimum value of time between inspections,365 d,2
    IDE01153-SIA: maximum value of distance to service,15000 km,2
    IDE01154-SIA: maximum value of time to service,365 d,2
    IDE02332-Deactivate production mode,Deactivating ,3
    IDE02489-Display depiction,Version 1 ,1
    IDE02818-IDE02689-Offset for tank calibration values-Complete tank calibration,-12.8 l,5
    IDE02818-MAS02376-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 1,-12.8 l,5
    IDE02818-MAS02377-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 2,12.7 l,5
    IDE02818-MAS02378-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 3,12.7 l,5
    IDE02818-MAS02379-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 4,12.7 l,5
    IDE03329-Driving profiled for range remaining,8.7 l/100km,2
    IDE03346-IDE00301-Units adjusted-Distance,Kilometers ,3
    IDE03346-MAS01230-Units adjusted-Date,dd_mm_yy ,3
    IDE03346-MAS01456-Units adjusted-Speed,Kilometers per hour ,3
    IDE03346-MAS02201-Units adjusted-Temperature,Degrees Celsius ,3
    IDE03346-MAS02957-Units adjusted-Time,24h ,3
    IDE03346-MAS03032-Units adjusted-Volume,Liter ,3
    IDE03346-MAS03034-Units adjusted-Pressure,bar ,3
    IDE03346-MAS05637-Units adjusted-Operating range consumption: CNG (compressed natural gas),kg per 100 km ,3
    IDE03346-MAS05638-Units adjusted-Consumption gasoline / diesel - LPG (liquefied petroleum gas),Liters per 100 km ,3
    IDE03346-MAS05875-Units adjusted-Average consumption: electric drive,kWh per 100 km ,3
    IDE03346-MAS13665-Units adjusted-Trailer/support load ground,kilogram (kg) ,3
    IDE03348-MAS01456-Speed warning-Speed,200 ,2
    IDE03348-MAS01561-Speed warning-Unit,Kilometers per hour ,2
    IDE03348-Speed warning-,not active ,2
    IDE03349-FIX: Max. distance until next mileage-related inspection,50000 km,2
    IDE03350-FIX: Maximum time until next time-dependent inspection,730 d,2
    IDE03351-FIX: Distance covered since last mileage-dependent inspection,1900 km,2
    IDE03352-FIX: Time since last time-dependent inspection,82 d,2
    IDE03372-Source for synchronization of time,GPS ,1
    IDE03568-ENG119828-Service-key settings-p_deactivate_SK_Function,On ,5
    IDE03568-ENG99943-Service-key settings-p_forcewrite_qual_time,10 s,5
    IDE03568-ENG119827-Service-key settings-p_main_switch_Basic,On ,5
    IDE03568-ENG102414-Service-key settings-p_main_switch_keyless,On ,5
    IDE03568-ENG102611-Service-key settings-p_write_delay_speed,20 km/h,5
    IDE03568-ENG103545-Service-key settings-p_write_delay_time,40 s,5
    IDE03568-ENG104099-Service-key settings-p_write_distance,20 km,5
    IDE03867-Deactivate seat belt warning,Yes ,1
    IDE05930-Service notification in days,30 d,1
    IDE05931-FIX: Reset value for next mileage-dependent inspection,30000 km,2
    IDE05932-FIX: Reset value for next time-dependent inspections,365 d,2
    IDE06425-Roller test bench mode: functional,not activated ,1
    IDE06588-Ignition active message: actuator,No display ,1
    IDE06922-No-voltage display,Unknown (2),1
    IDE07221-Cylinder shut-off,Display ,1
    IDE11086-Service notification,30 d,1
    IDE12226-MAS03686-Display of longitudinal regulation coordinator-Automatic distance regulation,active ,1
    IDE12226-MAS05203-Display of longitudinal regulation coordinator-CCS,not active ,1
    IDE12226-MAS10720-Display of longitudinal regulation coordinator-Speed limiter,active ,1
    IDE14184-Active participant personalization,Yes ,1
    IDE14220-Vehicle speed warning for India-,No ,1
    IDE14220-Vehicle speed warning for India-,60 s,1
    IDE14986-ACC illustration China,No display ,1
    IDE15113-Shift exit warning,No ,1
    MAS03685-Digital speedometer,Display ,1
    ENG253348-3D_speed,not active ,1
    ENG117917-BAP_Debug_Mode_Release,not_released ,1
    ENG119877-ENG98401-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 1,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98402-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 10,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98445-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 11,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98403-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 12,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98446-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 13,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98447-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 14,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98448-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 15,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98404-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 16,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98449-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 17,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98450-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 18,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98451-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 19,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98452-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 2,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98405-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 20,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98453-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 21,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98406-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 22,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98454-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 23,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98455-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 24,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98456-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 25,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98407-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 26,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98457-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 27,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98458-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 28,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98459-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 29,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98408-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 3,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98409-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 30,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125180-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 31,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125181-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 32,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125182-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 33,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125183-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 34,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125184-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 35,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125185-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 36,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125186-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 37,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125187-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 38,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125188-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 39,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98410-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 4,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98460-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 5,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98461-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 6,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98462-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 7,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98411-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 8,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98463-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 9,OFF ,20
    ENG119875-defuel_threshold,9 l,1
    ENG105831-ENG101574-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X1,00 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X2,32 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG102140-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X3,66 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG102936-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X4,96 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X5,DC ,12
    ENG105831-ENG113992-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X6,FD ,12
    ENG105831-ENG99777-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y1,00 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG100480-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y2,00 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y3,00 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y4,05 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG102174-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y5,14 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG113993-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y6,64 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG101574-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X1,00 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X2,0A ,12
    ENG105832-ENG102140-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X3,32 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG102936-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X4,64 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X5,96 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG113992-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X6,FD ,12
    ENG105832-ENG99777-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y1,02 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG100480-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y2,02 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y3,0E ,12
    ENG105832-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y4,1E ,12
    ENG105832-ENG102174-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y5,32 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG113993-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y6,64 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG101574-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X1,00 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X2,0A ,12
    ENG105834-ENG102140-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X3,32 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG102936-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X4,64 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X5,DC ,12
    ENG105834-ENG113992-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X6,FD ,12
    ENG105834-ENG99777-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y1,02 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG100480-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y2,02 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y3,10 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y4,1D ,12
    ENG105834-ENG102174-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y5,55 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG113993-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y6,64 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG101574-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X1,00 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X2,0A ,12
    ENG105835-ENG102140-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X3,32 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG102936-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X4,64 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X5,96 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG113992-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X6,FD ,12
    ENG105835-ENG99777-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y1,05 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG100480-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y2,05 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y3,0C ,12
    ENG105835-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y4,17 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG102174-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y5,32 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG113993-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y6,64 ,12
    ENG119878-ENG101574-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X1,00 00 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X2,00 32 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG102140-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X3,00 64 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG102936-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X4,00 C8 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X5,01 F4 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG99777-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y1,00 00 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG100480-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y2,00 0E ,20
    ENG119878-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y3,00 41 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y4,00 C8 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG102174-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y5,00 FD ,20
    ENG105836-ENG101574-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X1,00 ,12
    ENG105836-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X2,0A ,12
    ENG105836-ENG102140-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X3,32 ,12
    ENG105836-ENG102936-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X4,64 ,12
    ENG105836-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X5,96 ,12
    ENG105836-ENG113992-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X6,FD ,12
    ENG105836-ENG99777-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y1,01 ,12
    ENG105836-ENG100480-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y2,01 ,12
    ENG105836-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y3,07 ,12
    ENG105836-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y4,0E ,12
    ENG105836-ENG102174-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y5,1E ,12
    ENG105836-ENG113993-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y6,64 ,12
    ENG119833-Display_Save_CP,Yes ,1
    ENG119874-Gas_functionality,not active ,1
    ENG251650-GPS_speed,not active ,1
    ENG125906-ENG125912-Illumination_algorithm-Pointer_illumination_algorithim,terminal_58xd_log_bus_parkinglight ,1
    ENG125906-ENG126396-Illumination_algorithm-Scale_switching_algorithm,parking_light ,1
    ENG119882-init_fuel_algorithm,No ,1
    ENG130585-Leaving_warning_delay,1.6 s,1
    ENG102605-ENG103211-outside_temperature-p_blocking_time_after_v_bigger_0,15 s,16
    ENG102605-ENG100239-outside_temperature-p_ice_warning_entry_temperature,4 °C,16
    ENG102605-ENG103023-outside_temperature-p_ice_warning_exit_temperature,6 °C,16
    ENG102605-ENG102658-outside_temperature-p_kmt_at_delta,25 °C,16
    ENG102605-ENG99866-outside_temperature-p_mileage_after_v_bigger_0,5.0 km,16
    ENG102605-ENG103631-outside_temperature-P_speed_threshold,20 km/h,16
    ENG102605-ENG99450-outside_temperature-p_storage_time_engine_off,180 min,16
    ENG102605-ENG104179-outside_temperature-p_tendency_damping,15 s,16
    ENG102605-ENG103335-outside_temperature-p_tendency_threshold,1.0 °C,16
    ENG102605-ENG100500-outside_temperature-p_time_constant_pt1,40 s,16
    ENG102605-ENG103256-outside_temperature-p_time_constant_slow_damping,2.0 ,16
    ENG119825-Picture_Upload_Download,not active ,1
    ENG126396-Scale_switching_algorithm,lowbeam_foglight ,1
    ENG119876-Service_Key_Clear_All_Counter,Yes ,1
    ENG130584-Statistic_phev_mileage,5 km,1
    ENG109442-ENG119793-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_Dreiter_ms,2.0 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119794-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_dummyMenuTimeout_ms,5 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119802-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_FondGurt,35 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119804-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_FTuerAUF,300 ms,18
    ENG109442-ENG119796-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_MenuTimeout_ms,255 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119799-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_NextServiceAnz_ms,5 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119798-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_NextWarning_ms,6 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119805-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_P1Pause_ms,20 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119800-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_P2Pause_ms,900 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119801-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_Quit_ms,10 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119797-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_TWSAnz_ms,3 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119795-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_UhrTimeout_ms,10 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119803-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_USZ,0.40 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119806-time_parameter_display-rollierblockgroesse,3 ,18
    ENG109442-ENG101663-time_parameter_display-tDD15_off,0.30 ,18
    ENG109442-ENG103975-time_parameter_display-tDD15_on,0.00 ,18
    ENG109442-ENG100026-time_parameter_display-tDDWUP,0.00 ,18
    ENG112418-ENG112412-total_range_gas-consumption_factor,0.000 ,4
    ENG112418-ENG112411-total_range_gas-consumption_profile,consumption_profile_calculation ,4
    ENG112418-ENG112410-total_range_gas-selection_consumption_factor,consumption_factor_CAN ,4
    ENG112418-ENG99298-total_range_gas-State,not active ,4

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    No 7-digit is not used anymore.
    Is there not an yellow Pop-up showed with 3 different Security Access showed, after a little while ?

    I guess the Variant 8, changed it to 2490 / 2580 mm
    All Crafter/MAN logs I have, show 2190 / 2278 mm

    Have you tested to change to for example Variant 07 first ?

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    No in this controller unit, there shows up no Pop-Up with the Security Access code.

    Yes I know the Variant 8 changed it to this huge circumference.

    I had it changed only once from Variant 1 to Variant 8.
    I just wanted to quickly test it and see the biggest difference.
    If I would have changed it first to Variant 4 or 5 then it would be no deal,
    because this would correspond to the tyres I would like to mount.
    But the Variant 8 is much too huge for the vehicle.
    And now I have had tested every possible combination, but nothing is accepted anymore.

    Won’t be accepted:
    07A41188ECAC0008008A6A0F5401000000000000 (Variant 1)
    07A41189ECAC0008008A6A0F5401000000000000 (Variant 2)
    07A4118AECAC0008008A6A0F5401000000000000 (Variant 3)
    07A4118BECAC0008008A6A0F5401000000000000 (Variant 4)
    07A4118CECAC0008008A6A0F5401000000000000 (Variant 5)
    07A4118DECAC0008008A6A0F5401000000000000 (Variant 6)
    07A4118EECAC0008008A6A0F5401000000000000 (Variant 7)

    The Following are the Variants with manual shifter
    They are also not accepted:
    07A41180ECAC0008008A6A0F5401000000000000 (Variant 1)
    07A41181ECAC0008008A6A0F5401000000000000 (Variant 2)
    07A41182ECAC0008008A6A0F5401000000000000 (Variant 3)
    07A41183ECAC0008008A6A0F5401000000000000 (Variant 4)
    07A41184ECAC0008008A6A0F5401000000000000 (Variant 5)
    07A41185ECAC0008008A6A0F5401000000000000 (Variant 6)
    07A41186ECAC0008008A6A0F5401000000000000 (Variant 7)

    But it accepts the

    This is the Variant 8 with manual transmission.
    So in principle, the Byte can be changed, but it did no longer accept a code that changes the variant 8 to a smaller variant.

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